MASSIVE week next week : QOTSA / War On Drugs Limited LPs.. Happy Abandon / Picture This Limited and Signed LPs!

How’s it going folks,

Hope yer all doing alright…

New Releases in the shop today on Vinyl record and CD include new albums by GHOSTPOET, GRIZZLY BEAR, RANDY NEWMAN (new album on LP),STEVEN WILSON, EVERYTHING EVERYTHING and reissues by NEIL YOUNG(a blast off them), THE STYLE COUNCIL, INTERPOL, and BIGGIE.

Or video is back this week for those who prefer to see before they spend!!

Cracking week of releases coming up on the 25th of August… Man where do I start…


PIAS get the nod… So firstly is the new QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE album “Villains” on a blast of formats… Some QOTSA fans may consider them villains and not be fully gone on this but i think it sounds great… The lead single is a rock n’ roll song wrapped up in a bubblegum pop song… Mark Ronson’s influence, or in some eyes poison, gan doubt… It’s available as CD, and three different LP formats… Gatefold DLP, deluxe DLP tipped on sleeve plus 14 art prints, and finally indies only LP which is the same as above but with alternative cover artwork… First big album for the 25th..

Pias also have the Sam Beam aka IRON AND WINE record out on the 25th called “Beast Epic” on Sub Pop Records and from what I heard it’s a gorgeous listen… Here’s the new single…. Is that even a word in this industry anymore… In the physical industry anyway… I know it is but ye get my drift… Changed times… That ship has sailed Raymond…. 6th album on CD and a deluxe LP edition which includes a bonus LP featuring exclusive tracks and demos with a special etching on the B-Side.

Slight side track…. I keep meaning to mention…. We get posters and we sometimes try and keep them but we have no space so after we use them we are going to offer them to any takers… Unless specified these are all shop window size.. We have a couple this week. We have savage poster size (if that makes sense, like posters you’d buy in a shop) + 12” Record size cardboard sheets to give out to anyone who Pre-Orders the Queens of the Stone Age LP with us. Check out the double sided poster below! (While stock lasts!!!)

We also have normal sized release posters of Erasure ‘World Be Gone’, 2 foot by 2 foot posters of the recent Beach House Rarities release, and finally a Aldous Harding poster. First come first serve with these so if interested pop a mail back and we’ll put you’re name on it!

PIAS also has a KORPIKLAANI live album, a debut by GORDI and some MARK LANEGAN LP reissues “Field Songs”, “Scraps at Midnight” and one whose names escapes me (that’s not the title)..

Pias has an interesting one also from NADINE SHAH… Her third record i think called “Holiday Destination” sounds really good… I really like what I hear so far… Read a bit of an interview where she spoke about themes running through the record, one theme been modern societies empathy or more to the point lack of empathy… There was an influx of refugees onto the Greek island of Kos when Nadine was there which was the inspiration for the album title… Because all that was on the news was holidaymakers complaining about the influx…. ‘It’s spoiling my holidays like’ type of thing.. No mention of the asylum seekers being human beings like… I’m not going to go down the Trump road this week to be honest…It’s too f**ked up…  

But a little by the way… The signed copies of the HAPPY ABANDON LPs and CDs landed with us…. Al personally signed with lovely quirky humorous remarks… One was : ‘Dear Donal, Thank you for not having a “d” at the end of your name.’

(Problem is now I have two Donals with pre-orders in… so may have to toss a coin there lads!)

We had no input into notes on the records… That was mainly Peter the lead singers doing… Quality some are..

One of my other favourites… Sorry now Paud…
‘Dearest Paudie. So… So… Like… Your name….  Is it pronounced like potty? If so.. That’s awesome!’

So the HAPPY ABANDON LP and CD is out next friday also the 25th of August….


Warner have a few cracker jacks for next Friday the 25th also… The new WAR ON DRUGS record being one obviously… On CD,  DLP or indies only clear vinyl DLP…. Have not got round to listening to any of it yet but I loved the last one so really looking forward to it…. Will have to have a listening queue of CDs in the shop for next week….

Listening to the newest LAURA MARLING album again recently… Beautiful listen.

Warner also have what will no doubt be the biggest selling Irish album of the year next Friday…. PICTURE THIS…. Album will arrive on 25th of August on CD and LP and the two lads, Ryan and Jimmy will be in Towers on Monday the 4th of Sept at 5 PM…. It’s a wristband job as I mentioned before so give us a nod if you want to get in!!

The lads are from Athy and friends since they were small fellas and write their own tunes and play their own instruments so brilliant… More power to them…. And we’re one of a thousand leeches on them over the next month or so… But sure… That’s the game they’re in now… When you’re hot everyone wants ya, and vice versa then i’m afraid… It’s great promo for us to be associated with them as there only Munster appearance… But sorry for being a leech boys.. We try and support up and coming acts, not them support us but sure look if there’s gonna be only one in store… We rather it be us i suppose… We’re not Mother Theresa like!

Warner also have a new album by PVRIS “All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell” on CD and indies only LP as well as a new PAUL WELLER 4 track 7’’ “Woo Se Mama”..


Universal for the 25th of August have new albums by CADILLAC THREE “Legacy” and SHANE FILAN, a BOB SEGER Greatest Hits CD, and vinyl reissues by UNDERWORLD “Beaucoup Fish”, and STEVIE WONDER’sabsolute classic “Songs In The Key Of Life”… Triple LP but 40 bucks.


