Nearly Last Calls For RSD Lists, New SEA GIRLS, PLACEBO, STONE FOUNDATION And Very LIMITED But Expensive!

Hi Everyone,

Hope ye are all well.

Firstly, a few movers and shakers re RSD…the Hendrix release is pulled completely off the lists and there is a FOO FIGHTERS 7” added to the list @ 17 quid…for 23rd April

We have today the Universal Record Store Day list with pricing so we  need universal  wishlists back by next weds the 16th March please….or over the weekend on any of the others please would be great.

It looks as if it will be a “ normal” Record Store Day this year, so will be open at 8 am as usual and can flood the shop ( no pun intended),can’t go online with RSD until the following Friday i believe, but there’s always the phone! I  must get my finger out and organize a bit of live music for the day so I will come back to ye folks on that over the coming weeks…

Shane will pop up all the lists here again with pricing including the Universal one.

Looking forward to the day now.

Here is the Universal list folks:

UNIVERSAL RSD 2022 List with Pricing

And here are the others again:

WARNER RSD 2022 List with Pricing

CARGO RSD 2022 List with Pricing

SRD RSD 2022 List with Pricing

PROPER RSD 2022 List with Pricing

The Orchard RSD 2022 (Drop 1) List with Pricing

The list for PIAS/Integral was missing artist titles last week, so here is the updated one below:

PIAS/Integral RSD 2022 List with Pricing

SONY RSD 2022 List with Pricing

LITTLE AMBER FISH RSD 2022 List with Pricing

REPUBLIC OF MUSIC RSD 2022 List with pricing

SHELLSHOCK RSD 2022 List with pricing

SRD RSD 2022 List with Pricing

Right releases in the siopa for this Friday the 11th March include …

Releases then for the 18th March include…

live at the fillmore east and live at the rainbow theatre.

and we will have the THUMPER record on the 18th also

Right so onto the 25th March and VIA UNIVERSAL and POLYDOR records we have the second album from London Towns SEA GIRLS “ homesick” on cd, std lp and indies yellow lp…

Here is “ sick” from the new record

There is a nice ORNETTE COLEMAN 2CD set on Concord “ genesis of genius” , a reissue on UMC of RICHARD THOMPSONs compilation album “ Guitar/Vocal – a collection of rare and unreleased recordings 1967 to 1976” , there is a brand new MACHINE GUN KELLY CD for the 25th also.

Lastly from Universal for the 25th March are 4 reissues from War Child records

 help! A day in the life”, “ 1 love “ ,” heroes “ and” hope “….all proceeds to go to war child in their quest to help children in war torn countries….its hard to find words really for the barbaric, brutal events occurring in the Ukraine really… 2022… treating human life with so little respect…to achieve what exactly, where is it going like, what does he hope to achieve…some deluded ideas at play …Bruce said it “ war, what is it good for…absolutely nothing” …and you can say it again and again.

Warner for the 25th of March have the KRAFTWERK remixes physical release via Parlophone…its available on 2 cd or triple lp formats…should be banging

Here William Orbit has a gary off “ radioactivity”…

Warner have a nice few reissues for the 25th March including DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES  25th anniversary job on “ marigold sky” on double lp and expanded cd, SOILWORK “ predators portrait” on Orange vinyl via Nuclear Blast, Madness album “ keep moving” gets a reissue on lp via Salvo…the fantastic debut album “ felt mountain”  from GOLDFRAPP gets a reissue on CD and indies coloured vinyl via MUTE /BMG…here is lovely head from the album

What else do Warner have so for the 25th March, there is a CHESNEY HAWKES 5cd/dvd complete picture boxset, there is a brand new SUICIDE compilation “ SURRENDER – A COLLECTION” it is called, and will be available on cd and indies only vinyl lp…the compilation is newly remastered and the lp is limited im told…here is the title track i suppose…beautiful song 

Lastly Warner have a new Michael Buble album “ higher” on cd and lp,

Sony for the 25th of March have 2 more vinyl reissues by THE WHITE STRIPES with the self titled album and de stilj, there is a debut album from Jamaican artist KOFFEE and a new album also from MAREN MORRIS on cd and lp.

Heads up on next weeks opening hours as thursday the 17th is Paddys day and the shop will be closed…Friday the 18th is also a bank holiday but ill be in and open from 11 to 4…please note these 2 dates, closed on the 17th and ill be in on the 18th but just from 11 to 4…im still sure to get a crankyish email on the 18th at 5 o’clock to ask why aren’t we open!! Just call us lazy geits!

Republic of Music has a few nice ones for the 25th of March with the release of the new PLACEBO album on So Recordings…we will have a deluxe CD version and an indies only coloured vinyl in…i have always liked this band…here is “ happy birthday in the sky” from the new record…pricing needs a newsletter again soon..note to self

(245) Placebo – Happy Birthday In The Sky (Official Visualiser) – YouTube

there is also a new STONE FOUNDATION album out on 25th which has an indies only vinyl and last but certainly not least is the TINDERSTICKS compilation album “ past imperfect, the best of Tindersticks” on City Slang, that will be into us on deluxe 2CD, double LP and also a 4 LP boxset…sweet!!

Proper for the 25th of March have a few also worth noting, there is a COWBOY JUNKIES album “ songs of the recollection” on CD and LP….this is a covers album…here is their cover of a certain Mr Bowies “five years”

(245) Cowboy Junkies – Five Years [official audio] – YouTube

Proper also have a reissue of TRASHCAN SINATRAS “ weightlifting” on indies only blue vinyl and there is an ORNETTE COLEMAN reissue of “ the shape of jazz to come “ on indies only orange vinyl.

Gonna head over to Shane now with a few interesting further down the road releases …TOOL fans at the ready…on this release actually i must say a few words…its wicked expensive to start with…but even aside from that, qty pressed is tiny and even at the price we may have done double the number we were allocated ( 5 copies and 3 spoken for already) , tis frustrating to be honest, sometimes allocations are 1 or 2 units…we are even been allocated on catalog stock now from some record companies…it is what it is, a blessing and a curse.

Sorry over to you Shane kid..

Sound Ray, yeah I agree, this is mad expensive but unfortunately Tool fans like myself have to go for it.
I read during the week that there were signed versions of this released through their website and fans were giving out as it was over 800 dollars, so they released these more affordable (!) non-signed ones.
In fairness, they do always do very cool artwork and packaging but still.
I’m going to see them in Dublin in May, the first time they’ve been in Ireland since 2006!
We have very limited quantities as Ray said of this vinyl box set of their last album ‘Fear Inoculum‘ which is class.
Fastest finger first on this so if interested don’t wait:

 Second up is another favourite of mine (and Bobby’s) King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard have yet another new album coming on the 15th of April. It’s called ‘Made in Timeland’. Seriously impressive band, they often release 2 or 3 albums a year. A few years back they did a thrash metal one, then built their own guitars with unique tunings for another 3 albums and recently they did an electronicy one!
Here’s the ‘Dripping Tap’

A bit further down the line, is a new Live album on coloured vinyl by Irish legends MOVING HEARTS. It was recorded in Vicar St. in 2007. It’s limited to 750 copies worldwide and will be out at the end of May.

Also coming soon are new albums by KURT VILE and KEVIN MORBY.

Oh, forgot to link the Tin Machine 2 release last week, so there you go.

Think that’s about it from me. Back to you Ray!


Thanks Shane!

Here are links to the last couple new release Youtube videos done by Adam and Ray:

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Right so Integral for the 25th of March there are new albums from ALDOUS HARDING and DESTROYER, reissues from BON IVER and TINARIWEN and new EP from FOLLY GROUP.

INTEGRAL for the 1st April have two CAN reissues on MUTE/SPOON records…the reissue of the hugely influential debut album “ monster movie” on indies blue vinyl ( one press only) a band that were ahead of their time in lots of ways ,,,imagine first hearing this in 1969…thats if you have 20 minutes to spare

(245) Can – Yoo Doo Right – YouTube

CAN also reissue compilation album of “ soundtracks” on clear purple vinyl.

Sin e really folks for this week

Thanks as always for listening

Ray, Shane and young Adam.

