June 12th: RORY Story, HEDGE SCHOOLS Live in-store/vinyl release, unreleased JOHNNY CASH album, cool coloured reissues and d’video

Hi folks

All is well I hope.

I meant to mention last week that the new Rory documentary on RTE was very good …a little short but good…a bit emotional …fierce loss Rory is…well worth a watch, it’s still on the player.

The bit where Brian May was talking about Rory’s sound and he said feck it i’m just going to ask him…you could tell from May he was a little taken aback by Rory’s sincere and no bullshit answer to what a lot might consider to be a loaded question…you could tell he was seriously impressed with the mans decency…i have a little story…couple in the shop in douglas court circa 2013/2014 i reckon….dont know them and don’t think they were ever in again but Rory came up in conversation…” we were out in St Olivers visiting the parents grave there a few weeks back, and herself was walking down the path out of the cemetery ahead of me a bit, when a  man stopped her and they were talking …he passed me then and we nodded at one another …i caught up with her and said to her do you know who that was…she answered no…i said Christ what did he want ,,,oh he was looking for Rory Gallaghers grave…i said to her, that was Brian May from Queen”

May was in Dublin at the time for the launch of that Ben Elton Queen stage show and got into his car or probably got on a plane …or he might have walked, i don’t know how he got there but he took the time to seek out Rory’s grave…2 decent fellas i reckon.

Speaking of decent fellas, Pat Barrett from Hedge schools is with us this Saturday @ 1pm to launch our beautiful venture “ the end of the winding day” vinyl release …first time and only time ever i’d say for this record … .but it will have some story attached to it … .Pat and Joe Chester are the maestros behind it, the creators.

Here’s the story again… the record was caught up in the Dublin vinyl mess, it wasn’t going to happen, Pat wasn’t in a place financially to get it out…i offered to help…few things went a little against us since the off… from the first time it was pre sold on Dublin Vinyl there was 50/60 preorders, those folks were to be refunded by DV….they were not unfortunately…we ( rightly and absolutely) are going to fulfill those orders but fulfilling them has a cost ….basically 7.80 euro a shipment, post and packing, that’s what it is….by 50 folks….the bones of 400 euro…so we are going ask these folks to send us the 8 quid and we will ship the record….Pat will ask on his socials also…some will some won’t, we will ship anyway

Pat will message the DV folks…i think its ok to ask for that  shipment charge.

So all in all the 300 records cost 3018 euro….that increased a bit from what we hoped it would be with unforeseen ( green to this) costs like DMM / Lacquer Cutting €374.00 , DMM / Lacquer Processing €254.00 and a  pallet delivery from Europe….so yep 3k to recoup, knew what i signed up for, was happy to sign up for it, right thing to do, but the shop contrary to the yachting world telegraph  reports does not have hugely deep pockets and 3K is a lot of money for us…but am i glad i did it…hell yeah. I emailed folks who bought it last week to thank them and Shane ( our Shane) sent a lovely response.

“ We’ll sell them alright. Great record. Thanks for doing it, something you’ll always have to your name. A piece of cultural history.” I think he summed it up for me with the last few words.

As it stands ( that’s if everyone who has committed to buying one, does buy it) we will be at 1900 quid…thanks to Luca Records in Waterford, Rollercoaster in Kilkenny, Steamboat in Limerick, OMG in Galway and Tower and Spindizzy in Dublin who are all supporting the release of the record…thanks folks.

So we are a little away from the 3k….i hit that, i’m out and Pat gets the rest of the records…that’s the deal, end of story.

We are getting lost in the accounting here folks, ( we will get there) the reason i wanted to help was the music, the music is beautiful, just beautiful , the space in the music …this record is a thing of beauty, that’s why i wanted to help, it more than deserves to be out in the world, that’s why i wanted to help, i consider it an Irish classic, that’s why i  wanted to help, it was for the music.

Pat is with us Saturday at 1 pm playing songs from the record, signing records and having the chats ,  he says he owes it to me and that he owes it to himself to come down and do the instore…support for it will be very much appreciated.

Right hope to see ye Saturday, i dont want folks to feel under pressure to  buy the hedge schools record but if you get something out of the music and want to buy it, then we are delighted folks…so its all good xx

Here’s a tune, give it a listen…the album as an album from start to finish works beautifully but here’s a tune…nice message in the visual here!!



Right onto the business of selling records, above was different.

So out this Friday the 14th of June we will have


Then Friday the 21st of June we will have




Main attack this week is for Friday the 28th May



Right so going to pass ye on to Shane now as he runs down the road a bit with ye…

Cheers, Ray. Howdy everyone.
Exciting week for the shop with the release of the Hedge Schools vinyl. As Ray said, it’s class.
I remember listening to it a lot while we worked in the siopa, could well have been back in the Douglas Court days. Sometimes albums can blow over your head when you’re working but that was one that always stood out.
Looking forward to giving it a few spins on vinyl now.

Some biggish coloured vinyl reissues coming down the line to mention. First up, Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication is getting reissued on red and blue 2 LP vinyl. Out on July 26th.
Their biggest selling album.
And LINKIN PARK – Hybrid Theory is getting a yellow vinyl reissue on the same day. Also by them, Meteora and The Hunting Party both on coloured vinyl too.

There’s a cool 14 CD box set of live recordings by Pete Townshend – Live in Concert 1985-2001 on the 26th of July also.

A very limited amount of BLUE NILE albums will be coming into us on vinyl. ‘Hats’‘A Walk Across the Road’‘Peace at Last’ and ‘High’. Fastest fingers first on those I’d say.

Here’s a list of what else is coming:

Lot of coloured reissues this week. Think dat’s all.

Here’s Adam’s video from last weekend: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C79mf92tdqL/?igsh=dnN5cm5obDVqNGVx


Thanks Shane kid.



Last thing…I had a few short letters this past week with a gentleman…


Sin e for this week folks

Hope to see ye saturday

Thanks for listening

Ray,  Shane, Young Adam and Mia