SONY for the 25th of Aug have the CAGE THE ELEPHANT “ Live and Unpeeled” LP, as well as some LP reissues by DEEP PURPLE “Battle Rages On”, and DYLAN’s “Oh Mercy” , “Hard Rain”, “Brandeis Univ” “Good As I Been To You”.

THE ORCHARD have a solo album by IAN FELICE “In The Kingdom Of Dreams”


PROPER for the 25th of August have a JANE’S ADDICTION Live CD/DVD job as well as a couple of LOUVIN BROTHERS LP reissues…. Good aul’ old sytle country..

Look sin é for this week i suppose,
I think a bit more happening on the in-stores front in the next few weeks…
Will keep ye kind folks informed anyway
Thanks for listening


Winter is Coming, A Couple From Small Dose at Coughlans, and RIP The Rhinestone Cowboy

Hey Everyone,

How’s things?

Bob-man on duty tonight, bit quiet again on the release front, both with what’s in-store this week and what’s out next week.. So no smiling assassin just yet, but is September looking great or what?? Maybe Ray will buy me a kayak, yachts are a bit fancy for me..


Quiet, see? No, next week actually isn’t too bad, especially after the month of July..


We’ll crack on with releases for next week, Aug 18th so. From Warner there are the next batch of NEIL YOUNG reissues, and a few nice one’s to be fair. ‘American Stars and Bars’, ‘Comes A Time’, ‘Live Rust’, ‘Long May You Run’ and ‘Rust Never Sleeps’. Encompasses 1976-1979.. 5 albums (be it one live album in there, we’ll leave you off Neil) in three years. These days it’s taking bands 3 or 4 years to release one album. Too much time spent making it sound perfect, picking the right songs? Who knows, I prefer it the King Gizzard way anyway, pelt out 5 albums a year, no bothers. (Disclaimer : It takes me about a year to write a song).

Other reissues out next week from Warner include Boston Irish punk rockers THE DROPKICK MURPHY’s reissue of ‘The Warrior’s Code’, and EAGLES‘Greatest 1+2’ LP set. BIGGIE’s ‘Born Again’ is out on vinyl, as well 2CD reissues of a couple of WATERBOY’s classics ‘Fisherman’s Blues’,‘Room To Roam’ and ‘This is the Sea’.. (Fisherman’s also reissued on vinyl next week again!).

Finally from Warner the new RANDY NEWMAN album ‘Dark Matter’ get’s it’s appearance on vinyl after coming out on CD a week or two ago. ‘Tis a fine listen’ wrote in Ray’s notes, so there ye are!


Universal for the 18th of August have the next two STYLE COUNCIL LP reissues, ‘Our Favourite Shop’ on indies only limited lilac coloured vinyl, and ‘The Cost Of Living’ on indies only limited orange vinyl. Did I mention the word limited? Limited.

INTERPOL have the 10th Anniversary edition of their classic ‘Our Love To Admire’ on 2LP or 2LP+DVD, or CD/DVD. Uni next week also have the new STEVEN WILSON ‘To The Bone’ on CD, Blu Ray or 2LP. Looking forward to giving this one a spin!


PIAS for next week have the new GHOSTPOET album ‘Dark Days and Canapes’ on CD, LP or indies only coloured white vinyl (Ray left the word limited out of his notes, will have to have a word with him). But he did leave ye this nice note : ‘Great voice… He creates a great atmosphere. A bit like the Tricky kid. Only heard Franklin from it but sounds really good’.

And it’s limited, just so ye know.

PIAS also have the NICK CAVE and WARREN ELLIS ‘War Machine’ OST Score on CD, the new ELUVEITIE album ‘Evocation II – Pantheon’ on CD and 2LP, and a new one from THY ART IS MURDER.

Sad news this week with the passing of GLEN CAMPBELL. A fine guitar player who has played with just about everyone during the sixties, Elvis, Nelson, Sinatra, and of course his stint with the Beach Boys. As well as his numerous guest appearances as a guitarist, he released 60 studio albums over 55 years, and bridged a line between country and popular music. There was a documentary that deals with his final tour released a few years ago which many people have been chatting to us in the shop about over the week. Meant to be a very difficult watch, dealing with his alzheimer’s and what that meant for touring, but will definitely have to give it a watch myself over the next week or two. RIP to the Rhinestone Cowboy, Adios to a legend.


SONY for the 18th have the new GRIZZLY BEAR album ‘Painted Ruins’, a new EVERYTHING EVERYTHING album ‘A Fever Dream’, and a new release from one from WILDWOOD KIN, a female folk 3 piece Exeter across the pond, sounds good!

Finally from Sony for next week is a couple of PATTI SMITH LP reissues, including ‘Radio Ethiopia’, ‘Wave’ the classic ‘Outside Society’.

And finally on the release front, Orchard for next week have a new album from THE CRIBS ‘24-7 Rock Star Shit’. Used the aul’ 5 days recording with Steve Albini straight to tape trick. Could be a cracking sounding record. Also from Orchard is the new UNKLE album as a deluxe 2CD or deluxe 2LP format.

A little surprise (not really a surprise, it’s gonna be in the title of this newsletter) for ye tonight, with a couple of clips from my own band SMALL DOSE’s set at Coughlan’s from last month. Ray wrote up in the contract that as well as wanting 50% of all the rights, he wants to us to tease people week by week with just one video, before putting the full gig up. But because i’m sound i’ll share two with ye. A huge thank you again to Tim McSweeney for shooting this for us on the night! So enjoy ‘Rise Again’ and ‘Swim’.