Universal RSD 2022 – List with Pricing

ArtistTitleFormatFormat details/ Reason behind releaseUK QTYeuro retail
Amy Michelleis that all there is?12″Amy Michelle’s artistry and music is one that belongs on vinyl; the left field, sort-of-pop come haunting bedroom-recorded ‘alternative’ sound lives and breathes on vinyl, the intimate process of listening to her music emphasised perfectly by the act of placing it on the deck and hitting play. Amy is of that new generation who are encapsulated by the vinyl revival, and with that comes the importance of having each and every one of her release’s on a physical format. Amy has many ideas of how she can emphasise her music and message through physical formats, and feels it would be a very powerful statement for her first release to be a part of record store day; not only is it an institution which has been the gateway for so many people her age, to be a woman representing RSD through her music would go some way to inspiring more young women to break into the physical music scene, one that has been dominated by male artists for so long.Being a highly visual artist, it is immensely frustrating that the tiny square on a DSP app may be the only way for her early fans to see what she puts so much into to help convey herself as an artist. With Amy, it’s the whole package; every lyric, flourish of colour, choice of pose for artwork, it’s all deliberate and intended. The overarching theme of this EP is Amy coming to terms with her younger-self’s ambition and dreams; Amy is repurposing her old school notebooks to illustrate the track list on this record. The vinyl will be pressed in the exact Pantone of purple used in all her art, the symbolic nature of which will be displayed as she develops as an artist. With ‘is that all there is?’ Amy cycles through a dream-state paralysis delivered with a quiet intensity. She literally leaves nothing in the well, giving all into her songs whilst cleverly using subtle guitar and production to carry the weight of her writing. This raw emotion carries throughout the EP. She truly encapsulates the quietest ones have the loudest minds. Amy made a video in April 2020 to a demo version of the debut single, ‘the bottom of the well’, featuring her childhood home videos — it immediately captivated and silenced us all when we first saw it We think that ‘is that all there is?’ would be a fantastic and necessary addition to this year’s RSD.40016.00
Angelo BadalamentiBlue Velvet – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition)2xLPBlue Velvet is David Lynch’s unforgettable 1986 masterwork, starring Kyle MacLachlan as a curious college student, Isabella Rosselini, as a tormented lounge singer, and Dennis Hopper, as an emotional gas-sniffing psychopath. Blue Velvet was Lynch’s first collaboration with his longtime composer and musical partner, Angelo Badalamenti, who channels Lynch’s unique vision with a dark, moody yet melodic score, at turns agitated and violent, soaring with sublime beauty, and hanging cool with ’50s-style jazz. The long available single LP has been expanded by 60 minutes to a 2 LP Deluxe Edition with the addition of the famous 1963 recording of “Blue Velvet,” performed by Bobby Vinton as well as previously unreleased film cues, alternates and outtakes entitled “Lumberton Firewood.” Although Blue Velvet was scored more traditionally than later Lynch projects, the director and composer intended many tracks to be merely “firewood,” their term for raw orchestral sonorities to be edited and manipulated into sound design by the director. The Deluxe Edition packaging features liner notes by Tim Greiving, incorporating new interviews with David Lynch, Angelo Badalamenti, Kyle MacLachlan and producer Fred Caruso. The cover features the original 1986 Italian movie poster art designed by Enzio Sciotti. Pressed on Marbleized Blue vinyl exclusively for RSD 2022.50035.00
Art PepperMeets The Rhythm Section (MONO)LPAccording to jazz lore, on the morning of January 19, 1957, esteemed alto saxophonist Art Pepper woke up to learn that he was booked for a session, just hours later, with Miles Davis’ highly respected rhythm section (pianist Red Garland, bassist Paul Chambers, and drummer Philly Joe Jones), the landmark title, Meets the Rhythm Section, was recorded. Produced by Contemporary Records’ Lester Koenig and recorded by engineer Roy DuNann, Meets the Rhythm Section has been praised as “a diamond of recorded jazz history” by AllMusic. Housed in a tip-on jacket, this special mono edition features all-analog mastering from the original mono tapes by Bernie Grundman and is pressed on 180-gram vinyl at QRP. As part of the Contemporary Records Acoustic Sounds Series, this release celebrates 70 years of the venerable jazz record label.45039.00
BlondieSunday Girl EP2 x 7″Double 7″ package celebrating one of Blondie’s greatest singles. Sunday Girl was a UK and worldwide number one single in 1979. Bespoke, deluxe 2-disc / 4-track single set, in a gatefold sleeve. Disc one features the original single plus the French version on red coloured vinyl. Disc two features two previously unreleased tracks, on yellow coloured vinyl – a demo from 1978 and a live version recorded at the Paramount Theatre, Portland, Oregon in January, 1979. A unique EP, exclusive for RSD 2022, featuring one of Blondie’s most famous, endearing and successful singles. Taken from the band’s multi-million-selling album Parallel Lines Sunday Girl, originally released in 1979, was the follow-up single to the band’s number one hit single, Heart of Glass, and was a UK No. 1 and a top 10 hit around Europe. The success of these two singles pushed the Parallel Lines album to number one, several months after its initial release and helped Blondie become the first ‘new-wave’ act to reach platinum status.100027.00
Brian TylerThe Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift – Original Score2xLPThe Fast and the Furious is the most successful movie franchise of all time, with almost 6.5 BILLION dollars in box office receipts from ten films over the past 20 years. Tokyo Drift is often sighted as the best of the lot, and the musical score is definitely one of the most lauded among score fans. Brian Tyler scored Tokyo Drift, (with an assist from Slash on “Welcome to Tokyo”), and went on to the score four of the five subsequent films. This album has never been available before on LP. The text only CD cover has been replaced with a new design based on Japanese manga art styles. This double disc will feature an orange LP for sides A and B, and a black vinyl record for sides C and D, with side D featuring a stencil of the scarab beetle design that appears on the car belonging to the Drift King.40039.00
Bruno NicolaiLa Dama Rossa Uccide Sette Volte (The Red Queen Kills Seven Times)LPLA DAMA ROSSA UCCIDE SETTE VOLTE—The Red Queen Kills Seven Times—blurs the line between thriller and horror. The cult success it enjoys can be attributed to its aesthetics that encapsulate the essence of the Italian thriller. Bruno Nicolai’s score for The Red Queen Kills Seven Times flawlessly brings together the pop and underground music sensitivity of the 1970s with the gothic nuances of the plot thanks to a clever use of harpsichords. The result is a pivotal score, not just because of the importance of the film itself, but for the whole golden age of the soundtrack genre. Exquisite, sweet and sensual lounge tracks are counterbalanced by tense, deranged and suspense-filled dodecaphonic highlights and by obstinate bass lines that become the perfect soundtrack for the Red Queen’s murders or the victims’ desperate getaways. The album is part of CAM Sugar’s PAURA, a series of standalone soundtrack releases that follow the same-titled compilation which explores rare and unreleased horror gems from the label archive. This new limited 50th anniversary blood-red vinyl edition of this cult, sought-after soundtrack—a masterpiece of Italian Giallo cinema—is fully remastered from original tapes, includes two bonus tracks and is destined to become a staple for the collectors of the genre and for the fans of the golden age of Italian and horror cinema, making it an essential release of Record Store Day 2022.80039.00
ChrissiBack In The Day10″Making R&B neo-soul and sitting amongst Britain’s world beating alternative black music scene Chrissi is a bright new talent in pop, combining the witty and emotive lyricism of Winehouse, with the avant-garde production style of Solange and the cultural potency of Jorja Smith. Born in Essex to a Trinidadian family; music is something that has been around Chrissi all her life. Her musical influences whizz across multiple genres, taking a circuitous route to the current day. From her carnival-obsessed parents who played nothing but soca, to teen years immersed in house and UK garage, to the later discoveries of neo-soul and R&B greats like Jill Scott and Erykah Badu; Chrissi’s music takes inspiration from a litany of stylistic sources.With a voice designed to reveal meaningful tales, Chrissi’s debut EP ‘Back In The Day’ is a kaleidoscopic exploration of the pleasures and pains of modern love which Chrissi wishes to share with the world. Where some might wallow in their emotional scars, Chrissi is content to take power in self-examination and the regenerative bliss following heartbreak, inhabiting a narrative where women’s voices are dominant. 1x 10” black vinyl.100018.00
Collective SoulDisciplined BreakdownLPIn 1994, Southern alt-rockers Collective Soul became one of the biggest bands in the country with the release of their breakthrough self-titled album. Not long after, however, they would find themselves in a messy legal battle with their former manager. That difficult breakup is documented in their 1997 follow-up, Disciplined Breakdown. While the writing process helped the group overcome a challenging time, it also resulted in a best-selling album. Released in March 1997, Disciplined Breakdown landed in the Billboard 200 Top 20 and earned a platinum certification from the RIAA. Limited to 7,400 units worldwide, this 25th-anniversary edition of Disciplined Breakdown is pressed on translucent red vinyl and features newly remastered audio by GRAMMY® Award-winning engineer Paul Blakemore and lacquers cut by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio.30030.00
Commander VenusThe Uneventful VacationLPNot long before recording his first songs for Bright Eyes, 14-year-old singer-songwriter Conor Oberst co-founded Commander Venus alongside bassist (and future Cursive frontman) Tim Kasher, guitarist Robb Nansel (now president of Saddle Creek Records), and drummer Matt Bowen (who would soon join the Faint and be replaced by Ben Armstrong). After releasing their 1995 debut, Do You Feel at Home?, the Omaha indie rockers caught the attention of Wind-up Records, who backed the group’s sophomore album, The Uneventful Vacation. While The Uneventful Vacation marked the musicians’ final record together, before they each embarked on their next ventures, this formative album has since become a cult favorite in the ’90s emo canon. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the album, this reissue features red and black smoke vinyl and all-analog mastering from the original tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearant Audio. Limited to 4,600 units worldwide, this edition also includes the bonus track “Congratulations!,” which appeared on the original vinyl release.30035.00
Corinne Bailey RaeThe SeaColoured LPHer 2nd album. Not pressed since first release in 2010. Expensive and sought-after today, it gets a first coloured pressing for RSD 2022.A Record Store Day 2022 exclusive of Corinne Bailey Rae’s second studio album The Sea, for the first time on transparent blue vinyl. Securing the title of The Guardian’s best album of 2010 and a Mercury Prize nomination in the same year, this reissue remains faithful to the original recording and packaging. Cut at Abbey Road Studios on 180g vinyl, and features the singles I’d Do It All Again, Paris Nights/New York Mornings and Closer.100030.00
Dana GillespieFoolish SeasonsLPVERY rare and sought-after 1968 debut album from legendary British singer (still active mainly in the blues idoim), only ever issued in the USA. Includes two previously unavailable tracks that were included on a UK test pressing, which as close as this album got it to being issued outside the US.Foolish Seasons’: Dana Gillespie’s first album makes its U.K. vinyl debut in this special RSD release of one of the great lost albums of 1960s British pop. This VERY rare and sought-after 1968 album from the legendary British singer-songwriter was only ever issued in the U.S. and over the years the LP’s reputation amongst collectors has grown with original copies now routinely selling for three figure sums. Although it never came out in England, Decca kept the masters to the intended U.K. pressing which contained two previously unreleased self-penned tracks; the blue-eyed soul bop ‘Goin’ Round in Circles’ and the orchestral ‘Come To My Arms’ which could almost have been a Bond theme. Dana would eventually become known as a blues singer, but at the outset of her recording career, her sound is an excellent barometer of what was happening on the swinging-London music scene, with the breezy psych-pop of ‘You Just Gotta Know My Mind’, a Donovan composition that he himself never recorded, the Marianne Faithfull-esque chamber-folk of ‘Tears in My Eyes’ and the Françoise Hardy sounding ‘Souvenirs of Stefan’. Other highlights are the orchestral sunshine pop of ‘Life Is Short’ and ‘London Social Degree’, both penned by cult British pop/rocker Billy Nicholls; the gothic blues of ‘Dead’, and an eccentric cover of Richard Fariña’s ‘Hard Lovin’ Loser’. Dana’s own compositions also stand out, particularly the psych-folk title track: In the U.K. Dana was at the vanguard of the immerging female singer-songwriter scene, as the only British female artists publishing and singing their own songs at this point were fellow Decca labelmate Twinkle, Sandy Denny and Christine McVie. Arranged by Mike Vickers of Manfred Mann and produced by Wayne Bickerton, the sound of ‘Foolish Seasons’ is luscious and imaginative. The songs are brought to life by an illustrious group of session musicians including Mike Vickers, and fellow Manfred Mann member Mike Hugg. Big Jim Sullivan who played on David Bowie’s first album on Deram, and Blue Mink founder Herbie Flowers on bass. These were joined by John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page, who only a few years later would have their own band Led Zeppelin. All tracks have been remastered from the original tapes, and this special RSD release comes in a gatefold sleeve with notes by Dana and new artwork featuring photographs taken by legendary rock photographer Gered Mankowitz who shot the original U.S album cover.100027.00
Def LeppardHigh n DryPic. discHigh and Dry, Def Leppard’s second album was released in 1981, and was the first produced by long term collaborator Robert ‘Mutt’ Lange, it was the album that cemented the bands status in both the UK and America. This version is presented for the first time as a picture disc100030.00
Dermot KennedyDoves + Ravens1LP ClearDoves & Ravens is Dermot Kennedy’s debut EP. It was released on April 14, 2017. Five years since it’s release, it will be pressed on Vinyl for the first time.80027.00
Dire StraitsLove Over Gold (40th Anniversary Half Speed Master -War Child Version)LPHalf-speed master of the Dire Straits album Love Over Gold, cut by Miles Showell at Abbey Road, to celebrate the album’s 40th anniversary.  A number one album in the UK following its original release in September 1982, the album featured two singles ‘Private Investigations’ and ‘Industrial Disease’. This limited edition reissue for Record Store Day will feature an embossed lithograph, plus an insert with a brand new essay about the album including a new interview with Mark Knopfler, and a certificate of authenticity from Abbey Road Studios. Love Over Gold is one of this year’s War Child exclusive releases in the UK.175040.00
Dusty SpringfieldSee All Her Faces 50th Anniversary2LPExpanded edition of this fine record (a compilation of odds and ends that actually made a very cohesive album), not available on vinyl since 1972. Includes 6 additional singles/b-sides from the era.Stunning limited edition of Dusty’s 1972 collection, expanded to two discs to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022
Features the original album plus a mini-LP of bonus cuts from the period, both re-mastered at Abbey Road – Enhanced artwork with added photos and archive material -Heavyweight BLACK vinyl -Long out of print Technically Dusty’s seventh studio album, See All Her Faces is a collection of tracks from the late 1960s and early 1970s, and released on the Philips label in 1972. The original album was never released in the U.S., though some of the tracks had appeared on singles there.
Amongst the many highlights was the bossa nova-influenced title track, another bossa style number, Come for a Dream, co-written by Antonio Carlos Jobim, as well as beautifully orchestrated pop ballads, like I Start Counting, and a stab at a Motown-style groover Girls It Ain’t Easy. There were also some deeply soulful tracks, echoing her ‘In Memphis’ LP, such as Tony Joe White’s Willie & Laura Mae Jones, as well as featuring songwriting royalty in the shape of Goffin & King’s That Old Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho), Jimmy Webb’s album-opener Mixed Up Girl and Greenwich and Barry co-writes – What Good Is I Love You and Nothing Is Forever. Bonus tracks – This unique package includes an additional LP of rare tracks, recordings from the shelved ‘Faithful’ album along with out-takes from the original album sessions.
Elton JohnThe Complete Thom Bell SessionsLPFor the first time in the UK, the complete Thom Bell sessions from 1977 (issued in 1979) will be made available on vinyl. Contains the original ‘Are You Ready For Love?’ and five other soulful classics. Original US release is highly sought after and pricey.150030.00
Esther MarrowSister WomanLPA long-overlooked gem from the Fantasy Records vaults, the 1972 album Sister Woman finds Esther Marrow incorporating socially-conscious lyricism with a blend of jazz, gospel, and R&B influences, backed by an all-star line-up of musicians—including drummer Bernard Purdie, guitarist Cornell Dupree, and bassist Chuck Rainey. Back on vinyl for the first time since its original release, this reissue of Sister Woman features all-analog mastering from the original tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearant Audio and is pressed on 180-gram black vinyl at RTI. Housed in a tip-on jacket.40039.00
Flash & The DynamicsThe New York SoundLPBeginning in the mid-’60s, musicians were filling the clubs with an irresistible combination of soul, R&B, and Afro-Cuban dance rhythms. By the turn of the decade, the style—known as “boogaloo”—had evolved, often integrating socially conscious lyricism (in both English and Spanish), rock and funk influences, and a heavy dose of psychedelia. That sound is captured in Flash & The Dynamics’ The New York Sound—a 1971 rarity from the Fania Records vaults. The album—which marks the band’s sole title—blends traditional Latin melodies with distorted guitars, soulful psychedelia, and funky rhythms. Listeners will be transported to another era with jams like “Everybody’s Got Soul,” “Guajira Sicodélica,” and the trippy instrumental, “Electric Latin Soul.” Returning to vinyl for the first time in decades, The New York Sound features all-analog mastering by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio. Housed in a tip-on jacket, this special edition has been pressed exclusively for RSD 2022 on 180-gram purple vinyl at RTI for an optimal listening experience.30039.00
Frankie Goes to HollywoodAltered ReelsLPFirst time on vinyl for the sought after Cassette mixes of Two Tribes and Relax – with new artworkThe first time on vinyl for these legendary cassette mixes of the band’s first two number one singles – housed in a newly created Philip Marshall sleeve these versions have been previously unreleased and long sought out on this format

The Party Trick (Acting Dumb)
The Special Act (Adapted from The Sex Mix)
The US Mix (Come Dancing)
The Single (The Act)
Later On (From One September Monday)
Ferry Across the Mersey (…And here I’ll Stay.)

