June 5th: Open letter to VILLAGERS, old SPRINTS pink vinyl, new JAMIE XX, new/live MORRISSEY and BLUR, TALKING HEADS – SMS reissue and good luck with the exams

Hi Everyone

Hope all is well!

Thanks to those of you who were in for Niamh Regan on Saturday, it was a beautiful day but we still had a lovely crowd…thank ye. Thanks to Niamh also, she was super, really good songs she has…i think it’s the first time we had an encore at a music zone instore…twas great!

And do you know what also is great …the new Villagers record is only excellent …every song…in my opinion Villagers best work so far, lyrically really top notch, melodies brilliant as usual…it’s on constant repeat for me …a super record imo.

This is a bit of an open letter to Conor…

Hi Conor

I kind of dropped the ball…we met briefly after your show in Coughlans sometime last year….i was nervous and had a couple of beers on board.

I asked you if you would consider playing in the shop sometime….you said you would !!

You offered your email which I thought I would remember…which i didn’t!! Big Ball drop uimhir a haon.

New album “ that Golden time” was announced some months back and I don’t know why I didn’t act on our conversation…ball drop uimhir a do … .oh you plonker Raymond.

Then about 4 weeks before release i said to myself, should chance Conor O’Brien re a little instore with the new record…so went on to Villagers website only to see a blast of instores planned for the new record launch….agghhh i was so annoyed with myself….i felt i couldn’t go asking then, plans were in place…oh you plonker Raymond.

Anyways, here is a polite open invitation  to visit our humble shop someday Conor, anyday.

I read there is a book coming out later in the year, september i think…if there was signings/songs going on, we are 1000% interested…in Cork early dec  also i believe, which i am looking forward to….or the next album launch, i shall definitely be asking… just to forewarn you….theres is absolutely no drama with this, …it is simply a polite request …anytime… the door is open …hope this finds you…thank you. x

No Drama


Right so releases in the shop for this Friday the 7th of June include

Then for the 14th of June we have




Main week we are chasing orders for today is for releases for 21st June ( we need to have orders to the record companies for new releases two weeks before the actual release date…if they miss the cut off, they don’t get keyed till after release date, causing delays etc….) so if you fancy anything for 21st june, email us back in the next few days…heres the 21st june



Going to hand ye folks over to Shane now as he takes ye down the road as usual…a few really nice announcements in the last few days actually…over to you Shane so

Hey Ray, thanks! A nice win last night for Ireland in the soccer, late goals are always fun!

Good luck to Mia in the Leaving Cert, it’ll fly. And to anyone else doing it. But as Ray and Connor/Villagers said, again, ‘No Drama’.

Hey all, hope yere well.
Yep, some biggies to mention this week so I’ll get stuck in:

I suppose first up we better announce MORRISSEY – Beethoven Was Deaf (Live in Paris). A bit like with Bowie, there are snipers that might take us out if we don’t mention first!
It’s going to be released on CD, ECO black vinyl or ECO Orange vinyl on July 26th.
Here’s the tracklist: 


1. You’re the One for Me, Fatty
2. Certain People I Know
3. The National Front Disco
4. November Spawned a Monster
5. Seasick, Yet Still Docked
6. The Loop
7. Sister I’m a Poet
8. Jack the Ripper
9. Such a Little Thing Makes Such a Big Difference
10. I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday
11. We’ll Let you know
12. Suedehead
13. He Knows I’d Love to See Him
14. You’re Gonna Need Someone on Your Side
15. Glamorous Glue
16. We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful

Last week I mentioned a big Irish announcement. Couldn’t say it as the newsletter was going out before the official announcement but SNOW PATROL are back with a brand new one called ‘The Forest is the Path’. And there’s a limited Irish exclusive green vinyl of it.
Their first in a good few years.
Noelle (the wife) is a fan of the Grey’s Anatomy series, and she says that if you hear Snow Patrol it’s ominous and shit’s going to get emotional!

Here’s a new trailer for it, with snippets of tracks: THE FOREST IS THE PATH ↟

Agus iad seo:

  • JAMIE XX – In Waves – brand new album, looking forward to this myself, his last one with the colouredy cover is a bit of a modern classic. CD, std LP, indies white vinyl or 3 LP deluxe version. – 20/9/24


Oh, we got stock last week of the 2nd solo album from PETE MAC of the Cork grunge band PARADOX. It’s called ‘HiberNation’ and was recorded during Covid lockdown.
Been listening to it myself, some great tracks on it and musicians. Bits of grunge, alt rock and folk in it.
Here’s a track from it, lovely video too: https://youtu.be/25G5B-syAhE?si=527O243cVQEFhsvk

We were a bit up the walls of late getting the 2 Johnnies CD and vinyl posted out to people so didn’t get a chance to do a video.

Think that’s everything from me anyway. Back to you Ray so. Cheers.

Thanks Shane!


Sin e really for this week folks

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Shane young, Adam and Mia