State of the Nations, New One From The XX, And Time For Us To Get Out From Under The Quilt

Hey Everyone, How’s the form… Guess who’s back… Back again…. Happy new year to ye all. December was a bit iffy in the siopa but its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life…  Fooor meee…. And i’m feeling… I think thats my fourth year in a row using that new year […]

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Make Music Zone Great Again, Return of Metallica, and Black Friday RSD Bits!

Hey everyone,   How’s the form this evening?.. A late start for me at 22:43, so no moaning or groaning, just open, friendly, transparent attempts to sell ye folks some records, a bit like DJT.. Make Music Zone Great Again!… I’m getting the flyers printed up as I write this.. Roger Waters is calling in […]

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Queen are On Air, Mick and I Have a Staring Competition and Riptide Instore

Hi Everyone, How’s it going? A bit cranky myself today…few small reasons why…they might reveal themselves over the next few pages…or may not as well. Releases in the shop for today include Declan O’ Rourke, Weezer reissues, Travelling Wilburys and Genesis. A scary, Halloween special video this week, should interest Metallica fans also… as well […]

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