  SIDE TWO: Two Tribes 
Two Tribes (Keep the Peace, Intro)
One February Friday (Singlette Version, Part 1)
Two Tribes (At Madison Square Garden, The Carnage, The Annihilation)
One February Friday (Singlette Version, Part 2)
War (Somewhere Between Hiding and Hidden)
One February Friday (Singlette Version, Part 3)
Two Tribes (Keep the Peace, Outro)

Glass AnimalsI Don’t Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance)12″ Pic DiscLimited, numbered edition 12” continuing on Glass Animals’ Fresh Fruit x RSD tradition. Only 2500 globally for this release from a band whose last album has sold 2M units to date.
A-side has Albert Hammond Jr joining the band for a special version of the single and original version of I Don’t Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance) on the B-side.
A-side is the original version of current single I Don’t Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance) with Albert Hammond Jr. joining the band for a special version of the single on the B-side.
Gorgon CityOlympia – Remixes12″British production duo Gorgon City saw a stellar 2021 with the release of their album Olympia (now with over 200 million global streams), as well as performing sold out shows across the UK and US. They are now set to celebrate Record Store Day 2022 with the release of a very special 12 inch vinyl EP featuring four of the favourite remixes from Olympia. Side A
01_Oxygen (Terrace Dub)
02_Dreams (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)

Side B
01_Oxygen (Franky Wah Remix)
02_You’ve Done Enough (John Summit Remix)
Harry Stoneissues, 112″Available exclusively for Record Store Day 2022 on blue vinyl, is Harry Stone’s debut EP ‘title TBC’. This is the first physical release from Stone, pressed on blue vinyl.
Product Info:
• 12” vinyl
• 3-track 12” EP, cut at 45 rpm
• Pressed on blue vinyl
Side A
1. Loaded
2. Love Gone Cold
Side B
3. Limit
4. Daydreaming
Holly HumberstoneThe Walls Are Way Too Thin12″ Pic DiscLimited edition 12” picture disc of Walls Are Way Too Thin, the current EP from BRITs Rising Star Winner Holly Humberstone.
Holly will be in the US for RSD this year, supporting Olivia Rodrigo on her massive US tour.
Human LeagueThe League Unlimited OrchestraLPOne of the all-time greatest remix projects – every bit as good as the album that spawned it, The Human League’s Dare – Love and Dancing hasn’t been pressed since 2003 and, for its 40th anniversary, will be cut at half speed and feature alternative/adjusted White artwork as well as White vinyl The album was principally the brainchild of Dare producer Martin Rushent, who was inspired by the work of the nascent hip hop scene and particularly Grandmaster Flash. As part of the process, Rushent cut up the Dare tapes and glued them back together. In total, over 2,600 edits feature on the album.110030.00
James BlakeCovers12″Released digitally at the end of 2020, the 6-track “Covers” EP includes stripped-back piano renditions of tracks originally performed by Frank Ocean, Billie Eilish and Beyonce (among others). First time avilable on vinyl.175016.00
JennyLeeHeart TaxLPThis record was started in so cal 4 years ago… And the bulk of it finished in salt lake city.. I was in dire need of a change .. I had so ,much energy , but wasn’t really allowing myself the space to fully realize my ideas .. I found over the past few years w the whole world being at odds and so much uncertainty, I was actually able to access the depth of my creativity in ways I haven’t before.. things were quiet, I felt calm and for the first time in a long while, I was comfortable w my introspection .. I wanted this album to be more lyrically based, and really encompass me as an artist , not just a musician.. I incorporated my paintings for the art, which I was also able to dive deeper with here in Utah.. and let myself go.. to be free.. instead of policing my every move, I decided to really allow the stream of my consciousness take over.. and through it I felt a lot of healing of old baggage and release of old energy.. while this album feels very present day Jenny, it also embodies a lot of old feelings I kept pent up for so long..
I also had the pleasure of collaborating w golden suns, and it was such a delight to get a new perspective on how the record would sound… I didn’t really know what I wanted until Utah..
Jessie WareDevotion (The Gold Edition) – 10th anniversary2LPAugust 2022 sees the 10th anniversary of Jessie Ware’s breakthrough debut album ‘Devotion’. The album proved to be a huge hit for Jessie, reaching #5 in the UK albums chart and gaining her a Mercury Music Prize nomination. To commemorate its birthday for Record Store Day 2022, ‘Devotion’ is being reissued on deluxe gatefold limited edition 2LP vinyl. LP1 includes the original album and LP2 gathers together 10 bonus tracks, most of which are being made available on the vinyl format for the first time. These include Jessie’s collaboration with Sampha (‘Valentine’), a re-work of ‘Wildest Moments’ with A$AP Rocky, a remix of ‘Running’ by Disclosure, the track ‘Imagine It Was Us’ released on the vinyl edition of ‘Devotion’ in the US only, and a host of very cool remixes from the likes of Joe Goddard, Ewan Pearson and Two Inch Punch previously only available on streaming and download sites. The gatefold presentation will be presented with a silver treatment and includes extensive new sleevenotes from Jessie on how the album came about and what ‘Devotion’ means to her ten years on.

John WilliamsThe Cowboys – Original Soundtrack2xLP50th anniversary release celebrating the John Wayne western with a score composed by the living legend, John Williams. The Cowboys was the maestro’s biggest pre-Star Wars score. A much needed restoration job featuring a complete rebuild, remix, remastering and expansion was done for a 3000 unit limited edition CD re-issue that came out in 2018 and sold out. This double LP is the first ever official LP release and is pressed on gold vinyl exclusively for RSD 202230039.00
Jonathan Richman | The Modern LoversModern Lovers 881LP35th anniversary edition of Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers’ final studio album. First vinyl reissue, featuring all-analog mastering from the original tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio and pressed on “Hot Nights Sky Blue” vinyl. Delivering a surprisingly lush sound, the musicians perform an upbeat selection of playful, acoustic tunes, including “I Love Hot Nights,” “African Lady,” and “Gail Loves Me.” A favorite title in Richman’s lengthy catalog, Modern Lovers 88 has been praised by AllMusic as “Quite rocking, with heavy debts to doo-wop and Bo Diddley rhythms, and a jolly (though not sappy) summertime campfire feel.”70035.00
Kathryn WilliamsIntroductionLPKathryn Williams has had an illustrious career so far and to celebrate, we have created a compilation featuring a track each one of her studio albums so far50026.00
KeaneKeane10” CLEAR10” CLEAR – 2 exclusive tracks, ‘You Are Young’ & ‘Sea Fog’, both ‘Work In Progress’ versions from the album ‘Strangeland’ by one of the UK’s best loved bands. Keane have had 5 UK #1 albums and have sold over 13 million albums in their career.60024.00
Marco BeltramiMimic – Original SoundtrackLPMimic was Guillermo del Toro’s first big budget English language film, and the second film composed by Marco Beltrami who had just completed Scream. The soundtrack has never been released on vinyl and features new original artwork and a triptych jacket design which displays the creatures multiple faces. Pressed on green vinyl just for RSD 202235039.00
Melanie CNorthern Star2LPThe biggest selling solo album by one of the Spice Girls, Melanie C’s 2000 album Northern Star has never been released on vinyl. Features the number 1 singles ‘I Turn To You’ and ‘Never Be The Same Again’ (with Lisa Left Eye Lopes). Includes three bonus tracks: ‘Never Be The Same Again’ [Single Mix], ‘I Turn To You’ [Hex Hector Radio Mix] and ‘Follow Me’, taking it up to 15 tracks over three sides with side 4 featuring an etching.Never before on vinyl, Melanie C’s debut album ‘Northern Star’ is a slice of 90s pop perfection with over 2.5 million worldwide sales to date. Originally released in winter 1999, the album features international hit singles ‘Never Be The Same Again’ & ‘I Turn To You’. This exclusive record store day pressing includes three bonus tracks & an etching of Melanie’s iconic ‘Northern Star’ pose on side D. The album features productions by legendary producers Rick Rubin & William Orbit & has achieved triple platinum status in the UK & platinum status in Denmark, Germany & Sweden. The bonus tracks are ‘Northern Star’ [Single Mix], ‘I Turn To You’ [Hex Hector Mix] which won Hex Hector a Grammy for best remixer in 2001 & ‘Follow Me’ which was co-written with Bryan Adams.95035.00
MetronomyPosse EP Volume 1Colored 12”Prior to their new album “Small World” (February 18th, 2022), Metronomy surprise released a 5 track collaborative EP on digital only. Each song featured a rising artist of the next generation including Biig Piig and Spill Tab. This very first vinyl Edition of the EP, pressed exclusively for RSD on purple vinyl also includes bonus instrumental version of all songs. A Side / Main Mix – Original Songs
1. Metronomy x Pinty – “Half an Inch “
2. Metronomy x Biig Piig – “405”
3. Metronomy x Spill Tab – “Uneasy”
4. Metronomy x Sorry – “Out of Touch”
5. Metronomy x Brian Nasty x Folly Group – “Monday”
B Side / Instrumentals
1. Metronomy x – “Half an Inch [Instrumental] “
2. Metronomy x Biig Piig – “405 [Instrumental] “
3. Metronomy x Spill Tab – “Uneasy [Instrumental]”
4. Metronomy x Sorry – “Out of Touch [Instrumental] “
5. Metronomy x Brian Nasty x Folly Group – “Monday”
Packaging specs : 1 X Purple Vinyl, PVC Sleeve with flap, Printed 4/0 Insert
NEIKED x Mae Muller x Polo GBetter Days12″Available exclusively for Record Store Day 2022 on orange vinyl, is NEIKED x Mae Muller x Polo G’s ‘Better Days’. The first physical release for the record, the vinyl also includes both the Acoustic & Regard Remix of the single.
Product Info:
• 12” vinyl
• 3-track 12” EP, cut at 45 rpm
• Pressed on orange vinyl
1. Better Days
2. Better Days (Acoustic)
3. Better Days (Regard Remix)
OpethMy Arms Your HearseLPCandlelight present the latest edition of Opeth’s progressive metal classic ‘My Arms Your Hearse’ on its 24th anniversary on limited edition vinyl, available on 140g purple/white swirl LP with gatefold sleeve.100039.00
Pete Townshend’s Deep EndFace The FaceLP YellowThis show was recorded for the German TV series Rockpalast in Cannes in January 1986. Pete Townshend’s Deep End were touring in support of his solo concept album “White City: A Novel”. Several of the musicians that appeared on the album were featured in the line-up of the Deep End including Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour on lead guitar. The set list has tracks from the “White City” album, other Townshend solo tracks, Who classics, Gilmour’s song “Blue Light” and a couple of surprises.80042.00
Peter GabrielLive Blood3LPRecorded at the Hammersmith Apollo, London, 23 & 24 March 2011 and originally released the following year, Live Blood is exactly what its name suggests – the live incarnation of Peter Gabriel’s New Blood project where he reworked a chunk of his back catalogue for a 46-piece orchestra.The album has been Half-Speed Remastered and cut to lacquers at 33RPM, across 3x heavyweight LPs, pressed on blood red vinyl.200036.00
Phil LynottThe Philip Lynott AlbumLP colouredTo mark Record Store Day in 2022 and the 40th Anniversary of its original release, Universal Music Catalogue are reissuing Thin Lizzy singer Phil Lynott’s 1982 solo album ‘The Philip Lynott Album’ on LP for the very first time, on limited edition white vinyl. ‘The Philip Lynott Album’ has been newly mastered for 180 gm vinyl at Abbey Road Studios, and is housed in an eye-catching black and gold sleeve reproducing the original artwork. Originally released in September 1982, ‘The Philip Lynott Album’ was the singer’s second solo venture, following on from ‘Solo In Soho’ two years earlier. It was recorded and released between Thin Lizzy’s eleventh and twelfth studio albums ‘Renegade’ (1981) and ‘Thunder And Lightning’ (1983). This 40th anniversary vinyl release adds the 1981 remix of ‘Yellow Pearl’; a No. 14 hit in January ’82, it was co-written with Midge Ure of Ultravox and used as the theme music for Top of the Pops between 1981 and 1986, but omitted from the original UK LP and cassette versions. Two further singles – ‘Together’ and ‘Old Town’ – were also taken from the album. In addition to Midge, the line-up on ‘The Philip Lynott Album’ includes his Ultravox band mate Rusty Egan, plus Thin Lizzy members Scott Gorham, Snowy White, Gary Moore and Brian Downey. Two of the tracks – ‘Old Town’ and ‘Ode To Liberty (The Protest Song)’ – were co-written by Phil and Jimmy Bain, bass player with Rock bands Dio and Rainbow (and perhaps more surprisingly, on Kate Bush’s 1981 single ‘Sat In Your Lap’). Mark Knopfler adds guitar to ‘King’s Call’ and Huey Lewis plays harmonica on ‘Tattoo (Giving It All Up For Love)’ and ‘Ode To A Black Man’. Phil Lynott was a founding member, singer and bass player with Thin Lizzy, who had fifteen UK Top 40 singles and fourteen Top 40 albums between 1973 and 2020. He had a further four Top 40 solo singles, including the 1985 No. 5 ‘Out In The Fields’, a collaboration with guitarist Gary Moore. He was also the singer on Moore’s 1979 No. 8 single ‘Parisienne Walkways’. Phil featured on the best-selling 1978 concept album ‘Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of War of the Worlds’, playing (and singing) the role of Parson Nathaniel. The following year Phil, along with Thin Lizzy’s Brian Downey and Scott Gorham, collaborated with the Sex Pistols’ Paul Cook and Steve Jones, releasing the No. 28 Christmas single ‘A Merry Jingle’ under the name The Greedies. Phil died in Januray 1986, and is commemorated by a bronze statue, erected in 2005 on Harry Street in his home town of Dublin.

