July 5th, ’23: Good PRICE on BLUR, new BLUEGRASS, exciting young rock band, Blues REISSUES, new Irish Supergroup, Limerick lad and full cabin crew on the MZ Yacht

Hi everyone

Hope all is well!

Releases in the siopa for this Friday the 7th of July include…

One for the Rory fans here….the artist who did the cover of “ all around man” is a Cork artist, Vincent Zara,  and he is going to be in the shop from 10 am saturday morning until 1pm Saturday afternoon the 8th of July…ill let him tell ye himself about it!!

Hi all, Vincent here…Ray and the lads have kindly invited me to the shop on Saturday from 10am-1pm. I’ll have a limited amount of signed, mounted prints with me. It was an unbelievable honour to be asked to do the cover art again. Colm Henry’s Self Aid photo was a gift to be given as a jumping off point. The album itself is incredible and Rory still had a full tank in 1990 so have no doubts on the quality. Plenty of ‘old’ blues along with Rory classics and the acoustic side, as always, is magic. Heavens Gate and Tattoo’d Lady were amazing highlights for me. Mark Feltham and Geraint Watkins bring harmonica and organ/accordion sounds so some familiar songs have a new feel to them. Looking forward to seeing you all, we give thanks and praise to the Independents! Thanks Ray and Co, VZ 


So a really nice bespoke opportunity with this to meet the artist, get a signed print, get your album signed, photo with artist …really lovely way to document the release of this album…i know from the last time ( check shirt wizard) that folks from all over the globe were in contact with us ( after the fact) to try and get the companion signed art print with the album…blessed we are really to have the artist on our doorstep…and sher all this is about the great man anyway from our humble part of the world ….humble…hmmm…tangent time…someone told me during the week, ( not a true blood i must add!) that the census proved Cork was the most inbred county in the country…that 72% of people born in Cork , stayed in Cork like ( say it with a Cork accent) …anyway back to Rory, the rest of the globe is green with rebel envy!!…cash ideal for the prints on Saturday…grma.

Right so, releases for the 14th July include…


Main part of the hawk for tonight is for releases on the 21st of July so will start with Warner…and what i think is the biggest release of the week, maybe even the month to be fair, with the release of the new BLUR album “ THE BALLAD OF DARREN” via PLG UK Frontline or Parlophone …available on a host of formats including CD, DELUXE CD, Bluray audio version, std lp and indies coloured LP…bualadh bos on the price it has to be said…bualadh bos…i wont start again on the pricing thing, but proper pricing must be applauded …really looking forward to this, has been a while since the magic whip…heres a tune from the new record

(23) Blur – The Narcissist (Official Visualiser) – YouTube

Big release the BLUR album for the middle of the summer.

Atlantic Records has a big soundtrack release also on the 21st of July with BARBIE THE MOVIE and it will be on cd , std pink and indies only neon pink.

BMG has a reissue by Ian Dury & The Blockheads “ Laughter (Transparent Sunny Yellow Vinyl LP)” and they also reissue Jim Croce “ Life & Times ((50th Anniversary) [180g Blue Vinyl])” .

BMG also reissue John Lee Hooker “ …And Seven Nights” on vinyl as well as Can’t Touch Us Now by MADNESS.

Fueled By Ramen/Atlantic has a first timer on vinyl with Travie McCoy debut from 2010 “ Lazarus (RSD Indie Exclusive Orange Vinyl LP)” .

Lastly from Warner via Nonesuch , a nice one to finish with if you like a bit of bluegrass, the new album by Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway “ city of gold” on cd , std lp and indies LP. HERES a tune from it

(23) Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway – San Joaquin (Studio Video) – YouTube

If you dont open these newsletters over the next few weeks or didnt the last few weeks then there is a good chance you will stop receiving them…thats cool isnt it, if not interested and dont open we wont send to you…cool i hope? Your newsletter future lies in your hands!


As far as i can see Sony dont have anything really for the 21st July.


Right so Proper for the 21st of July has a couple of nice vinyl reissues via ALLIGATOR RECORDS, so there is Johnny Winter “ guitar slinger” and Roy Buchanan “ When A Guitar Plays The Blues”.

HIGHWATER RECORDING CO. has R.L. Burnside “ Sound Machine Groove” on  Memphis Blue Vinyl.

FM RECORDS has a couple of nice broadcast CD releases with THE BEACH BOYS “ American Broadcasts” and ROBERT PLANT “ The 1983 UK Broadcast” both on CD only.

We see a bump in CD sales over the last few months…a fall off on LPs a little bit…a lot of new releases now are selling a bit more on CD and a bit less on LP…wonder why that is folks…it begins with P …i said i wasn’t going to be John Wayne this week so ill leave it in the stable.


Cargo for the 21st has Joy Division –  Leigh Rock Festival 1979 on Red vinyl via Ozit Records, this pressing is limited to just 500 copies…nice tracklisting 1 Disorder/ Stage Announcements 2 Leaders Of Men 3 Colony 4 Insight 5 Digital. Side Two : 6 Dead Souls 7 Shadow Play 8 She’s Lost Control 9 Transmission 10 Interzone 11 Sound Of Music- Intro.    


