The National Back With A Cracker (And No Disasters!), Ryan Adams Tickets For Sale and ATLAS ZERO Live In-Store!

Hi Everyone,

Hope ye’r all doing ok… I know there is a few of ye going through shite of late… It’s never far away from anyone… No fairness in it…. Just try get through it I suppose as best you can… On one of those notes, a good lad that comes in here to us can’t make it to Ryan Adams on Saturday night (tomorrow!) so we would like him to get his 80 quid back for his two standing tickets and maybe put a smile on one of ye’r faces… So first back to us will get the two tickets…. For 80 quid like.

Releases in the shop this week since the 8th include THE NATIONAL’s new album “Sleep Well Beast”… We have been relatively fortunate lately that our fills of the indies only have been quite good…. No disasters really of late… The major biggie I remember was for RSD14 when my PIAS order got lost…Never got a morsel of it… Hard for some people to understand that you see, but it’s quite a regular occurrence… We are on a Facebook group with all the UK indie shops and every week, I mean every week, there are massive cock ups…. So we have escaped thus far well since then anyway with the most important stuff… Got a fright with THE NATIONAL though as I received an email last Thursday / Friday showing me the invoice which means it shipped… 3 boxes… Got the CD and other Pias New Releases on Monday but no vinyl… No great info coming back either… Fairly nervous by Weds morning but landed thank god… Not so much the monetary loss, but you as in me, ala the shop looks like a right plonker… Inept plonker… Sometimes that maybe the case (We fuck up too… I will put the hand in the air then) but in general not so… We need 3 or 4 people to do their job correctly for the product to hit the shelf on time or at all… Me to notice and place the order in time, the rep to key the order on the system and allocate the records to the right shop (wrong shop happens a lot), the faceless person in the warehouse who needs to put the correct records in the box for the correct shop…. It seems to be harder than we would think… And the van drivers, generally one lad in UK and one here…. The guys that handle it at the couriers depots also… Maybe 7 or 8 hands in total so things can go wrong… there was a lad opened  his box of National stuff in the UK and handwritten next to the vinyl was OOS… Out of stock… None… Zero… He wasn’t the only shop… When that day arrives here, try remember this story… We ain’t automated…. A lad who has a record shop in Margate put up a post a week or two ago when he got zero Ghostpoet… Rep got distracted he thinks and never keyed the order… He had none on release day and Obaro who lives around the corner popped in… Like me not having the new MICK FLANNERY album on release day… (although Mick wouldn’t give a shite id say… ‘Aahh tis grand Ray, sure these things happen’)

Anyway, deep breath after that… We have for release this week THE NATIONALNEIL YOUNGTHE WATERBOYS (some great albums recently like WAR ON DRUGS and QOTSA and these three mentioned above sound like really good albums also…. THE WATERBOYS is a lovely album… Quirky, cleverly worded songs, well crafted with lovely sounds and melody… Really enjoying it…) TORI AMOS (CD only), SPARKS, ALVVAYS, DIZZEE RASCAL, PAUL BRADY (CD only), STEVIE WONDER, MAZZY STARNICK MULVEYJACK JOHNSONFREEand DAVID RAWLINGS LP.

Video for the last two weeks of releases up here.


Right so releases for next week the 15th of Sept… First up SONY have the new FOO FIGHTERS record on CD or Vinyl…. The two singles sound strong… “Concrete and Gold” it’s called.. Sony also have CAROLE KING “Tapestry : Live in Hyde Park” on CD/DVD, a new album by WYCLEF, reissues by SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE and PARADISE LOST on LP and a brand new DEPECHE MODE 12” called “Backwards”…

Lastly from Sony for next week the 15th of Sept, and the demand for it was big when the CD/DVD was released what maybe two years or more now i’d say… Album of the year on a lot of polls was it 2016 or 2015 was BEYONCE’s “Lemonade”… Finally gets its vinyl release.


MUSIC ON VINYL for the 15th have SCREAMING TREES “Sweet Oblivion” on flaming coloured vinyl (picture of Patrick Street on a Saturday night on the cover)… Only 1500 of these boys and girls.