Rizzle KicksStereo TypicalColoured LP10th anniversary of the band’s debut album. Previously only released on vinyl as an offical store run of 1000. Album features ‘Down With The Trumpets’, ‘Mama Do The Hump’ and ‘When I Was A Youngster’.To mark Record Store Day in 2022 Universal Music Catalogue are making Rizzle Kick’s 2011 album ‘Stereo Typical’ available as an LP, on limited edition light green vinyl. ‘Stereo Typical’ has been newly mastered for 180 gm vinyl at Abbey Road Studios, and is housed in an eye-catching gatefold sleeve reproducing the original artwork. ‘Stereo Typical’ was the Brighton Hip-Hop duo’s debut album, peaking at No. 5 . It includes the singles ‘Down With The Trumpets’ (No. 8), ‘When I Was A Youngster’ (No. 8 – included in the soundtrack to director Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony at the 2012 London Olympic Games), the Fatboy Slim-produced ‘Mama Do The Hump’ (No. 2 – denied the top spot by Jessie J’s ‘Domino’, despite a promo video featuring a cameo appearance from James Corden) and ‘Traveller’s Chant’ (No. 44). The album was well-received by the media, with The Guardian describing it as a “cute soundbed for quickfire lyrics that reveal them to be typical teenage boys”, while the NME felt it had “a boundless charm that’s hard not to like”. Q Magazine called Rizzle Kicks “a pop prospect with a winning charm you just can’t teach”, and the US AllMusic site said, “Stereo Typical’s good-natured swagger marks Rizzle Kicks out as one of the British urban scene’s most entertaining new talents.” A black vinyl LP edition of ‘Stereo Typical’ was released via the band’s website in April 2012, and limited to 1,000 units. If you can track a copy down, expect to pay more than £60. Rizzle Kicks were Jordan ‘Rizzle’ Stephens and Harley ‘Sylvester’ Alexander-Sule; they met while attending rap and performance workshops with the Brighton-based charity AudioActive, and later both atended the BRITs School. In September 2011, Rizzle Kicks were featured artists on Olly Mur’s No. 1 single ‘Heart Skips A Beat’, which they performed at the 2012 BRIT Awards, whilst ‘Mama do The Hump’ was nominated for British Single of the Year at The BRIT Awards in 2013 (they lost out to ‘Skyfall’ by Adele). The duo released their second album, ‘Roaring 20s’ in September 2013, when it peaked at No. 3 and gave them three further Top 20 singles – ‘Lost Generation’ (No. 6), ‘Skip To The Good Bit’ (No. 16) and ‘Tell Her’ (No. 14). Since then both Jordan and Harley have both pursued careers in acting; Jordan appeared in the E4 TV drama Glue in 2014 and in Star Wars: Rogue One in 2016. Harley appeared in the British crime drama The Guvnors in 2014 and the ITV drama series Unforgotten in 2015100030.00
Rory GallagherSan Diego ’742LPA previously unreleased concert recording of Rory Gallagher performing at the San Diego Sports Arena in the USA. This 1974 period is regarded as one of Rory’s peak live eras, most notably his album ‘Irish Tour ’74’ which is his biggest selling record.For Record Store Day 2022, ‘Live In San Diego ‘74’ is an unreleased live radio concert recovered from the depths of the Rory Gallagher archives. This recording features Rory and his band playing a 7 song live set at the San Diego Sports Arena on February 8th 1974. This 1974 period is regarded as one of Rory’s peak live eras, most notably his album ‘Irish Tour ’74’ which is his biggest selling record. This release follows the RSD 2021 release ‘Cleveland Calling Pt. 2’ which came in at No.2 on the Billboard Blues chart.150035.00
Sam FenderAlright/The Kitchen (Live)7″Fresh from his Alternative/Rock Award at the BRITs, Sam Fender releases a special Record Store Day 7” single of his tracks Alright and The Kitchen (Live). Pressed on white vinyl.150014.00
Sam SmithNirvana12″Available exclusively for Record Store Day 2022 on smokey green vinyl, is Sam Smith’s Nirvana EP. Originally released in 2013, the EP features some of Sam’s earliest releases, including an acoustic version of their hit single ‘Latch’.
Product Info:
• 12” vinyl
• 4-track 12” EP, cut at 45 rpm
• Pressed on smokey green vinyl
Side A
1. Safe With Me
2. Nirvana
Side B
1. I’ve Told You Now (Live)
2. Latch (Acoustic)
Sandy DennyGold Dust Live At The RoyaltyLPGold Dust Live At The Royalty’ commemorates Sandys 75th birthday year, and also marks the 43rd anniversary of her passing which falls a week before Record Store Day itself (21st April.) The concert features a career spanning set that includes songs taken from ‘Fotheringay’, Sandy’s solo albums ‘The North Star Grassman And The Ravens’, ‘Sandy’ and ‘Rendezvous’ as well as ‘Unhalfbricking’ and ‘Rising For The Moon’ with Fairport Convention. This final performance perfectly captures the folk-rock sound with a stellar group of musicians including Trevor Lucas, Jerry Donahue, Pat Donaldson, Dave Mattacks as well as Sandy herself. ‘Gold Dust Live At The Royalty’ showcases the quality of Sandy’s songwriting throughout her career, and includes her signature composition ‘Who Knows Where The Time Goes?’ which was the first song she ever wrote, and ‘No More Sad Refrains’ which closed her final album. Remastered from the restored tapes, this release features Sandy’s spoken introductions to each song, comprehensive sleevenotes and brand-new artwork designed especially for this release.125027.00
Scott WalkerBoy ChildColoured 2LPThe definitive Scott Walker solo collection, which has never been released on vinyl, to be made available as a gorgeous white vinyl with gatefold sleeve. To include beautiful photography with printed inner bags containing Marc Almond and Neil Hannon’s original sleevenotes plus additional new notes from uber-fan Jarvis Cocker.Originally released in 1990, ‘Boy Child’ gathered together the very best Scott Walker-penned solo material from Walker’s first five solo albums for Philips. While the original 20-track CD from 1990 has gone on to become of something of a definitive introduction to the artist’s early work, ‘Boy Child’ was only available for a short time as a single vinyl LP with a truncated tracklist. With copies of these rare vinyl albums fetching high prices with collectors, Record Store Day 2021 sees the release, for the first time on vinyl, of the full collection as a deluxe, gatefold, 2LP set on 180 gram white vinyl and the additional inclusion of the classics ‘Thanks For Chicago, Mr James’, ‘Always Coming Back To You’ and ‘30th Century Man’ plus the rare non-album track ‘The Rope And The Colt’ (included on the 1990 CD but not the 2000 reissue) and ‘Angels Of Ashes’ (included on the 2000 reissue but not on the 1990 version). The album artwork also includes the original liner notes by Marc Almond from 1990, Neil Hannon’s notes from 2000 and new notes from Jarvis Cocker, specially written for this edition.150035.00
Sea GirlsDNA7″Coming as a post album single from their sophomore album ‘Homesick’, out March 25th, Sea Girls release a special Record Store Day 7” single of their track ‘DNA’. The song was written at frontman Henry Camamile’s childhood home in Lincolnshire and recorded during the album sessions in Brixton with producers Topanga Canyon, Jacknife Lee, Jonny Coffer and Cass Lowe.150014.00
Sleep TokenSundowning2LPSleep Token release their cult status debut album ‘Sundowning’ on x2 140g coloured vinyl featuring a gatefold sleeve and CMYK50040.00
St. VincentThe Nowhere InnLPThe soundtrack accompaniment to the film of the same title, The Nowhere Inn. Features three original St. Vincent songs: “Nowhere Inn”, “Palm Desert” and “Wave”.The Bill Benz-directed film features St. Vincent, Carrie Brownstein & was released Friday, 17th September in the US. Website: https://nowhereinn.movie175036.00
Stone BrokenAin’t Always EasyLPStone Broken release their 2018 album ‘Ain’t Always Easy’ on vinyl for the first time since its release, available on 140g coloured non-standard single sleeve LP.50032.00
Taylor SwiftThe Lakes7″Ambassador Release Record Store Day exclusive 7″ of “the lakes” and “the lakes (original version)” from Taylor Swift’s GRAMMY Album of the Year, folklore. This is the first time “the lakes (original version)” will be available on vinyl.500016.00
The AcademicCommunity Spirit12″Available exclusively for Record Store Day 2022 on white vinyl, is The Academic’s Community Spirit EP. This is the first physical release for the EP, which was self-recorded and produced by the band during 2021.
Product Info:
• 12” vinyl
• 5-track 12” EP, cut at 45 rpm
• Pressed on purple vinyl
1. Not Your Summer
2. Smart Mouth
3. I Don’t See Good
4. For The Camera
5. Kids (Don’t End Up Like Me)
The CranberriesRemembering Dolores2LP2LP version of recent digital collection that + 3 bonus tracks. In celebration and remembrance of the late Dolores O’Riordan on 6th September 2021 which would have been her 50th birthday, UMe / Island Records in association with and with the support of the remaining members of The Cranberries and the estate of the late Dolores O’Riordan released a specially curated 15-track streaming-only compilation of songs from the band’s robust eight album catalogue.Compiled with the utmost care and love for the beloved vocalist and songwriter, “Remembering Dolores” is a collection of songs carefully selected by friends, family and remaining band members Fergal Lawler, and brothers Mike Hogan and Noel Hogan that carry special meaning and significance to Dolores.200035.00
The CurePornographyPic. discFirst time on Picture Disc for The Cure’s 4th studio album from 1982. The artwork and the new cut by Miles Showell at Abbey Road have been supervised and approved by Robert Smith. Features the single ‘The Hanging Garden’ and fan favourite ‘The Figurehead’. The original design by Ben Kelly and The Cure has been prepared for a picture disc release by Robert’s long-standing collaborator, Andy Vella.275030.00
The Lumineersbrightside (acoustic)LP 12″brightside (acoustic) is the new EP from 2x Grammy award-nominated band, The Lumineers. This 12″ colour vinyl includes x3 acoustic versions of tracks from their new 2022 album BRIGHTSIDE, with an additional cover The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven”