That’s it from me guys, boss-man is back Monday and here for the long haul then! Busy couple of weeks on the release front and then Christmas. I think that’s the second mention in the newsletters over the last few weeks. Winter is coming alright!
Thanks guys,


Picture This Appearance in the Music Zone HQ, Re-Watch the Happy Abandon Gig in Coughlan’s and an RSD Reissue.. Again..

Hi Folks,

Hope all is well..

Bits and pieces, LPs and CDs in the shop today include new albums by FANGCLUBGEORGE THOROGOODBLACK GRAPE and a new EP on limited blue vinyl from COLDPLAY…. A blast of reissues on vinyl record today also by ELVISTHE MANICSKEANEICE CUBEBRIAN ENO, PAUL SIMONCYPRESS HILLAMON AMARTH  and the 30th Anniversary classic “Hysteria” by DEF LEPPARD.

Bob-man is back in this weeks video… Give it a watch and a thumbs up!


My (only playful) teasing and goading of the Bowie fans was met by a strong and dignified silence last week…. It kind of concerns me…. Because to think that not 12 months ago the shop and I were subject to terrifying ransom demands after a famous piece of Bowie art was stolen in the cold of the night from the shop… The culprits’ silence speaks volumes and maybe I have overstepped the mark… I have left clues about suspects in the shop in case anything mysteriously happens to me… or Bobby for that matter in the near future…. I must state Bobby had nothing to do with any perceived slags of the great one.

Moving on to releases for the 11th August… Just before that… Heard a few tracks from the new QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE record out on the 25th of August and I must say I absolutely LOVE them… May not be what QOSA fans expect, with MARK RONSON on production but for me so far I think it could be an absolute belter, as I also think THE NATIONAL’s record in Sept will be.. Also heard some of the new IRON AND WINE and Mr. Beam doesn’t disappoint either…. It’s gorgeous…. So the poor mouth stuff will be stopping soon!!… Anyway back to the 11th…


UNIVERSAL have a 40-track career spanning best of from R.E.M which features 3 songs exclusive to this release…. 5CD set of the A+M years by THE TUBES….. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 gets its vinyl release… There is a DLP which includes the score as well as the soundtrack, or the single LP which is just the soundtrack.

Universal also have the classic soundtrack by JOHN WILLIAMS for the film “Raiders Of the Lost Ark” on DLP as well as THE NEW RADICALS “Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too” which would have that huge hit… You know the one.


SONY for the 11th of August have a new album by KESHA, as well as ELVIS “50 Greatest Hits” across 2 CDs… Small meaningless story… I was born in March ‘74 and we went on hols to Kerry in August ‘77… The folks had rented a house in Kerry… We were going with our cousins… 6 bodies in each clan… But when the posse landed in Kerry, the lady in the house wouldn’t accept us… She thought the house was going to be rented to one family… Problem… So the parents rented one caravan (only one available, not complete cheap skates… I dont think so anyway!) but there was a hole in the roof (small enough hole, but that’s why it wasn’t rented).. So 12 of us into one caravan in Ballyheigue with a hole in the roof…Bucket on the floor for half the week… There was more… One of my cousins (I was the youngest of the 8 kids) spent a night spraying the caravan with vomit… Hardly an inch of the caravan escaped I believe… But here’s the thing, the only thing I remember about that “holiday”  was someone called ELVIS was dead… I kid you not…I remember being outside the steps of the caravan as an adult was talking about ELVIS being dead to the other adults… I remember the shock of it from the grown ups….. i did warn ye at the start about the story… the unsubscribe button seriously tempting i’d say… It’s kind of musically related… I suppose point being, ELVIS passing was huge news only matched maybe by Lennon, Cobain and Bowie… (complement lads with no strings…)

Sony also has reissues on LP by BOSTON (mega mega selling debut) , WU-TANG (Greatest Hits) and DJ JAZZY JEFF AND THE FRESH PRINCE “He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper”.


Proper for the 11th of August has RICHARD THOMPSON “Acoustic Classics Volume 2” on CD, and the new DAVID RAWLINGS “Poor David’s Almanack” on CD or LP… Vinyl pricy i’m afraid…


MUSIC ON VINYL have a reissue of “Roots and Echoes” by THE CORAL.



Warner have the NEIL YOUNG “Decade” 3LP set… The non RSD version… Quite a few bucks cheaper than the RSD one too… Hmmm… They have the debut album by RATBOY and INCANTATION  “Profane Nexus”, their 10th studio album.


PIAS for the 11th have a DWIGHT YOAKAM “Live From Austin Texas” on CD/DVD or LP.

THE ORCHARD for the 11th have the new album by THE DISTRICT’S “Popular Manipulation”

On the local scene a new EP is due out towards the end of the month, or early september  from our boys CROJAYN… So really looking forward to that one… MARC O REILLY has a new album also and we should have copies of that one fairly soon also..

We’re delighted to also have the video of the HAPPY ABANDON gig from Coughlan’s, shot brilliantly by our house camera genius Tim McSweeney now up for your viewing pleasure.. The lads really blew us away in the shop.. Album due out in next few weeks, but to get a taster give it a watch… Hope it captures how great they were.. And please do us and the lads favour and give it a share around.. Thanks again to everyone involved!