Integral for the 21st of July has

Goldie ‘Timeless (The Remixes)’ and

Working Men’s Club ‘Minsky Rock Megamix II’ (Release Date 14th July 2023) *

Universal for the 21st of July has via EMI the third studio album by a rock band we really like in the shop here ( well, it was definitely the Bob mans cup of tea, not sure about the young fella though… i think Shane rates them  and i rate them…it is old school rock n roll and not many new bands do it better imo…Christ Ray get on with it will ya…the new GRETA VAN FLEET “ Starcatcher” ON CD, std lp AND INDIES Clear LP.  The album is written and recorded by the band—lead singer Josh Kizska, guitarist Jake Kizska, bassist/keyboardist Sam Kizska and drummer Danny Wagner—alongside Grammy-winning producer Dave Cobb (Chris Stapleton, Brandi Carlile). Recorded at the legendary RCA Studios in Nashville, the band utilized the large recording room to capture the pure energy of their world-renowned live performances. Heres a tune…a rockier one

(23) Greta Van Fleet – The Falling Sky (Official Audio) – YouTube

And a more mystical one…

(23) Greta Van Fleet – Meeting The Master (Official Music Video) – YouTube

i do think they are a super young rock band …maybe mid 20s is all they are and on their third record…super stuff imo. And the thing about the last song i played there , is the live version of it is even better!

VERVE has NINA SIMONE “ YOU’VE GOT TO LEARN” from the newport Jazz festival on CD, LP or indies cream LP. 

Theres a new Gorgon City album via EMI “ Salvation” on CD or LP.

There are a few AEROSMITH vinyl reissues from Universal , but we arent going to link them, they are very dear @ circa 50 euro…if anyone is interested drop us a mail…” Rock in a Hard Place” @ 35 euro and “Nine Lives” @ 48 euro and “ Live! Bootleg” @ 53 euro.


Spectrum has a nice compilation album on double LP “ The 80s Pure Pop Album”.


Going to hand ye over to Shane now as he takes ye down the road with releases/announcements etc as usual…

Cheers, Ray! How’s it going everyone?
Delighted to see Vincent Zara on board the newsletter today. I used to know him a bit through a friend who I was in a band with. He was always sound and talented.
I have the print from the Check Shirt Wizard cover up in the sitting room. His stuff is great.

I better get mentioning.
NEIL YOUNG has yet another release. Called ‘Chrome Dreams’, it features unreleased tracks from his 70s period. The vinyl features an etching on Side D.
Here’s a fairly raw sounding one from it, sounds good: https://youtu.be/a41503VlZC0

Young Adam called over to my place in Ringaskiddy last weekend. We had a great night. We watched Bo Selecta and had a sing-along to John Lennon!

There’s a very cool Irish supergroup release coming this month. It’s a 12 inch by OXN called ‘Love Henry’.
OXN are comprised of Radie Peat from Lankum, John ‘Spud’ Murphy, Eleanor Myler (Percolator) and Katie Kim. Top talent there all round. Their Claddagh records first signing in 18 years I believe.
Here’s the title track from that: https://youtu.be/ZJYJSFy9B4A

A group I like, BUDOS BAND have a new EP coming out at the end of the month called ‘Frontier’s Edge’. There will be a fairly limited green vinyl version of that available.
Here’s a track from that too: https://youtu.be/w8jpoBs95us
If you like Quinten Tarantino soundtracks you’ll like them!

Also coming around the corner are:

That’s all folks I think from me.
Adam is going to mention a surprise U2 one that just got announced in the last few hours.
Everyone’s on board tonight!

Hi all! Adam here, Ray asked me to write a bit about Zooropa as the transparent reissue is coming out. Had a hard act to follow but it held its own I reckon. An album that puts ya in a place. Stay (Faraway, so close) is one of my favourite U2 songs. The album is coming out on a Translucent Yellow pressing and It looks nice and all but the price is a bit iffy me thinks. We have it for 58 best and when me and Ray saw the buy-in price we both kinda gasped, is what is it I guess… Anyhoo! Its on a really tight allocation so get em while ye can folks! Classic album!!!:) Alright see ye!

Sound Adam! Back to Ray so.

Thanks Shane!


Right last one for this week is Integral for the 28th of July has

Aphex Twin ‘Blackbox Life Recorder 21f / in a room7 F760’ out via Warp on CD OR 12” EP…first new music in a while from the Limerick native. Heres a tune

(23) Aphex Twin – Blackbox Life Recorder 21f (Official Audio) – YouTube

Brian Wilson ‘Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road’ vinyl on Lakeshore Records. This is the soundtrack to the 2021 film about places in Brians life etc , the  album consisting of previously unreleased recordings by Wilson, several of which dated from his unfinished 1990s collaborations with producer Andy Paley, and one new song, ‘Right Where I Belong’, that Wilson co-wrote with My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James for the film.

Black vinyl with printed inner sleeve.


There is a Daniel Rossen ‘Live in Pioneertown & Santa Fe’ vinyl release on Warp….not sure how many of these there are but they are hand numbered.

William The Conqueror ‘Excuse Me While I Vanish’ on cd or indies red vinyl or std vinyl via Chrysalis Records / SD.


Sin e for this week really folks…

Thanks for listening as always 

Ray, Shane and young Adam.