May 29th: Two middle-aged KNEECAP fans, Thanks to DK, HEDGE SCHOOLS in-store, coloured vinyl reissues, new DECEMBRERISTS, and see ye at NIAMH!

Hi folks

Hope all is well … .June is nearly here and the rebels are still hurling!!

We will take that, we will.

Right bits of news hence the newsletter.

Had David Kitt last Monday  evening and twas great…thanks again to David and to those of ye who came along … .hugely appreciated as always. David gifted us a lovely handmade CD stand with some iconic artists on it…its a beautiful little stand, nice touch from David.

Really looking forward to Niamh Regan this Saturday the 1st of June at 1pm….i have a digital copy of the album the last  few weeks and it is super, really looking forward to hearing some of these songs live, Niamh really is a talent and i feel on the cusp of bigger things…these bunch of songs should do that i feel…the last instore during Covid for the launch of “ hemet” had such a lovely warm vibe…here is the new single “ music”…super song, fine songwriter

Niamh Regan – ‘Music’ lyric video

Niamhs in our house Saturday and will be singing, signing records and cds after … .one not to be missed folks!! 

It could be one in 3 years you will be saying Crikey Ray had her in the shop.

Oh, if you can’t make it in and want a signed copy….shout folks or buy it from the site.

While i’m on the instore train…another sweet one…Mr Patrick Barrett will be down with us on Saturday the 15th of June @ 1pm for a solo Hedge Schools acoustic performance…he/we are launching “the  end of the winding day” record on vinyl for the very first and only time. Ah Pats such a gent, i kind of didn’t want him to come down…let me explain…( off course i wanted him to come down, can’t wait) see there’s no financial thing in it at all for Pat, he is coming down  to help us sell records so we can get our few pound back on the release…i was like “ Pat, there’s no hassle kid, i don’t want to be bringing you all the way down here etc etc” response ….ah jaysus Ray, i owe that to ya, i owe it to myself”….how do you argue with that…Saturday 15th June 1 pm…will be a special one..might even get Pat a Cork jersey like ( i know i’m getting carried away with the hurling…pure Cork, thinking were brilliant)

Anyways chalk that one down folks…Sat 15th june 1pm!!


Cos we are going into a bank holiday we will be closed as usual on Sunday but also the bank holiday Monday.

Also the vinyl promotion is 80% per cent up and running….the big “RSD “ wall on the way out to the bathrooms….can be found on the website also under big vinyl sale…2 for 50 euro best price ( no stamps) or 28 quid each…some nice titles in it!

Right better plug whats coming out…

This friday we will have…

Then Friday the 7th June we will have releases by…



So our main focus ( in other words, i need to place orders for the forthcoming stuff this week) is for releases on the 14th of June…im gone mad on the Kneecap stuff myself…at my age!

So releases for 14th june …

Here is a tune from the record

Hermanos Gutiérrez – “Until We Meet Again” [Official Music Video]

Heres a song from the record…really creative man

James Vincent McMorrow – Call me back (Official Audio)

Heres another tune

KNEECAP – C.E.A.R.T.A (Official Music Video) …i might turn a few of ye auld codgers yet

Heres a tune from the record

Lankum – The Rocky Road To Dublin (Official Audio)


Going to hand ye to Shane now as usual as he takes ye down the road…

Sound, Ray. How’s it going everyone?
Yeah, I like KNEECAP too! Bit of Sleaford Mods to them. Some great beats and the Irish/English mix is different.

For those not gone though we have a few Dad Rock reissues coming in July!
THE POLICE – Synchronicity is getting the deluxe reissue treatment, coming out as a 2 CD, 6 CD box set, Picture Disc LP or 4 LP vinyl box set:
Here’s what’s in the vinyl box set:
“Disc 1 – The Original Album The original 10-track LP track-listing Disc 2 – B-Sides / Bonus Tracks 12-track collection of contemporaneous B-sides and singles bonus tracks. Disc 3 – Unreleased (Part 1) 10 previously unreleased alternate takes, out-takes, and instrumentals Disc 4 – Unreleased (Part 2) A further 11 previously unreleased alternate takes, out-takes and instrumentals 140 black vinyl 64-page, lavish colour book, featuring unseen material / new liner notes & interviews / archive memorabilia & photos. Printed inner sleeves Four art print photographs Housed in a hardback slipcase”

And the Rolling Stones will reissue ‘Voodoo Lounge’ on red/yellow 2 LP vinyl, also in July.

Oh, heads up, big Irish release being announced tonight after 8. Keep eyes and ears peeled. Will mention properly next week.

Another Dad Rock reissue, OASIS – Definitley Maybe: 30th Anniversary edition! (Yes, Oasis are Dad Rock now)
There’ll be a nice pink marble coloured 2 LP available, plus an expanded 2 CD or 4 LP sets.

Adam is back from his hols this evening I think, so he’ll hopefully have a video run down done for next week.

Here are the other releases/pre-orders that are coming along in the next few months:

That’s all from me I think. Cheers!

Thanks a mil Shane


Sin e really for this week

Just the 2 of us and a busy week, David Kitt on Monday, 2 Johnnies in Cypress thursday night which we are involved in , Niamh on Saturday so a busy week here in the Corporation

Slan slan folks

Thanks for listening, see ye at Niamh

Ray, Shane, Young Adam & Mia.