The opening band.. Well.. We’re having contract issues in regards to the rights.. The video is in exsistance, but quality control through management is holding it up.. Bobby needs to guarantee his hair covers his face enough, must be written in every contract according to his manager, someone emailing under the name Sir Robert… Only slagging, the lads will have their video ready shortly for us too, so looking forward to that one!…

Lastly a big coup for the shop… PICTURE THIS release their debut album on Friday the 25th of August… The lads only in store in the munster region will be in our gaff on Monday the 4th of September @ 5PM… So if you are a fan, or your sons or daughters are, nieces or nephews are, grannies or grandas are, and they want to meet the lads…. You might let them know and spread the word please… It’s a bit of limited wristband job… So anyone who buys the album is entitled to a wristband but they will be limited… I don’t know what to expect really but these boys sold out the Marquee times two here in the summer and I think sold out the 3 arena times 3 in November… The lads I think are on a Munster promo tour that day doing all the big radio stations, so it should be nice exposure for the siopa… Strange time I know but sure if you know any diehards let them know please..

Sin e for this week folks,

Im taking a few days again next week folks… Poor mouth me liathroidi Raymond… So young Bobby will give ye a few words then it’s back at it proper for the next long while… We are a year in the new shop on the 11th of August… Crikey that’s fairly scary isn’t it..

Slán folks

Thanks for listening,


The End Of The Summer Drought (Yacht Cleaner Needed), 30 Years of Classic Albums Until When?, and a Kaleidoscope Blue Vinyl!

Hey Everyone,

Hope ye’r doing alright…

Vinyl record releases and CD releases in the the siopa for today the 28th of July include new albums by ARCADE FIREALICE COOPER and ELVIS as well as a 6LP compilation set by Trojan records.


Or for you video lovers,  Had a bit of an audience this afternoon.

The summer drought is coming to an end and quite a few nice ones are on the distant sunset like an oasis… THE NATIONALWAR ON DRUGSIRON AND WINEPICTURE THISQOTSAFOO FIGHTERS, GARY NUMAN and MOGWAI to name a few … All released from august 25 to sept 15… Then there’s a little matter of a BOWIE box-set in late September also… Better start being nice to the Bowieheads again i suppose, the yacht doesn’t clean itself like…… Who said Bowie was overrated, and the Berlin albums were more ENO albums than Bowie albums??… Not I, I cry…. Or the Blackstar album was more Donny than David… I’d say no no no…. More to follow on that Bowie box.

But the drought isn’t quite over though…. ARCADE FIRE might light up the summer a bit though today..


Releases in the shop for next Friday the 4th of August include via Warner the new COLDPLAY ‘Kaleidoscope’ EP …  New 5 track on CD and limited blue vinyl… The Bob man got a nice junket from the good folks at Warner recently to see the COLDPLAY lads in Croker… Wine and dined and rubbing shoulders with the stars in some box in Croker was our Bob…. He enjoyed the gig too! He said they were very good….

Warner also have a new RANDY NEWMAN album on CD only for now…. Top top songsmith as ye folks don’t need telling… This one is titled ‘Dark Matter’, his first album in 9 years..


UNIVERSAL for the 4th of August has Dublin three piece FANGCLUB whom release their debut record on Universal’s Vertigo label… This will be well worth a listen i’d say.

BLACK GRAPE are back with a new album next friday also through Uni.. EAGLES OF DEATH METAL ‘Live at the Olympia’ in Paris is an emotionally charged return by the band after the horror of what happened in the Bataclan.

Universal also have the 30th Anniversary Edition of DEF LEPPARD’s “Hysteria” on 5CD/2DVD, 2CD or 2LP.. Classic album I suppose it has to be said… Hair metal rocks!! That record spawned about 5 or 6 huge singles to be fair to it… 30 years ago and a shit load of change… Is it my old man’s hat on again when I ask about the diminish of quality or are the great records like fine wines….

So 30 years ago this year we had THE JOSHAPPETITE, STRANGEWAYSSIGN OF THE TIMESBAD, TUNNEL OF LOVE, MUSIC FOR THE MASSES, DIESEL AND DUST, HYSTERIA…. The album titles speak for themselves…. Will some fella in 30 years be mentioning the classic albums from 2017 like FOO FIGHTERS, KENDRICKARCADE FIRETHE XX, JASON ISBELL, THE NATIONAL, MARK EITZEL, PAUL WELLER, SMALL DOSE, HAPPY ABANDON…. It doesn’t look overly likely to be fair…. Will there be albums in 30 years, record shops, music mags?…
(Note from Bob-Man.. Rick Ross’ ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ turned thirty yesterday to the day… Just thought i’d subtly drop that in there, make of it what you want!)

Where’s that fella Bowie when you need him huh? (that’s as good as ye’ll get from me Bowie Suits… For now anyway, until the real crawling starts)

Fecks if i’ve a clue where it will all go… Odds are against the Class of 17 though i’d say…

I start these ramblings wondering how to fill the pages, but a tangent appears like a classic record… So you never know.

UNI also have a new album by GEORGE THOROGOOD…. His first ever solo record would you believe, and they have some nice reissues on vinyl by the aforementioned BRIAN ENO… These are limited double LPs at half speed 45RPM… Includes ‘Another Green World’ , ‘Before and After Science’, ‘Here Comes the Warm Jets’ and ‘Taking Tiger Mountain’, as well as ICE CUBE’s‘Death Cert’ and KEANE’s ‘Hope and Fears’ LP reissue…. Slag me all ye want but I thought that was a good record, I like piano based stuff usually anyway but sure we’re all different like!


SONY continue their clean out of the MOV vaults with a few nice reissues including CYPRESS HILLTHE MANICS, THE CLASH and PAUL SIMON whom by accounts is.. Still crazy after all these years… Fingers crossed he won’t sue me…


PIAS for the 4th have the new album by ACCEPT and not a lot else really i’d say.