Track List
1. brightside (acoustic)
2. am radio (acoustic)
3. justlike heaven (acoustic)
4. little sound (acoustic)
The OffspringGreatest HitsLPGreatest Hits – 1LP, Foil Version of Cover, Standard Weight, Color Variant – RSD Exclusive150030.00
The Rolling StonesMore Hot Rocks (Big Hits & Fazed Cookies)Coloured 2LP50th anniversary edition of a classic compilation. Original gatefold art / printed inner bags. Exclusive coloured vinyl. Embossed litho prints – photos by Gered Mankowitz. Remastered by Bob Ludwig / cut at Abbey RoadExclusive limited edition package for Record Store Day – celebrating the 50th anniversary of this landmark double album release.
More Hot Rocks (big hits & fazed cookies)… offers hits, some of the best deeper cuts, and a whole LP side’s worth of rarities that hadn’t yet been available in the United States when this compilation was first released. Originally released in 1972, this indispensable 25-track, collection features Not Fade Away, It’s All Over Now, The Last Time, Lady Jane, Dandelion, She’s a Rainbow, Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing in the Shadow?, Out of Time, Tell Me, and We Love You. The rarities include their 1963 debut single Come On, early R&B covers of Fortune Teller and Bye Bye Johnnie, great slide guitar on Muddy Waters’ I Can’t Be Satisfied, (recorded at Chess Studios and in stereo here) and the soulful 1966 U.K. B-side Long Long While. Also included is the stereo version of the psychedelic non-LP B-side Child Of The Moon, previous to the 1972 release, was only heard in mono. This iconic collection is a must-have release by the ‘world’s greatest rock and roll band’…!! Original gatefold art and full-colour printed inner bags
A set of embossed lithographs featuring photographs by Gered Mankowitz who was responsible for the photographs and art direction on the original release – Pressed on 180gram, ‘glow-in-the-dark’ green coloured vinyl – Remastered by Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering -Lacquer cutting by Sean Magee, Abbey Road Studios
The WhoIts Hard – 40th Anniversary Edition2LP colouredIt’s Hard celebrates its 40th anniversary with a 2-LP expanded vinyl version, Disc One a ½ Speed master (Orange Vinyl) contains a re-mastered version of the album while Disc Two (Yellow Vinyl) continues the rest of the album but also has a disc of rare and unreleased material. The set, with art by Richard Evans comes with a poster from the era175033.00
U2A Celebration12″40th anniversary edition of the single ‘A Celebration’, originally released in 1982.  4-track EP, containing two previously unreleased recordings.360029.00
Ultravox!Live at The Rainbow 1977LPFirst physical release on any format for the 45th Anniversary of this wonderful live show.First time on vinyl for this 45th anniversary edition of Ultravox! live at the Rainbow Theatre, London – February 1977 Featuring the original line-up of John Foxx on vocals & harmonica, Billy Currie on keyboards & violin, Stevie Shears on guitar, Chris Cross on bass and Warren Cann on drums. First time on vinyl for 3 songs that didn’t make it on to the band’s eponymous debut album: “I Came Back Here To Meet You”, “T.V. Orphans” and “I Won’t Play Your Game”. **Please note that due to the shorter running time of this release that we have cut the album at 45RPM for a greater audio experience.150027.00
Various ArtistsBig Night – Original SoundtrackLPA breakout indie film success in 1996, Big Night has received new attention due to its star and director, Stanley Tucci’s new Italian food-based program on CNN – Searching for Italy. The soundtrack was also a hit with viewers with its large serving of 1950’s classics from Rosemary Clooney, Keeley Smith and Louie Prima, who’s persona plays a major character in the film. This record has never before released on LP and is pressed on crystal clear vinyl exclusively for RSD 202220040.00
Various ArtistsGo Ahead Punk…Make My DayLPAny ’90s punk fan will surely remember coveting a copy of Go Ahead Punk… Make My Day—a classic sampler CD from Nitro Records. Originally released in 1996, the album delivered early cuts from some of the biggest names in West Coast punk, including AFI, the Offspring, and the Vandals. Available for the very first time on vinyl, Go Ahead Punk… Make My Day features ten high-energy tracks from AFI, Guttermouth, Jughead’s Revenge, The Vandals, and The Offspring, including the latter band’s cover of “Hey Joe”—a long-sought-after fan favorite, which was previously exclusive to this compilation. Pressed on orange splatter vinyl.35035.00
Various ArtistsJazz Dispensary: Super SkunkLPJazz Dispensary returns with a groovy new compilation that zigzags in the sonic space between the hard bop saxophone extravaganza of Cannonball Adderley and Houston Person, to the rhythmic meditations of Woody Herman and The Bar-Kays. Lacquers cut by Jeff Powell at Take Out Vinyl and pressed on Opaque Red Vinyl, with artwork by GRAMMY®-winning designer Masaki Koike.40039.00
Vince Guaraldi TrioBaseball Theme7″Just in time for baseball season, the first ever 7″ release of the Vince Guaraldi Trio classic, “Baseball Theme,” from Jazz Impressions Of A Boy Named Charlie Brown. Includes the original 1964 soundtrack version as well as an alternate studio take. Pressed on white vinyl and housed in a jacket featuring baseball images of Charlie Brown and Snoopy.70018.00
ArtistTitleFormatFormat details/ Reason behind releaseUK QTY
CrassBig A Little A / You’re Already Dead12″The original 12″ single for Big A Little was released in 1980 and featured Nagasaki Nightmare on the other side. Crass decided that the track You’re Already dead if more pertinent in today’s society, so are creating a brand new 12″ which include an exclusive patch or pamphlet, yet to be decided, keeping with the original spirit of Crass100020.00
MaccabeesColour It InLPA RSD return (1st appearance of 1000 units in 2015) for the band’s gold-selling, Stephen Street-produced debut album on its 15th anniversary. It will carry a new variant of the artwork that has never been used on the LP. Includes their most popular tune, ‘Toothpaste Kisses’.150030.00
Paul McCartneyWomen and Wives12″McCartney’s original version of “Women And Wives” was recorded in ‘Rockdown’, for his chart topping McCartney III album. Written by McCartney after reading the biography of legendary blues singer Huddie “Leadbelly” Ledbetter and recorded with Elvis Presley’s bassist Bill Black’s very own upright bass, it is an easy pick as Record Store Day’s inaugural Song of the Year. Record Store Day’s “Women And Wives” Song of The Year release will feature Paul McCartney’s original version on Side One and St. Vincent’s imagined/remix of the song, from the McCartney III Imagined album on Side Two. Limited to a total quantity of 3000 worldwide, coming for the June 18th RSD Drop.1000TBC
Sandie ShawHand In Glove (w/The Smiths)12″Originally released in 1984 and unavailable for almost 40 years, this was a collaboration between one of the most successful (UK) female stars of the ‘60s and indie darlings the Smiths, who were big fans. It features three Morrissey/Marr originals on which Sandie is backed by messrs Marr, Rourke and Joyce. Never previously available on coloured vinyl150027.00
The AmazonsTBC12″This will be the TBC Single 1 from the forthcoming album due for release in Sep 2022. It will come with a remix.1000TBC
The Human LeaugeDon’t You Want Me (Purple Disco Machine Extended Remix)12″In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the No.1 single, which defined the sound of both a band and a decade, comes this strictly limited edition one-off release of the Purple Disco Machine remix of The Human League’s Don’t You Want Me. Limited copies for this exclusive Record Store Day 2022 release comes on luscious purple vinyl all set in the new 2021 artwork.110030.00

Cool Zappa Sets, RSD Pricing Lists Follow Up, New Feeder And Limited Editions

Hi everyone .

Hope all is well out there.

Quick update on RSD lists…we still don’t have the Universal list with pricing so will be next week im afraid before we can send that out…sorry….there will be an extra week to get wishlists back to us for the universal stuff but i do need most of the others  by midnight next weds the 9th of March please.

Shane will send them all here again…including a few extra ones from Little Amber Fish, SRD and Shellshock…so would appreciate any wish lists from these in the next week…sound out!!

Here are last week’s ones and Shane will have the extra ones down further:

WARNER RSD 2022 List with Pricing

CARGO RSD 2022 List with Pricing

SRD RSD 2022 List with Pricing

PROPER RSD 2022 List with Pricing

The Orchard RSD 2022 (Drop 1) List with Pricing

PIAS/Integral RSD 2022 List with Pricing

SONY RSD 2022 List with Pricing

And releases for friday March 4th here…

And out on the 11th of March we have in the good siopa GILLIAN WELCH & DAVID RAWLINGS HANK WILLIAMSTHE MARS VOLTA , THE SHIRES , BRYAN ADAMS “ so happy it hurts” GHOST album “ impera” , PJ HARVEY , Blink 182 “ greatest hits” , ERYKAH BADU , KISS – off the soundboard : live
The Districts , Teddy Pendergrass , GARY MOORE live in London and DANNY BRYANT

Main focus of attack this week is the 18th March…so UNIVERSAL for the 18th March, releases flaky enough lately to be honest, but sher drive on…UNI anyway have the brand new album by SAM TOMPKINS on Island and is on CD or theres an indies only yellow vinyl also, there is 50th anniversary of FRANK ZAPPA “ the mothers 1971”.  “
The Zappa Trust has compiled a massive box set to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Mothers Of Invention’s 1971 line-ups. Featured are the complete Fillmore East tapes, showcasing every note played over 2 nights in 4 shows during the closing of the famous venue in NYC, including the John Lennon and Yoko Ono encore, unedited with majority of the tracks being newly mixed from scratch by Craig Parker Adams and mastered by John Polito. Also included is the complete concert from the final show at the Rainbow Theatre in London, England where FZ was infamously pushed off the stage, resulting in injuries, the cancellation of the rest of the tour and ultimately the band. This historical Rainbow show is newly mixed by legend Eddie Kramer and mastered by Bernie Grundman. The box also features a bonus hybrid concert from Harrisburg and Scranton, PA 1971; original singles, album ads, a 68-page booklet showcasing an interview with Ian Underwood by Ahmet Zappa and liner notes from Eddie Kramer, Jim Pons (FZ’s then bass player) and Vaultmeister Joe Travers. VERY LIMITED EDITION. 

UMC also doing both live shows on 3lp vinyl sets…live at the fillmore east and live at the rainbow theatre.

There are bluenote vinyl reissues also for the 18th March,
“Vibraphonist Milt Jackson was a frequent presence on Blue Note sessions in the bebop era. As part of the fabled 1500 Series begun in 1956, the label issued the 12” compilation Milt Jackson and The Thelonious Monk Quintet which expanded Jackson’s 10” LP Wizard of the Vibes with tracks from 1948 and 1951 dates led by Monk. The album cover was the first designed by Reid Miles.

This Blue Note Classic Vinyl Edition is all-analog, mastered by Kevin Gray from the original master tapes, and pressed on 180g vinyl at Optimal.

Bluenote also reissue The 4th volume of The Amazing Bud Powell series recorded in 1958 found the brilliant bebop piano master in particularly fine form on an ebullient set of his original tunes including “Buster Rides Again,” “Monopoly,” and “John’s Abbey.” Powell’s inventive solo flights shine in a trio setting with Sam Jones on bass and ‘Philly’ Joe Jones on drums.

This Blue Note Classic Vinyl Edition is all-analog, mastered by Kevin Gray from the original master tapes, and pressed on 180g vinyl at Optimal.

Warner for the 18th March have a brand new BRAD MEHLDAU CD “ jacob’s ladder” on Nonesuch, there is a brand new CYPRESS HILL album on BMG called “ back in black” on CD and LP, East/West have the brand new album from CHARLI XCX “ crash” on cd, lp or indies only coloured lp, 

Warner via parlophone have a 40th anniversary of IRON MAIDENs 1982 album ( first with Bruce Dickinson) “ number of the beast” as a limited cassette release…yes cassette only folks…

There is a reissue joby of KEITH RICHARDS “ MAIN OFFENDER” album on cd, lp, 2cd, indies lp and a deluxe boxset also on BMG, there is a brand new release also from SANTANA “ BLESSINGS AND MIRACLES”  again on BMG, he teams up with ROB THOMAS again on this new record with new single “ move” here!

Re the mask thing…masks are up to yourself now and thats where we sit with it…if you want to wear a mask, wear a mask, if you don’t want to wear a mask, don’t wear a mask…if you don’t want to wear socks , don’t wear socks or wear a hat if you want….we may or may not wear masks and we don’t care what you choose either…we will have 15/20% on either end saying in different tones “ rays not wearing a mask” “ or “ rays wearing a f**king mask” …..truth be told, its up to you and i dont give a siucra.

Sony for the 18th of March have the PEARL JAM “ rearview mirror greatest hits” across 2 separate double lps…volume one and volume two….there is a TOOL “ opiate” bluray which i have very little info on…there is a note next to it saying “ extremely limited” , so i’m not going to promise on this but if interested let us know and we will do our best.

Lastly from Sony for the 18th March is a BONEY M compilation double lp on coloured called “ the magic of”.

PROPER for the 18th of March have the brand new FEEDER album “ torpedo” and CD, CASSETTE or picture disc vinyl and they also have an album on ALLIGATOR records by ELVIN BISHOP and CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE “ 100 years of blues” on CD or LP.

Going to hand you over to Shane again here now who will run through some interesting down the road releases…

Sound Ray! 
Hey everyone! Hope ye’re all good.
As Ray mentioned earlier, here are the extra RSD lists with pricing that we didn’t have last week:

LITTLE AMBER FISH RSD 2022 List with Pricing

REPUBLIC OF MUSIC RSD 2022 List with pricing

SHELLSHOCK RSD 2022 List with pricing

SRD RSD 2022 List with Pricing

Also, there was a price change on the John Murry RSD release that is out through The Orchard, it’s now €37.

A few very limited and interesting ones to mention this week.
First up are two indie groups that started in the mid 2000s. BLOC PARTY have a brand new album coming called ‘Alpha Games’. It will be out at the end of April. Theirfirst e the indies red vinyl of that.
The month after that then, FOALS will be releasing their new one. It’s called ‘Life is Yours’, a nice positive title. Here’s the funky single ‘Wake Me Up’ from it :

Then there are two from the classic rock vault. Prog legends RUSH will release a deluxe 40th anniversary set of the class ‘Moving Pictures’

And a very special T.Rex coloured vinyl box set of ‘1972’ signed by producer Tony Visconti

Also, there are two 7 inch singles by Bill Fay.One with Julia Jacklin and the other with Mary Lattimore.
And the album ‘Still Some Light Part 2’. Fastest fingers first on these if interested, very limited.

Oh,and for the Bowie heads, there’s a nice reissue of Tin Machine 2 on coloured vinyl!

That’s it from me I think, back to Raymondo!

