Small delay with the SULTANS, ADAM has gone viral, BOWIE 7inch box set, new BUSTA RHYMES, TRAVIS SCOTT Red vinyl and the grumpy years.

Hi Everyone

Hope all is well with ye.

I hope ye think the new format of the newsletter is ok…less spiel from me, more links.

Anyways releases in the shop for this friday include…


Just on the Sultans release…its been done by Music On Vinyl , who are a Dutch company, it is to ship tomorrow from Holland but normally takes 3 to 5 working days so the likelihood is it won’t be with us till mid to late next week…15th or 16th Nov id say…we will email when they are in!!

Sorry!….another few days 


So releases for the 17th of November include…

Right re all the Beatles releases …the singles and box sets particularly …they are a bit of a mess….stuff is coming in dribs and drabs to us…we are still awaiting 12” ( sold out anyway) and i was told i was getting more 7”s last thursday but that looks up in the air for now…i told a good few of over last weekend that i would get a single for ye…im not so sure of that now, they were confirmed at the time but now up in the air….the rep is trying to sort it or some of it at least…ill update as soon as i know more….sorry now, its been messy as…

The Beatles – Red Album: 1962-66

The Beatles – Blue Album: 1967-70 (including ‘Now and Then’)

Main week for this week is Friday the 24th of Nov which is Black Friday as well as normal releases on the day…

Shane might pop up a link for the Black Friday releases….thanks! (scroll down a bit to see the list)

Also before we run through the alphabet , Adams masterpieces are taking off on Instagram…here is the latest

…i said to him last week that he is going to be famous and his quick reply was… as famous as Conor Mcgregor and ill have to start going into bars and kicking the shite out of old fellas…you have been warned. Giving up the demon drink is the safest option for a lot of ye I’d say.


Right releases for the 24th of Nov aside from Black Friday include


It’s been a sad week in our house, ah very sad week really. Our dog of 16 and a half years is in her last day or 2…probably going to the great gig in the sky tomorrow really, she’s home from the vets since last evening to say her goodbyes really for a day or two….kidney failure in the end…some dog though, some innings, will be a terrible loss to the house…a house dog , a little yorkie Trixie was,  she has always been in the house…came on nearly all our holidays down through the years ( i did moan at times as it made things very limiting) and was my late night companion every night when the house was quiet…we got her when she was just 6 weeks old in May 2007 and she is part of the fabric of the house, sher she had a great life,  Gina adored her and was always so kind to her…she is at my feet this morning in front of the heater like every other weds morning as i write this newsletter…she will be sorely missed. Sher loads of ye have been here, I’d say. As Sufjan says every road has to come to an end. Top dog who had a great life, it’s time.


Going to hand ye over to Shane now and he has the job of lightening the mood, no bother to him!!

Ah, really sorry to hear that Ray. You said she was poorly to me earlier in the week.
Keep the heads up as best ye can.

Hi everyone, hope all is ok out there with ye.
Things seem to be calming a bit at we get closer to Christmas. As Ray says, now it’s sell, sell, sell (what we have) time!
Looking forward to the Beatles best of sets. Wasn’t a fan though of how the record company was portioning everything out to suit their needs and claiming things were ‘extremely limited’.
Look, the music is the most important.
Turned 34 last month, the grumpy years must be starting!

Anyway! One of this year’s best rap albums is getting it’s vinyl release on December 1st.
Travis Scott – Utopia will be out on black and red vinyl. Some huge guests on it.
Here’s ‘Modern Jam’, class track:

MOTHER MOTHER have a new album coming in February next year called ‘Grief Chapter’ on CD, black vinyl and coke bottle clear vinyl.
Here’s a single from it:

And 10CC, a band my Dad got me into, are releasing a massive box set at the end of January. Spans their albums from 1972 to 1992 across 14 CDs. Looks sweet!

Also coming out soonish and worth a mention:

That’s my lot of hawking so done for the team!

Slán go fóill!

Thanks a mil Shane.


Right so last one for this week then is Integral for the 1st Dec 


Sin e for this week folks

Thanks for listening as always

Stay in by the wall.

Ray, Shane and young Adam.