Best album of the year could be in there with Pias next week but I ain’t heard it… Is that another huge problem?… Information overkill… Everywhere… Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah… Let he who hath not, cast the first stone I here ye cry… I know… It’s the bolloxology of business today.. Info info info… Blah blah blah…. The problem is the best music may not win the day… Snd that’s a shame, all blah aside..


PROPER for the 4th of August have the MATRIX soundtrack on vinyl… First timer I think but savage pricey… As well as the new DANNY BRYANT record on LP.

THE ORCHARD have the new SOCCER MOMMY album on CD, CASSETTE and LP.

Music On Vinyl

Music On Vinyl have represses of the MENACE II SOCIETY OST hopefully on red vinyl, HIGHWAYMEN 2LP and BUDDY GUY ‘Blues Singer’ LP.

On the local scene not a whole pile of albums been released that i’m aware of anyway… Maybe i’m missing out on a few bits?.. Please let me know if so..

Im sure I mentioned the TALOS record a few months back but a fine listen it really is… Check out a little here…

Just caught Talos there a few minutes ago on Other Voices while I was giving Bonnie a bottle (rock n’ roll folks, rock n’ roll) excellent they were.

So sin é for this week folk, I suppose,

Was going to mention the Mercurys.. Next week maybe if I think of it

Thanks as always for listening,



A Day and Night of Arcade Fire, A Signed First Pressing Special, and Another Dark Day in Rock Music

Hi Everyone,
Hope life’s treating ye all ok..
Well, well, well… Maybe I had beer tinged ears or emotions last thursday night in Coughlans but our boys from the US of A blew me away, absolutely blew me away… I thought HAPPY ABANDON were truly awesome… It was a cracking night… Bobby’s gang SMALL DOSE were a great opener… In great form they were, played really well… But I think Bobby would agree our stateside friends stole the show… They were cracking and there was a great vibe in the room the whole night…. The room was jammed for Small Dose but thinned out a little bit after.
You wonder sometimes are you biased a bit when you have a small bit more involvement in an event/gig like this… But I think the room loved it.. So maybe i’m not biased…Tim done a video of the night’s proceedings so I  hope the footage captures the buzz in the room and the buzz from the band… From rocking out onto been able to hear a pin drop, they played with such energy, skill, passion and abandon oh such Happy Abandon… Will show  ye guys the video when we have it… For me either way it will live long in the memory…. And maybe just maybe this gig will be spoke about in years to come… These boys have a real real chance in my opinion…. Sound lads to boot.
Special word here must also go to Coughlans… Sweet to deal with… And seriously in it for the right reasons… Fed and watered our American guests for the day and night… Every bob taken for tickets and on the door goes to the musicians….. Big thanks to them…
Right so onto the upselling… I think i’m changing my mind a little on this upselling craic!!
Ye hardly thought it was just the gig i’d try and sell… Only kinda kidding
HAPPY ABANDON’s debut record comes out globally on the 25th of August on CD and LP.. Indies only splattered vinyl available to us…. The LP is 25 euro and the CD IS 15 euro…. I’m hoping that won’t change… Shipping from the states is a bit expensive…  Depends on numbers a bit

Also, also, also and here’s the great thing… The three lads from the band have agreed to sign each album Music Zone buys from them… ie ‘To Joe Bloggs… Hope you like the record…Peter, Justin and Jake’.. . So let us know by next Thursday if any of ye are interested in getting a SIGNED first pressing copy of the album on CD or LP….
Imagine now…. a long pause as you take that last sentence in..
The assassin is back with a bang!
Slight pause again…
Picture me cheesily blowing imaginary smoke from the tips of my forefingers ….


Right so moving onto to stuff in the shop today…


We have new albums from DECLAN MCKENNA and PAUL HEATON/JACQUI ABBOTT and LANA DEL REY… The latter two are only here on CD for now…. Today we also have reissues by MARILLIONTHE RAMONESROXY MUSIC, ELTON JOHN and BRAVEHEART Soundtrack…. Not sure if Braveheart is a reissue, could well be a first timer on vinyl… A lot of stuff from the early noughties would not have ever been pressed on vinyl back then.

Or if you’d prefer, check the video of the last few weeks releases here! :

Ok so not ok so as we move on to releases for next Friday the 28th July…  Jays the year is nearly gone… Winter is only around the corner… The biggest release for next week gan aon dabht is the new ARCADE FIRE record on CD and LP…. Day and Night versions… The day ones are standard versions to be found everywhere in the sky etc but the night version of the CD is indies only  (like us!) as is the LP…. different artwork on both, and the night version LP is on limited blue vinyl… Did I mention we are taking names, well if I didnt we are… So you know the drill if you would like a copy…..

Aahh shit… It’s 21.57 on Thursday night as I write this and  I just glanced at our twitter… Ah man my heart sank…  Chester Bennington is dead… Holy shit… Suicide twitter is saying… I dunno… Tis terrible tragic….I had a five minute conversation with a customer who was passing through this morning about Chester… Random one, the guy was looking for Hybrid Theory, and we had a discussion about Linkin Park…. (He had lost his copy)…. He seemed to know a shit load about Chester through some cousin, who’s a friend or something, and said that Chester loved Cork and would be over here a few times a year on the beer… Random conversation I know… Maybe your man was pulling my leg… I didn’t think so though… Man that’s just awful news again… Terribly sorry to hear that… Rest in peace Chester.