Thanks Shane!

Right so integral for the 18th March have the brand new album by MIDLAKE, some BROADCAST reissues, FERRIS & SYLVESTER debut album and the reissue of SWANS “ SOUNDTRACK FOR THE BLIND” 4LP SET.

INTEGRAL for the 25th March have the brand new ALDOUS HARDING album “ warm chris” on 4AD…available on cd and lp….im really looking forward to this one, she has a super voice, very interesting artist…here is a song from the new album “ lawn” 

Aldous Harding – Lawn (Official Video) – YouTube

There is a deluxe 10th anniversary reissue of BON IVERs self titled second album also on 4AD..available on cd and exclusive coloured vinyl version.

“This edition features five additional songs from Bon Iver’s beautiful AIR Studios session, which captures the grand spirit of ‘Bon Iver, Bon Iver’ and distils it into sharper focus, as Justin Vernon and Sean Carey perform the songs as a duo, on grand pianos and vocals only.”

‘Bon Iver, Bon Iver (10th Anniversary Edition)’ features a blind embossed version of the original cover art and an intimate personal essay from long-time fan Phoebe Bridgers.

INTEGRAL also for the 25th of March have the new album by DESTROYER “ labyrinthitis” via Bella Union on CD and indies cream vinyl.

The FOLLY GROUP EP is out via Ninja Tune imprint Technicolour and there are some TINARIWEN reissues of “ amassakoul” and “ the radio tisdas sessions”.

Sin e really for this week…

Just got word from Little amber fish that they need their RSD LISTS by the 4th march so if you are mad keen for something from them please wishlist it asap please.

Sin e so.

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Shane and young Adam.

Little Amber Fish RSD 2022 List with Pricing

Artist / TitleFMTpriceDropUKGlobalNotes
Dread, Mikey with Edi Fitzroy / Gun/Jah Jah Style (10″ Coloured Vinyl) RSD2210″35 euro4/23/20227001500RSD limited edition of 1500. red, green and gold vinyl. 500 of each, distributed randomly.
Engineers / Folly (10″ Coloured Vinyl) RSD2210″35 euro6/18/20226001000British shoegaze, 2004 the mini-album, available as a 10” for the first time, 1000 whitevinyl.
Howard Mcghee Quintet, The / Music From The Connection (1LP Coloured Vinyl) RSD221LP35 euro4/23/2022500500Rare Bebop album from 1960, 500 only on Red Vinyl.
Les Baxter / Que Mango (1LP Coloured Vinyl) RSD221LP35 euro4/23/20225007501970 album by famed by Exotica composer Les Baxter, 1st ever re-issue. Bonus Tracks. Green Vinyl
OST (John Barry) / The Tamarind Seed (2LP Coloured Vinyl) RSD222LP40 euro4/23/2022150020001st re-issue ever of 1974 score.
OST (John Carpenter) / Escape From New York (main Theme) (7″ Coloured Vinyl) RSD227″24 euro4/23/202217502200The main theme from the Original Soundtrack of one of the most iconic film theres ever!
OST (Mark Isham) / The Hitcher (1LP Coloured Vinyl) RSD221LP35 euro4/23/20221500200080s cutting edge electronics and spaced Jazzy motifs, the score has since achieved cult status.
OST (Ronald Binge) / Sailing By (Theme BBC R4 Shipping forecast) (7″ Coloured Vinyl) RSD227″20 euro4/23/202210001200theme to BBC R4 late-night Shipping Forecast. Jarvis Cocker’s chosen Desert Island Disc!
Shocking Blue / At Home-The Singles Remastered (10″ Coloured Vinyl) RSD2210″35 euro4/23/202210003000“Venus”, “Mighty Joe” and “Send Me A Postcard”. plus 4 bonus B-sides from long out-of-print 45s.
Wild Willy Barrett / Alien Talk (that’s what it’s all about) (1LP Coloured Vinyl) RSD221LP35 euro4/23/2022500500Coloured Vinyl, one off pressing on LP.From avant garde Folk legend that is Wild Willy Barrett.
Kensington / Unplugged (2LP Coloured Vinyl) RSD222LP45 euro4/23/2022180Gr./Printed Inners/3000 Cps Translucent Red/Rsd 22
Thielemans, Toots / European Quartet Live (1LP Coloured Vinyl) RSD221LP39 euro4/23/2022180Gr./Insert/1000 Cps On Purple Vinyl/Rsd 22
Watson, Steve / Born To Boogie/My Little One (12″ On Coloured Vinyl) RSD2212″30 euro4/23/202212″/180Gr./750 Cps On Clear Vinyl/Rsd 22
Blue Feather / Feather Funk (1lp Coloured Vinyl) RSD221LP37 euro6/18/2022180Gr/40Th Ann./750 Cps Translucent Yellow Vinyl/Rsd 22
Brood, Herman & His Wild Romance / Bühnensucht -Live- (Coloured Vinyl) RSD221LP37 euro6/18/2022180Gr./Live Rotterdam 1985/1000 Cps White Vinyl/Rsd 22
K’S Choice / Live In Europe (1LP Coloured Vinyl) RSD221LP38 euro6/18/2022180Gr./1000 Cps On Purple & Pink Marbled Vinyl/Rsd 22
Norum, John / Live In Stockholm EP (12″ On Coloured Vinyl) RSD2212″35 euro6/18/202212″/Live Ep/1000 Cps On Flaming Coloured Vinyl/Rsd 22
Poll, Jack Van Tree-Oh / Hi Jackin’ (1LP Coloured Vinyl) RSD221LP37 euro6/18/2022180Gr./Gatefold/50Th Ann./750 Cps On Gold Vinyl/Rsd 22
De Dijk / De Blauwe Schuit (Coloured Vinyl) RSD221LP37 euro4/23/2022180Gr./Insert/1000 Cps On Transparent Blue Vinyl/Rsd 22
Fleddy Melculy / De Kerk Van Melculy (Coloured Vinyl) RSD222LP4/23/2022180Gr./Insert/668 Numbered Cps On Coloured Vinyl/Rsd 22

Republic of Music RSD 2022 List with Pricing

ArtistTitleFormatretail price

RSD Lists With Pricing, RIP Mark Lanegan, New Ghost, Bryan Adams, Midlake And More

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well out there.

Its RSD wishlist week….sorry i was napping last week and we put out the american RSD list…here is the correct one for here/Europe and the UK with lots of info…

Tonight , we will ( well truth be told,  Shane will,) send out some record company lists for the day RECORD STORE DAY Saturday April 23rd with prices to give you a better idea….tonight we will send Integral/Pias, Sony, Orchard, Proper, Shellshock, SRD and Cargo…we haven’t received pricing from Warner, Uni , LITTLE AMBER FISH, RoM yet as well as a few smaller companies as well…Warner is due so should make this newsletter.

Will hopefully send Universal and anyone else next week.

We are asking for your help here as regards the wishlist…most of ye know the drill but if this is new to anyone…this spiel  is for ye… a wishlisted record  is a record you would hope to get on the day…you are greatly helping us by sending back any wishlist you may have as it allows us to fight harder for stock we need and also if its a rather obscure record it makes sure it is ordered in …unfortunately we cant guarantee you will get your record  but most people who wishlist us end up been happy ….so critically a wishlist is not a guarantee but we will do our best to secure enough stock to cover the wishlists…thats the hope anyway! 

I need wishlists back by close of play weds the 9th of March…that is only 2 weeks away….some record companies need the orders back to them on the 10th of March …so the full list is above and here Shane will do some magic to get out  some record companies RSD lists with pricing here:

WARNER RSD 2022 List with Pricing

CARGO RSD 2022 List with Pricing

SRD RSD 2022 List with Pricing

PROPER RSD 2022 List with Pricing

The Orchard RSD 2022 (Drop 1) List with Pricing

PIAS/Integral RSD 2022 List with Pricing

SONY RSD 2022 List with Pricing

A lot always gets said about Record Store Day, some positives, some negatives…its a game of opinions folks…there was an article by a record shop owner in England doing the rounds where he felt a year off from it would maybe allow the plants catch up and allow smaller labels and artists to get their records pressed, he also argues about the curation of the stock for the day …a bit more merit to his second point for me…re the first point though, big or small to my knowledge,( i have asked some local artists who do vinyl runs), you have to book your slot at the plant, it is 6 to 9 months lead time to get a record pressed at the used be 12 weeks….canceling RSD for the year won’t solve that problem…alleviate it slightly, fair enough,  but that’s all ….there are probably 100 records a week sold to me if not more, we cherry pick what we stock or think we can sell…so its 4 weeks worth of  records sold to us in one week…..its not clogging up the plants completely….increase capacity is the only thing that will properly alleviate the queues  but that’s a risky venture and an expensive one also…but cancel RSD over the supply chain and queues at plants , i would think that’s very extreme…the day was set up to help record shops and we sell more records on that day than any other day in the year…probably times 2 or 3…i would regard it so highly and so important in our year…the man who wrote the article says the job of the record shop in its simplest terms is to sell records…so let us sell them i say…game of opinions folks.

Also there is a second smaller release day for RSD on the 18th June which are for the releases that won’t make the starting post for the main event on Saturday the 23rd April…wishlists appreciated folks!!

Terrible sad news overnight with the passing of MARK LANEGAN at just 57 years of age…an amazing life he led, packed more into it than most would in 10 lifetimes, what a legacy he left, what a voice,  alas still too young to go…very sad…here is “ resurrection song” from him….rest in peace Mark

Mark Lanegan – Resurrection Song (RTE Other Voices) – YouTube

Right so here are the releases in the shop for Friday the 25th of Feb..



And releases for friday March 4th here…

RANDY NEWMANs 4th album “ good old boys” ,  MARIANNE FAITHFULL , brand new SABATON MIKE CAMPBELL AND THE DIRTY KNOBS “ external combustion”

 KAWALA on EMI records called “ better with you”

 SONNY REDs “ out of the blue” and GRANT GREENs “ the latin bit


  STEREOPHONICS brand new album ‘Oochya!’,

The Weather Station,  Dolly Parton,  CMAT

and  Andy Irvine/Paul Brady  

 BRONSKI BEATPorches,  SOUL JAZZ records “ studio one dub” and The Winstons ‘Color Him Father’ .

Right so moving onto releases for the 11th March Warner have ( long overdue) the vinyl release of the latest GILLIAN WELCH & DAVID RAWLINGS album “ all on the good times” on Acony records…here is  a tune from the album..

BMG have a HANK WILLIAMS compilation album “ im going sing : the mothers best gospel recordings”  as a 2 cd or 3lp.

There is a vinyl reissue of THE MARS VOLTA “ noctourniquet” on the Clouds hill label.

THE SHIRES have a new album also via BMG “ 10 year plan” on cd and lp and lastly from BMG is a brand new studio album from BRYAN ADAMS “ so happy it hurts” on cd, deluxe cd, std lp and indies only coloured lp.

UNIVERSAL for the 11th of March has the brand new GHOST album “ impera” via LOMA VISTA/CONCORD , available on cd, blk lp and indies only transparent lp…here is “ call me little sunshine “ from the new record…

The next and last in the PJ HARVEY reissues arrives with her most recent album “ the hope six demolition” on UMC…available as a reissue on vinyl, the demos are available on vinyl for the first time as well as the demos from the sessions on cd.

Heres “ the wheel” from the album

UMC also have Blink 182 “ greatest hits” 2 lp release , ERYKAH BADU reissues here third album “ worldwide underground” as a limited coloured purple vinyl and lastly from UNIVERSAL for the 11th March is KISS – off the soundboard : live in Virginia beach july 2004 as a 3LP or 2CD.

Sony for the 11th March have a 50th anniversary vinyl reissue of LEONARD COHENs “ songs of love and hate” as well as a double lp reissue on Orange vinyl of KESHAs “ high road” album.

The Orchard for the 11th of March sees the release of  Loop‘s long-anticipated fourth LP ‘Sonancy’, the London ‘post-psychedelic, pre-shoegaze figureheads’ released their last album in 1990.

Philadelphia indie-rock/post-punk band The Districts new album ‘Great American Painting’ confront the dark side of the American ideal. 

BBE Music celebrates the work of Philadelphia soul icon Teddy Pendergrass  with a remix collection by John Morales.

Proper music for the 11th of March have a vinyl reissue on Provogue of GARY MOORE live in London, recorded just 14 months before his untimely passing, there is a DANNY BRYANT compilation album of his earlier work,

Going to hand you over to Shane again now where he will run through further down the road niceties …

Sound Ray!
Hey all! Hope ye’re all keeping well. Sad news about Mark Lanegan, a huge loss. I saw him supporting Guns n Roses in Slane a few years back, he was quality.

A few bits of interest again this week:

First up, one biggie, well two, the latest Daft Punk reissues! ‘Homework‘ and ‘Alive 1997‘. They’ve been out of print for a while and sought after, so great to have them reissued now. They’re coming through Warner on April 15th.