UNIVERSAL for the 15th have the second album by mercury prize winning artist BENJAMIN CLEMENTINE… Worth a google of this dudes story, homeless at one point… Uni also have a new album by double named now YUSEF/CAT STEVENS called “The Laughing Apple” , a new RINGO STARR album and a STEVE MILLER hits compilation.

UNI also have the Soundtrack and the Score to the new Ken Burns TV series “Vietnam”.. The Score is done by scoring duo TRENT REZNOR and ATTICUS ROSS (some would wish Trent had attentions turned away from scores and back to NIN stuff) as well as a new album by RICKY ROSS (DEACON BLUE) on CD and LP, and DIO 5 classic albums box, some CHINA CRISIS CD reissues and the Soundtrack to TABOO on CD by MAX RICHTER.

Nearly there with the UNI stuff but probably their biggest next week via Caroline is the debut album by supergroup PROPHETS OF RAGE… I’m liking this, rap rock with some of the greatest from both genres… POR consists of Morello, Comerford and Wilk from RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and CHUCK D and DJ LORD from PUBLIC ENEMY, and B -REAL from CYPRESS HILL… Politically charged rap rock.

Another supergroup next GIZMODROME who are Stewart Copeland (The police) Mark King (Level 42) Adrian Belew (King Crimson) and Vittorio Cosma… Don’t know much or anything at all about this.. But an interesting line up it must be said.

Last two from UNI are the next couple of STYLE COUNCIL LP reissues on Vinyl “ Modernism” on yellow vinyl and “Confessions of a Pop Group” on white vinyl and finally MADONNA “Rebel Heart Tour” on 2 CD, Bluray, DVD, DVD/CD, Bluray/CD.


Proper have an ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN ‘Greatest Hits : Live in London’ LP… 17 bucks… WILLIE WATSON and TRIO DA KALI and the KRONOS QUARTET together.


PIAS for the 15th have ANGUS & JULIA STONE’s new album… Class…indies only clear double vinyl from the Aussie siblings as well as a new FINK album.

ROM for the 15th have the score to HOT FUSS 10th anniv edition by David Arnold.

The Orchard for the 15th have the new ARIEL PINK album “Dedicated to Bobby Jameson” who was a real life LA musician who disappeared off the face of the earth and was long presumed dead only to resurface after 35 reclusive years to pen his tragic life story and a series of blogs on youtube.

ORCHARD also have LOU REED / KRIS KRISTOFFERSON album and MOTLEY CRUE REISSUE of “Girls, Girls, Girls” on CD/DVD or LP, and four Paradise Lost LP reissues as well.


Warner for the 15th have a new GARY NUMAN album “Savage ; Songs From a Broken World” on CD, Deluxe CD, LP and Cassette…. An album set in an apocalyptic, post global warming world in the future.

Warner also have the 20th Anniversary Edition of “Nimrod” on yellow vinyl DLP by GREEN DAY as well as a reissue of LINDA RONSTADT’s “Simple Dreams” on CD or LP and 7”, and also a new MICHAEL MCDONALD record where he is surrounded by quality… On the record with him are Warren Haynes, Marcus Miller and Robben Ford.

Lastly two legends have best of type things with Warner… PRINCE ‘4Ever’ gets its vinyl release as a  4 LP boxset with 40 tracks…. Bout 60 bucks… And the mighty THE DOORS have a singles collection as CD or 2CD / Bluray or a 20×7” singles boxset…. So all 20 US singles with corresponding B-sides with original sleeve art in an ornate lift top box…. Nice… Nice.

So a bit to chew on again this week… Mainly posters of different shapes and sizes landed for the National…  Carrot, no carrot…

Couple of great in-stores …. So Saturday last, the 9th, we had ATLAS ZERO on the stage to launch their debut EP… Excellent up and coming 3 piece with some great tunes…They were great and attracted a good few passers by in… Check them here….

And we are delighted to announce that we have our good friends and resident RSD performers CROJAYN back in this time to launch their second EP…. Ye know we think the world of these kids so that should be a smashing gig, really talented guys with great musicianship and tunes… If you like your rock old school and bluesy… I think the lads are going to play from 1 pm till 2.30 on the Saturday the 16th… Bright bright futures ahead for both bands so if youre around pop in for our Saturday sessions. With the very best of young Cork talent on display.


Sin e for this folks,
Thanks for listening

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