Sony also has some GROOVE ARMADA LP reissues of Vertigo and Goodbye Country/Hello Niteclub… Two beauts in my opinion…. Lastly Sony has an early ELVIS release… ‘The Boy From Tupelo 53 – 55’ Complete Recordings..


Warner for the 28th of July have the last batch of IRON MAIDEN LP reissues which are ‘Death On The Road’, ‘En Vivo’, ‘Flight 666’ and ‘The Final Frontier’.
Warner also has some PET SHOP BOYS reissues on CD and LP of ‘Fundamental’, ‘Nightlife and Release’, TIM BUCKLEY ‘Hello and Goodbye’ LP REISSUE and lastly there is a 20th Anniversary reissue of SUPER FURRY ANIMALS ‘Radiator’.


Proper for the 28th have the new JAMES VINCENT MCMORROW record on vinyl ‘True care’.


Universal for the 28th of July have the new JVM (as above) on CD…. Don’t ask… I dunno why they both have a format… UNI also have the new ALICE COOPER album ‘Paranormal” his 20th release… They also have more PETER GABRIEL LP reissues again, half speed 45 RPM numbered and limited editions of ‘Birdy’ ‘Passion’ and ‘Long Walk Home’.
Universal also have THE MISSION’s first five LPs reissued including ‘Carved in Sand’ and ‘Gods Own Medicine’, as well as the reissue of THE LAs on LP, this time on 180gram standard vinyl for the first time.


PIAS have a JOHN COLTRANE set from the European tour of 1961 as well as RAGE and RINGS OF SATURN releases.
THE ORCHARD have the new FALL album ‘New Facts Emerge’ on CD or 2×10” LPs, as well as some AMON AMARTH LP reissues ‘Fates of Norms’ and ‘With Oden On Our Side’.

We put our mini-documentary from RSD17, done by our good friend Tim up on the site in the last week or two, but said we would send out the link directly tonight to ye.. Once again, if ye’ve 40 spare minutes and a beer, it’s a great watch.. Cracking performances from cracking performers.. RAISING JUPITER, JACK O’ ROURKE, MARLENE ENRIGHT, ANNA MITCHELL, CROW BLACK CHICKEN, MILKY TEETH, CROJAYN and finally WE CUT CORNERS. All cracking, and some nice footage from the day.. Give it a thumbs up and share for us on YouTube if ye want, it would be great

Crikey that Chester thing really knocked me…. HYBRID THEORY blew up the summer the shop opened in 2001… Twas massive…. I don’t know what to say.. The lyrics from the new album are harrowing now as I listen to it.. The opening lines ‘i’m dancing with my demons, hanging off the edge.. Trying to chase out the darkness ‘cause nobody can save me now’..
Harrowing.. A man with 6 children in so much pain and agony that he choses to separate himself from them.. ‘Sorry for now that I couldn’t be around.. There will be a day when you might understand’.. About suicide and depression I believe you can’t really comment unless you walk a mile in another man’s shoes.. The only comment is that it’s a huge tragedy and a horrible horrible illness.. So sick it can make you chose that end… I suppose I, and a lot of us, are lucky that on a daily basis we are not ‘trying to find the courage to fight my inner beast’ and crying ‘desperately to not leave any of you guys down’.. I’m completely knocked again this year…. Ah man.. Rest in peace..
Sin e for this week
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Bowie, Gaga and Radio 1 Chasing Us

Hi everyone,

Hope all is well…

Starting off with the links for vinyl records that came into the shop this week.



Here is this weeks vinyl video post for those interested… Few nice releases in this week


Big week next week for Friday the 26th.



Have to start with Warners reissues of the boy BOWIE’s early 70s albums. Some classics amongst ‘Space Oddity’, ‘Man Who Sold The World’, ‘Hunky Dory’, ‘Ziggy’, ‘Pin Ups’, ‘Aladdin Sane’, and lastly ‘Bowie at the Beeb’ 4LP vinyl boxset at €75 retail…. all the others €23…. €27 with the big dog in the sky…

Pre-order any of the Bowie reissues before next Thursday at 4PM, and have them delivered to you for release on Friday in Ireland! Check that out here :

I saw the Grammy’s ‘tribute’ to Bowie the other night and thought ‘tribute’ was a strong word. No disrespect to anyone involved, they were on a hiding to nothing.. I wonder was Gaga the first to be asked?? It reminded me of a wedding band medley aside from the corporation backed graphics that were aesthetically pleasing for a minute or two..

I thought a sincere, heartfelt collage of music, images, anecdotes, quotes from the boy BOWIE himself and from other artists he influenced and helped would have worked better (in my opinion)….

Corporate backed Hollywood razzmattattlle we got instead…


Warner also have a CHILI PEPPERS ‘Greatest Hits’ out over the next few days on double LP.. Limited Marbled vinyl for this one.

Warner also have a new Santigold album, ‘99 Cents’ on CD and LP, and a new MACKLEMORE + RYAN LEWIS CD (their second offering), and a new BONNIE RAITT album on CD and LP, and lastly more PHIL COLLINS reissues.. ‘Hello, I Must Be Going’, and ‘Dance into the Light’.



Universal have a big release for the 26th also with the second album by THE 1975on CD and Double gatefold vinyl.. I really like the 80s vibe to the single. A real band, a real frontman. I’m going to give this record a good chance.

Here’s a taster

Small tiny critischism… The album is called  ‘I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful and Yet So Unaware of it’…. Could be the title of a Michael Bolton song… Get your buckets.