Secondly, one of my favourites, IRON MAIDEN, will be releasing a commemorative cassette of their classic album ‘Number of the Beast‘. Yes, a cassette. They haven’t taken off at all like vinyl but definitely collectors will have an interest! Out March 18th.

Next, Seattle lads PEARL JAM will be releasing the two volumes of their greatest hits on vinyl!

On the Irish front, 2 very interesting releases. Firstly, alt/noise rock band, JUST MUSTARD will be releasing their second album at the end of May, here’s the new single, ‘Still’ from the album
Sounds class!

Also, Limerick-born, London-based, SINÉAD O BRIEN will be releasing a new album on June 10th. Here’s a song from it
I like the strong accent! She writes poetry as well and has been published in London.

Oh, before I go, here’s last week’s Youtube video from Ray and Adam:
Give a like and subscribe on there if you can!

Back to you Ray!

Thanks Shane!

Right onto Integral for the 11th of March who have new albums by ALEX CAMERONJENNY HVAL , a new ep by the excellent SPRINTS and a FRANZ FERDINAND compilation album across various formats including a red vinyl.

Integral for the 18th March have the brand new album from MIDLAKE via Bella union…” for the sake of bethal woods “ is the bands 5th studio album…here is the title track from it…

Midlake – “Bethel Woods” (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Cracking tune!

Warp have reissues on CD and LP from BROADCAST “ bbc maida vale sessions”, “ microtronics vol 1 & 2” and “ mother is the milky way” .

There is a nice sounding debut album from FERRIS & SYLVESTER “ superhuman” on ArchTop records..nice indies vinyl available here…here is the title track

Ferris & Sylvester – Superhuman (Official Video) – YouTube

Lastly from Integral is a reissue of SWANS final album “ soundtracks for the blind” on Mute,