Universal also have the GEORGE FEST which is a tribute to the late, great GEORGE HARRISON recorded on what would have been his 73rd birthday. Guests on the night included BRIAN WILSON, BRANDON FLOWERS, and THE FLAMING LIPS among others. This comes as a 3LP set or 2CD/DVD
Here’s a taster of the gig.. 

Universal also have a MILOS KARADAGLIC Beatles tribute LP, with the likes of TORI AMOS, GREGORY PORTER on vocals.


Got a nice bit of reaction for my Bruce bashing??? Last week… I like Bruce. Best reaction here…


‘We do need a younger BROOCE…a younger everyone really.. but they aint there Ray. Now maybe it’s because I’m a dinosaur but I don’t see anything or anyone revolutionary out there anymore. No young guns coming up wanting to change the world. Plenty out there wanting to make a fortune and be famous but to me music and roc’n’roll was always more than that. It’s probably the romantic in me but music is suppose to change your life and very few artists these days do that. Nick Cave once said that when you listen to  music when you’re  young it changes the gears of your heart. You know when you just couldn’t wait for the next album by your favourite artist. But are there any acts out there now who really affect people that way. Where are the tribes gone? You know the Punks, Mods, Skins, whatever…..It’s all a bit bland now. No one there that will make you go..WHAT THE F**K was that….. And I believe that the  young people coming to music these days are losing out on a lot….but look I’m a Dinosaur…….Anyway back to BROOCE, wasn’t it the Who that said ‘meet the new BOSS, same as the old BOSS’


Could not have said it better myself… Feedback is great.. Feel free to engage please… I am a bit younger than this dinosaur but my age were Cureheads or Modeies… I loved both bands, so didn’t go goth or leather but kids of today are missing out… Music is not shared well. Not in the right way. ‘Come around my gaff I got the new Guns N’ Roses cassette if you want to listen’.. It’s all singurly with youtube/dowloads.

Saw two girls (15/16) taking photoes of each other in the shop during the week flicking through the records… (For their profile pictures i’d imagine, never saw them before…)



At this point last night (about 11:40) disaster struck (well thats a complete overstatement really). I lazily kind of clicked a few keys on the keyboard and everything I wrote on Mailchimp disappeared… Spent until 1.50AM driving myself insane trying to retrieve it… no joy had to do it all again today (got I.T. advice.. vanished…).



Cargo fave a new album by ERIC BELL out next Friday called ‘EXILE’.


PIAS for February 26th have the new ANTHRAX album ‘For All Kings’ via Nuclear Blast on Double LP and double CD limited digi-pack. The Gloaming’s second album is also out next Friday via Realworld Records…. LP not till 6th of May though… PIAS also have a reissue of Jesse Malin’s Debut, that Ryan Adams produced, called ‘Fine Art of Self Destruction’. Fine album… Lastly from PIAS is the new Ricky Warwick solo project (front man of Black Star Riders) on double CD and double LP.. ‘When Patsy Cline was Crazy and Guy Mitchell Sang the Blues’. Great title

Essential have the ‘SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS’ album out for next week..



Sony have a deluxe version of MICHAEL JACKSON’s ‘Off The Wall’ album on CD/DVD, ENTOMBED’s new album ‘Dead Dawn’ and a vinyl reissue of CAROLE KING’s ‘Tapestry’ again…


An interesting customer of ours rang me on Thursday and asked me did I want to do an interview piece on the vinyl resurgence for the Sean O’ Rourke radio programme… after a gulp…. I said yes!!!  Thanks Brian.


It was on Radio 1 Monday morning……down the page a bit under ‘Vinyl’


Sin é for this week,


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Purple, the Foo’s and the Boss is back in town…again

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Hope all is well…
Here are some of the links for releases in store for the morning including….
So lets ramble on to releases for next Friday the 19th of February,( and i know it can be a bit of a ramble ,with some notoriously bad grammatical errors, apologies in advance dear readers, but why change the habit of a life…and all that, besides i have in house and out house editors so all’s good)
Not a huge amount for Friday ( bumper week the following week though the 26th) .




Universal for the 19th have new kid on the block JACK GARRATT…here’s a quick listen…

JACK was BBC SOUND OF 2016 WINNER, BRITS critics choice winner, SPOTIFYs spotlight on 2016 winner….lots of awards and with it comes lots of expectation….what ye think…?
Uni also have the soundtrack to the movie WHIPLASH, excellent soundtrack i am hearing to what is also supposed to be an excellent film ( its a music movie ) , they have another PLACEBO reissue, this time SLEEPING WITH GHOSTS, this time on limited blue vinyl, ROSIE LOWE album on CD and LP and a rake of DVD releases on eagle vision or eagle rock or whatever they are called these days….BEACH BOYS infamous Knebworth concert from 1980, MOODY BLUES live at the isle of Wight DVD, LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM- songs from the soft machine DVD, DURAN DURAN and MIKE AND THE MECHANICS live DVDs also.



WARNER for the 19th have a couple of DEEP PURPLE vinyl record reissues, IN ROCK and FIREBALL, the soundtrack to THE REVENANT on 2LP with the music by RYUICHI SAKAMOTO.
Warner also have a reissue of the MOVING HEARTS live in Dublin CD/DVD set, this one from 2008 i think, metal CD from AFTER THE BURIAL  and a new MAVIS STAPLES album called livin on a high note.
Lastly from Warner is new ” goth -punk ” band CREEPER with an EP on ROADRUNNER entitled ” the stranger” , on white vinyl…’s a track from the EP

Republic Of Music have a new album by DJ PRINS THOMAS…a four LP set i think.
Image result for marlon williams


PIAS have a debut album or solo debut album anyway by New Zealander MARLON WILLIAMS ( the equivalent to Murphys in that neck of the woods, apologies  O MURUCHUs)…heard this guy maybe a month back doing a session on Paul McLoone one night which i quite liked…folk with a tinge of country and a drop of bluegrass…

The biggest release for next week is probably going to be through


A 12” Vinyl edition of the Foo Fighters EP.

Featuring 5 new tracks recorded at the Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin, Texas in October 2015


A. Saint Cecilia (03:41)

A. Sean (03:11)

A. Savior Breath (02:11)

B. Iron Rooster (04:11)

B. The Neverending Sigh (04:45)



As part of Legacy Recording’s acquisition of the Van Morrison catalogue, the first two albums of Belfast group, Them – fronted by Morrison between 1964 and 1967 – will be made available on vinyl on 12th February……in store for tomorrow also



Sony also has a reissue of the man of the moment BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – the seeger sessions on Vinyl…don’t get me wrong here now punks, i like Bruce….but i thought these tickets would not have disappeared as quick as they did…i thought he may have come to our well a bit to often is all (was always going to sell out but i really was surprised by the speed is all)….legend i know, before i am burned at the stake or stoned to death….i mean that, a legend, but Bruce seems to do here every summer and always takes it to the bank or the river in this case….amazing really…..i want to see a 25 year old Bruce in Croke park , that’s what i want….ooo hoo hoo i’m on fire….. tomorrow!

Lastly Sony have this new guy i like the sound of also called JOSEF SALVAT….heres a listen…

Sin e for this week folks,
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There is a black star on the horizon from the star man,  choice nominees and talks of old folks homes

Hi Everyone,

Happy new year and all that Jazz….
Hope all went well and that all is good.
Traditionally a quiet enough time  except for ARCTIC MONKEYS debut release in 2006 and the boy wonder with his birthday release 3 years ago now.


Image result for david bowie blackstar vinyl

And the birthday boy wonder BOWIE is back with a new record again…album of the year i’d say no doubt about it… far this year anyway.
Only playing lads, ( the Bowiehead lads i am referring to ) i really likeBLACKSTAR  , the jazz influence easy to hear, avant garde style, vocally very good for a fella 80 next year, ( another jab lads, getting closer yerselfs now sure)
The lead single is an absolute cracker in my opinion a wonderful piece of music that improves listen after listen…needs a few of those listens though, and i have listened 6 or 7 times to the album in the shop and it’s starting to resonate with me, thats a great song, jays thats a great song as well type of thing….very impressed i must say.


Moving on from the birthday boy so, the new VILLAGERS record is out tomorrow also….well not exactly a new record, reworkings of songs from the first three records, recrafted and sounding succulent, talented boy is our own Mr. O Brien….available via Domino on CD and for a short time only limited green Vinyl record….its a lovely listen.

Also in the shop are HATEFUL8 OST, some SPOCKS BEARD , the vinyl record release of the new JUSTIN BIEBER album and the newestELVIS release is back in on Vinyl.

The Corporation ( my address to you shareholders) had a good enough Christmas…in the positive direction by 2.5 % fuelled largely by the aul Vinyl record….vinyl up about 40% in 2015 against 2014…DVD still in a lot of decline….the two of them nearly balancing each other out…shop for the year was a mirror of the Christmas…2% increase….look, happy days….shit load more work than the good times , the bertie bowl era, our great leader of the past….but hey right direction…take that.

ham sandwich

The Choice music nominees were announced during the week, which as you know are considered to be the ten best Irish records this year…well 2015….list is GIRL BAND, HAM SANDWICH, GAVIN JAMES, JAPE, LE GALAXIE, COLM MAC CON LOMAIRE, ROISIN MURPHY, SOAK, VILLAGERS and YOUNG WONDER.

Strong list to be fair, a couple of notably exceptions in my opinion, THE NORTH SEA and HEDGE SCHOOLS records are excellent in my opinion and never the made the list and locally THE HARD GROUND and JOHN BLEK AND THE RATS must count themselves unlucky also, as must Danny ANDERSON.
The last five i mentioned have one thing in common, they are unsigned, not in bed with a record company, and that’s just the mechanics of the industry, i buy into those mechanics everyday, i have to….i depend on record companies….they will get by fine without me…..but there was never going to be more than two unsigned bands in the 10….thats just the way it is….2 is good in fact i would argue….but i personally would have to question whether the 10 best Irish albums are on display….but hey thats the way it works….

Next week the 15th , there’s is not a huge amount happening…
PIAS have the second album by DAUGHTER on 4AD…
Universal have the SKUNK ANANSIE record ( their sixth now) with one of the best front women around in SKIN and UNI also have the iconic soundtrack for BACK TO THE FUTURE on PICTURE Disc…is it RECORD STORE DAY….( not long now folks!!, what a marketeer)

Here is an interesting piece from BBC RADIO 4 on sound and compression…both sides of the tale given…if you like your sound and have a spare half an hour, this is for you, if not it may bore the liathroidi off you…worth a listen in my opinion….game of opinions as ye know though

might bring the aul video back all going well….some of ye are lyrically, some visual…

Serious, thanks for all the support over Christmas and all year, please god we will rock on….

sin e for this week,
thanks for listening,