Sin e for this week really folks

If interested in a record(s) for RSD,,,get your aul wish list into us 

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Shane and Young Adam

Warner RSD 2022 List with Prices

Warner Music RSD 2022
ArtistTitleFormatSpecretail priceDrop Date
AmericaRarities1-LP, clear-ish 140g colour vinyl,Rarities Collection curated by longtime archivist Jeff Larson. Would Feature. Clear-ish color vinyl, standard weight. An album of rarities, packed with ‘previously unreleased’ and ‘first time on vinyl’ tracks from legendary Folk Rock Trio “America”. There are rare tracks from across their career, in relation to albums: America, Homecoming, Hat Trick, Holiday, Hearts, Hideaway and Harbor / America Live 77. Exclusively for RSD 2022.
Tracklisting – Side 1: Era: America (debut album) – Riverside – Live in Studio 1971 – first time on vinyl, I Need You – Alternate Take from Trident Studio 1971- first time on vinyl, Horse with No Name – Alt Mix 1971 – first time on vinyl Era: Homecoming – Homecoming Album Tour Promo (30 seconds), Ventura Highway – Record Plant – Take 4 – first time on vinyl Era: Hat Trick – Goodbye – Home Studio Demo – Unreleased version, It’s Life – Alternate Mix – first time on vinyl Tracklisting – Side 2: Era: Holiday – Another Try – Demo (unreleased home studio demo) – unreleased, Lonely People – Vocal Only Mix – unreleased Era Hearts – Sister Golden Hair – Demo 2 (from “the collection/Rhino”) – first time on vinyl, Company – Vocal Only Mix – unreleased Era Hideaway – Radio Commercial Promo (50 seconds) – unreleased, Amber Cascades – Alternate Mix – first time on vinyl.Era Harbor / America Live 77 – God of the Sun – Live 1977 – (Greek Theatre outtake) – unreleased
€33.00April 23rd
AsiaXXXLP Picture Disc1 x LP picture disc. 10th anniversary release of the highly acclaimed Asia 2012 studio album ‘XXX’. Featuring the classic original line-up of this global super star band: John Wetton, Steve Howe, Geoff Downes and Carl Palmer. Artwork by Roger Dean.€36.00April 23rd
AssociatesCovers12″ 140g EP clear vinylAhead of the 40th Anniversary of ‘Sulk’, this brand new Associates Covers collection, collated by Michael Dempsey, ranges from David Bowie’s ‘Boys Keep Swinging’, Diana Ross’ ‘Love Hangover’ and rare single ‘Kites’. Brand new artwork, designed by Philip Marshall on 140g Clear Vinyl.€28.00April 23rd
Bad CompanyLive 19792-LP, coloured vinyl (orange)First Time on Vinyl. Originally released on 2CD in 2016 as part of the “Live 1977 & 1979” box, Bad Company’s 1979 set from London’s Wembley Empire Pool is the proper live album that the original line-up never had. Includes timeless live versions of “Feel Like Makin’ Love,” “Bad Company,” “Shooting Star” and “Can’t Get Enough”.€48.00April 23rd
Blur“Bustin’ + Dronin’ “2 x 12″ Colour vinyl LP1 blue / LP2 greenFor Record Store Day 2022, Blur will release a special, double heavyweight coloured vinyl edition of their 1998, Japan-only remix compilation Bustin’ + Dronin’ featuring mixes of tracks from their 1997 eponymously titled, number one album. Originally only available as a 2-CD set including a Radio 1 John Peel session, only a handful of copies made their way over to the UK on import. Bustin’ + Dronin’ has never been available on vinyl before now, and this release features the nine remixes (note: no Peel Session) by William Orbit (tracks 1, 6, 7 & 9), Adrian Sherwood (2 & 8), Moby (4), Thurston Moore (5) and John McEntire (7). Released on two x heavyweight coloured vinyl LPs – 1 x transparent blue, 1 x transparent green, the sleeve comes with an adapted version of the original Japanese OBI strip and replica insert.€45.00April 23rd
Bring Me The Horizon2004 – 2013 – The Best Of2LP splatter2 x 140g splatter vinyl, best of album reissue, this release features all the hits from the bands earlier years and is supported by the band€42.00April 23rd
Buena Vista Social ClubAhora Me Da Pena4 track EP1 x 180g black vinyl, 25th Anniversary, featuring a previously unheard track plus 3 others never released on vinyl€28.00April 23rd
ChicagoChicago at Carnegie Hall, April 10, 19713LP – 180g blackChicago performed eight epic shows over the week of April 5-10, 1971 at Carnegie Hall in NYC (including two shows on two of the days). The entire weeks’ worth of shows was released as a 16cd set Chicago At Carnegie Hall Complete. All eight shows are being remixed by Chicago founding member and trumpeter Lee Loughnane, along with engineer Tim Jessup. For RSD there will be an exclusive Live Show Breakout on 3LP. Featuring either the originally released show on vinyl, or a new collection of the best performances from the week). Slip case w/ individual LP jackets€115.00April 23rd
Christy MooreRide On1-LP, 140g White VinylRide On is an album by Irish folk singer Christy Moore, originally released in 1984. Its title track remains one of his most popular songs. A number of songs relate the actions of those involved in political struggles, or those affected by those struggles; such as “Viva la Quinte Brigada” which is concerned with the Irish contingent amongst the International Brigade in the Spanish Civil War; or “El Salvador” dealing with the civil war in that country in the 1980s. Other songs deal with Irish history – “The City of Chicago”, about emigration to America during the Irish famines of the late 1840s; “Back Home in Derry” written by Bobby Sands about the transportation to Australia of convicts; and “Lisdoonvarna” celebrating a music festival that took place annually in that town until the early 1980s. Since Ride On is widely accepted as a landmark Moore album, it has been available ever since its original release and is regarded as one of the best possible introductions to the artist. The title track was written by one of Ireland’s most famous songwriters, Jimmy MacCarthy, and many other artists have interpreted the song. Available for RSD 2022 on white vinyl.€30.00April 23rd
David BowieBrilliant Adventure12” E.P12” 4 Track E.P. 180g black The BRILLIANT ADVENTURE E.P. has four unheard tracks from the 1.OUTSIDE era; ‘JOHNNY DOWNLOADER’, an early version of‘I’M AFRAID OF AMERICANS’ recorded during the sessions with Brian Eno for the album and mixed in November 1994 but not released on a Bowie album until 1997’s EARTHLING, an alternative single mix of ‘I HAVE NOT BEEN TO OXFORD TOWN’ and two tracks, 1.OUTSIDE’S ‘A SMALL PLOT OF LAND’ and the Jacques Brel cover ‘MY DEATH’, performed by Bowie and pianist Mike Garson at a fundraiser for the New York Public Theater at the Shakespeare Festival in New York on 18th September, 1995. The BRILLIANT ADVENTURE E.P. will be available on 12” vinyl and CD.€30.00April 23rd
David BowieBrilliant AdventureCD4 Track Digi CD tracks as above€14.00April 23rd
David BowieToy E.P.10” EP black100g, 5 track 10” EP black. The 10” vinyl and CD TOY E.P. (‘YOU’VE GOT IT MADE WITH ALL THE TOYS’) features the previously unheard ‘SHADOW MAN (VOCAL AND PIANO MIX)’, an alternative stripped back mix of the TOY album track, along with the unreleased live versions of ‘I DIG EVERYTHING’ and ‘THE LONDON BOYS’ recorded at the final Glastonbury warm-up show at the Roseland Ballroom, New York on 19th June, 2000. The E.P. also contains three tracks ‘YOU’VE GOT A HABIT OF LEAVING’ (RADIO EDIT), ‘SILLY BOY BLUE’(ALTERNATIVE ENDING MIX) and ‘CAN’T HELP THINKING ABOUT ME’ (LIVE MARK RADCLIFFE SHOW BBC RADIO 1 SESSION), previously only available as streaming singles and which are making their physical debut€33.00April 23rd
David BowieToy E.P.CD5 Track Digi CD tracks as above€14.00April 23rd
ElectronicRemix Mini album1-LP, 140gBernard Sumner of New Order and Johnny Marr of The Smiths’ side project six track E.P. Including remixes of the singles ‘Getting Away With It’ and ‘Disappointed’ featuring Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys together with two further singles, ‘Get The Message’ and ‘Feel The Beat’, from the band’s first, eponymous, album. In addition, two further album track remixes, ‘Idiot Country (Two)’ and ‘Gangster’. All from the first four years of the band’s career.€26.00April 23rd
Everly BrothersHey Doll Baby1 x LP Baby Blue Vinyl – RSD2021 is the 65th anniversary since The Everly Brothers released their first single in 1956 (“Keep A Lovin’ Me”). This new compilation is curated by Tom Petty’s daughter Adria Petty in conjunction with Don Everly and Phil Everly’s widow with the objective to remind the world of the greatness of the Everly’s, plus introduce the duo to new, younger, hipster audience. This is not a “Greatest Hits” package. Whilst it does include some hits (eg: “Cathy’s Clown” – their biggest selling single), but the objective of this compilation is to highlight many of the lesser-known songs that are equally as good as the well-known hits. This will attract a new assessment of the band by musicians, critics and media, and appeal to a broader audience – selling to many younger fans who may not even have heard of the group. The album will be released on baby blue coloured vinyl for RSD with a fresh, contemporary and hip approach to the cover art. 17 tracks€33.00April 23rd
Frightened RabbitA Frightened Rabbit EP10″ Red vinylVinyl reissue of A Frightened Rabbit EP to be released on April 23rd for Record Store Day 2022 as a 10” red vinyl . A Frightened Rabbit EP is an EP by Scottish indie rock band Frightened Rabbit, originally released on 31 October 2011 on Atlantic Records as a free download and on ten-inch, limited edition vinyl. Self-produced by the band, A Frightened Rabbit EP was the band’s first release on Atlantic, and the first to feature contributions from guitarist Gordon Skene. The EP features guest appearances from Camera Obscura vocalist Tracyanne Campbell and singer-songwriter Archie Fisher€29.00April 23rd
Frightened RabbitState Hospital12″ Silver vinylVinyl reissue of State Hospital to be released on April 23rd for Recordstore Day 2022 on Silver vinyl. State Hospital is an EP by Scottish indie rock band Frightened Rabbit, originally released on 24 September 2012 on Atlantic Records. Produced by both Leo Abrahams and the band itself, the EP includes the single, “State Hospital”, alongside four tracks written and recorded in contention for the band’s fourth studio album, Pedestrian Verse. The EP’s final track, “Wedding Gloves”, is a collaboration with former Arab Strap vocalist Aidan Moffat.€30.00April 23rd
G.B.H.City Baby Attacked By Rats1LP Lime Green VinylA limited edition lime green colour vinyl edition of GBH’s City Baby Attacked By Rats to celebrate the record’s 40th Anniversary€36.00April 23rd
GabrielsBloodlines EP12″ EP Red vinylOne of the most hotly-tipped artists of 2022, Gabriels release a RSD exclusive blood-spatter vinyl of their recent critically acclaimed EP ‘Bloodline’€26.00April 23rd
Gerard WayHesitant Alien1LP Blue coloured vinylBlue vinyl version of the 2014 release from the My Chemical Romance singer€33.00April 23rd
GojiraLive at Brixton2-LP, 140g black side 4 etchedLive at Brixton Academy by Gojira, the limited CD/DVD will be on vinyl for the first time as a Record Store Day 2022 exclusive edition. GRAMMY award nominated, Gojira are one of France’s most successful metal exports with four Billboard Top 200 charting albums, three of which charted within the top 40. Their DIY approach to their career have helped to make Gojira one of the most celebrated bands in the metal/hard rock scene.€37.00April 23rd
Golden SmogOn Golden Smog1-LP, 12″, Music on side A and etching of cover art on side BFirst EP on vinyl for the first time ever. The 1992 debut EP from the legendary Minneapolis super group, featuring members of The Jayhawks, Soul Asylum, Run Westy Run and The Replacements. Includes classic bar-band covers of The Rolling Stones, Bad Co., Three Dog Night, Thin Lizzy and Michaelangelo€30.00April 23rd
Grateful DeadWembley Empire Pool, London, England 4/8/72 (Live)5Limited Edition of 10,000, 5-LP, 180 Gram, 2 Piece Telescope BoxCelebrating 50th annivesary of the legendary 72 tour. 5LP. Remastered by Dave Glasser. Black vinyl.€130.00April 23rd
HalestormBack From The DeadTombstone shaped 7″ pic discGrammy-winning hard rock band Halestorm release a die cut tombstone shaped 7” single of the title track from their forthcoming new album ‘’Back From The Dead’, for Record Store Day. Backed with a cover version of The Who’s ‘Long Live Rock’ this release is limited to 500 copies in the UK.€48.00April 23rd
Ian Dury & The BlockheadsTen More Turnips From The Tip1LP white vinylWe’re celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the fourth and final studio album by Ian Dury & the Blockheads. ‘Ten More Turnips from the Tip’ was first compiled and released in 2002, two years past Ian Dury’s passing in 2000. For the first time ever this album is being released on vinyl, exclusively for Record Store Day 2022. The album has been remastered for the occasion and is being released not just on vinyl, but on white vinyl!€32.00April 23rd
Johnny MarrSpirit Power & Soul (Vince Clarke Remix)12″Following his latest album, ‘Fever Dreams Pts. 1 – 4’, Johnny Marr releases the Record Store Day exclusive 12” single containing ‘Spirit, Power & Soul (Vince Clarke Remix)’ – a previously unreleased track, alongside the B-side album track ‘Human’.€22.00April 23rd
Joni MitchellBlue 50: Demos, Outtakes And Live Tracks From Joni Mitchell Archives, Vol. 2 (title TBD)1LP – 180gram black vinyl“Joni Mitchell Archives, Vol. 2 : Highlights” is an exclusive LP, featuring highlights from the second volume of the ongoing Joni Mitchell Archives series. The release – consists of previously-unreleased, never-before-heard, extremely rare recordings from Joni’s archives and the historic release is created entirely with Joni’s insight, cooperation and creative input.Most notably VOLUME 2 follows Joni’s journey through the REPRISE ERA – widely considered to be her most successful years – which saw her release albums; Song To A Seagull, Clouds, Ladies Of The Canyon & Blue (which celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 2021). This RSD exclusive highlights LP will be pressed on 180gram black vinyl.€40.00April 23rd
MadonnaWho’s That Girl / Causing a Commotion 35th Anniversary12″ LP – red vinyl140gMadonna 12″ x 5 track Maxi EP celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Madonna’s soundtrack to the film “Who’s That Girl”. Featuring Madonna’s song “Causing a Commotion” Pressed on 12″ colour (green) vinyl. 5 track. Will include a limited-edition litho with the prior RSD releases.Double cover (Who’s That Girl on front, Commotion on back)€27.00April 23rd
Mike OldfieldTubular Bells II1-LP, 180g blue vinylThe fifteenth album from the highly prolific Mike Oldfield was co-produced with Trevor Horn, and a UK Number 1. A worldwide hit, this limited blue vinyl edition of the1992 sequel to 1973’s groundbreaking “Tubular Bells” reached double platinum sales.€40.00April 23rd
MotorheadThe Lost Tapes Vol.22LP blue vinylCassette tapes. Remember those? Those things with the dual spools and loads of wide brown plastic recording string that’d occasionally unravel and hang out of the shell, requiring a pencil and firm wrist to spin back into place? Yeah, well, once upon a time, old-school sound systems contained cassette decks for the express purpose of recording shows, and these “cassette” things were a standard part of every tour. Motörhead were certainly no exception, recording show after show. They contain gold, pure aural gold, and had for many years sat hundreds of feet underground in a small cave Lemmy owned, guarded by small, hairy centurions in Roman armor with small spears and bad attitudes. Only the magic password would release them, and thankfully, Lem had scribbled it down and left it inside an old sketch book for us (no, were won’t tell you the password, although it did have the words ’nie nie nie’ in it). There were loads of the dirty, dusty, greasy little buggers gathered, with the likes of Lyon, Liverpool, Hamburg and Chippenham (!!) scrawled in biro on the tiny labels alongside a date…and thus we are delighted to announce that this unique collection of live gems will now be heard by the world, via carefully digitized transfers, in a new series titled The Löst Tapes. Volume two has been hand-picked by the increasingly deaf, but well-meaning (and hydrated!) Motörhead team, along with surviving members Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee, and sees the trio in blistering form on the Snake Bite Love album tour recorded at the University of East Anglia, Norwich on 18th October 1998.€45.00April 23rd
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsLive Seeds2LP red vinyl & etchingExclusive Limited Edition 2 x 140g Double Album on Etched Transparent Red Vinyl, includes The Mercy Seat, Deanna, Tupelo, The Ship Song & Many More. First Time On Vinyl€42.00April 23rd
Nick MonoThe Sun Won’t Stay After Summer7″Rising star Nick Mono releases a special RSD exclusive 7” double single of ‘All The Money’ and ‘Anywhere In The World’ taken from his debut EP ‘The Sun Won’t Stay After Summer’.E51€18.00April 23rd
Peter ToshComplete Captured Live2-LP, 140gFirst time available since 2002.
The legendary show was recorded in 1983 at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles and originally released as a 1LP highlights album in 1984. The Complete Captured Live features all 15 songs performed that night, including fiery versions of “Equal Rights/Downpressor Man,” “African,” and “Get Up, Stand Up” now on a 2LP set.
€42.00April 23rd
PinkPantheressTo Hell With It12″ Black VinylBedroom-pop singer, songwriter and producer PinkPantheress has topped the BBC’s annual Sound of … poll for hotly tipped new musical talent. The 20-year-old from Bath, who moved to London to study film, first built buzz on TikTok, where she now has 1.1m followers, uploading tracks that span UK garage, jungle and pop. Her tracks Pain and Just for Me – the latter was covered by Coldplay – broke into the UK Top 40 in 2020. Her debut full-length project, the mixtape To Hell With It, reached Number 20 in the OCC.€26.00April 23rd
RamonesThe Sire LPs 1981-19897LP, Numbered Slipcase w/ fluorescent 5th color / Sticker Sheet / 6LP x 140g blk / LP#7 splatterPleasant Dreams, Subterranean Jungle, Too Tough To Die, Animal Boy, Halfway To Sanity, Brain Drain, and 1-LP of rarities – all on LP for first time since original release.€180.00April 23rd
Rick AstleyWhenever You Need Somebody1LP Red Vinyl1 x 140g red vinyl, album reissue, first time on colour vinyl, 35th Anniversary year, key artist release€32.00April 23rd
Sara KaysStruck By Lightning12″ Blue VinylSara Kays is like the one friend you have who actually listens and watches as much as she speaks. For the most part, her life is “quiet.” Her free time consists of hanging out with her brother and mother, playing soccer with her friends, and frequenting thrift shops. She loves warm beanies and also doesn’t understand “why people don’t eat croutons like chips.” When she does get “loud,” everybody else listens just as intently. She’s unassumingly built a rapt audience of 2 million followers across social media platforms, gathered hundreds of millions of streams, and received acclaim from Billboard, People, BuzzFeed, American Songwriter, Flaunt, FLOOD and more. Observations, thoughts, and truths straight from the Notes app on her phone inform diary-style stories often upheld by not much more than gentle acoustic guitar, soft ukulele, and a keyboard murmur. In 2021, the Nashville-based solo singer and songwriter makes a heart-to-heart connection on her Struck By Lightning EP [Atlantic Records] and more music on the horizon.
Throughout 2021, Sara assembled the EP with Martinez, teasing its arrival with “Backseat Rider,” “Traffic Lights,” “Future Kids,” and “Picture Of You.” The single and title track “Struck By Lightning” [feat. Cavetown] captures the nuances of her confessionally quirky lyrics, glassy melodies, and chantable observations. It hinges around an ironically beautiful image of “Something this town will forever talk about, the two kids that were laying down and struck by lightning in front of your house.”
The Struck By Lightning EP is released for the first time on vinyl, as a blue vinyl 7 track EP for RSD 2022.
€22.00April 23rd
SepulturaRevolusongsLP Picture Disc1 x 12″ pic disc of this rare covers mini album€36.00April 23rd
Shankar Family & FriendsI Am Missing You b/w Lust12″ Blue Vinyl1st ever single issued on George Harrison’s Dark Horse Records in 1974 / Out of Print since 1974 / Features Geroge Harrison, Ringo Starr, Rave Shankar, Billy Preston & more / Produced & Arranged by George Harrison / 12″ Blue Vinyl / “I Am Missing You” b/w “Lust” Released for RSd on Blue Vinyl€22.00April 23rd
SladeBallzy1LP transparent blue vinylThe provocative, yet spectacular US-only debut release from Slade (Ambrose Slade), ‘Ballzy’ laid the foundations for the rock bands path to their legendary status. Slade and BMG are proud to reissue their debut US LP ‘Ballzy’ for the first time on beautiful transparent blue vinyl. This product has never been released outside of the US market, so will touch the hands of fans worldwide for the first time.
Slade were unstoppable throughout the seventies becoming one of Europe’s biggest bands, releasing 6 smash hit albums, including three UK No-1’s, a run of 17 consecutive Top 20 singles and their hits are synonymous with the glam era. This limited edition product is a key component of the Slade catalogue
€36.00April 23rd
Stevie NicksBella Donna (Deluxe Edition) (2LP)2LP, black vinyl2 LPs – Remastered Original Album + Studio Bonus Tracks from the 3CD Bella Donna Deluxe Edition
-First time on vinyl
€53.00April 23rd
Stiff Little FingersBBC Live In Concert2-LP, 180g curacaoStiff Little Fingers “BBC Live In Concert” features two high energy performances from these very influential Northern Irish punk rockers, recorded for the BBC. Fronted by singer and guitarist Jake Burns, the first LP of this 2LP set kicks off with “Roots, Radicals, Rockers & Reggae” from their “Go For It” album, recorded at London’s Paris Theatre in 1981, a venue used for many classic BBC In Concerts. The second LP features an equally raucous show captured at Norwich’s University of East Anglia in the UK in front of a highly appreciative crowd. Recorded a year after the Paris Theatre show, the 1982 set starts with “Tin Soldiers” and ends with “Gotta Getaway.”€45.00April 23rd
Tegan & SaraStill Jealous12″ LP Red VinylTegan and Sara revisit the indie-pop duo’s 2004 breakout album, So Jealous, on a new version of the record titled, Still Jealous. It features the original’s 14 tracks, all of which have been re-recorded acoustically, with the twin sisters singing each other’s songs. The reimagined album will be available on 12″ opaque red vinyl and limited to 750 copies in the UK.€36.00April 23rd
The DamnedStrawberries1LP Pink & Red SwirlVinylA limited edition strawberry scented red and pink swirl vinyl of Strawberries by The Damned to celebrate the record’s 40th anniversary€36.00April 23rd
The DoorsL.A. Woman Sessions4LP + 7″Bonus content from upcoming 50th anniversary set; 2 full CDs of outtakes curated by Bruce Botnick that would go on vinyl. We also have the original Paul Rothschild on sunset of Riders that caused him to quit the record & could b/w a demo of hyacinth house recorded at Robby’s on a 7 “. Numbered€130.00April 23rd
The Paul Butterfield Blues BandThe Original Lost Elektra Sessions3x 140g Black Vinyl LPDeluxe 3LP expanded edition of The Paul Butterfield Band’s lost sessions from the 1964-1966 era. First Time on vinyl, expanded to include unreleased demo & Alternate tracks. Features new artwork, deluxe packaging & new liner notes.€58.00April 23rd
The ProclaimersSunshine on Leith (2011 Remaster)2-LP 140g marbledKicking off with the hit single “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles),” not only would the album become a huge, worldwide success, it would also inspire a stage musical of the same name. This expanded 2LP version now includes a vinyl side of rarities, including non-album tracks from their “King Of The Road” EP, plus another whole side of vinyl of sessions recorded for the BBC. “(I’m Gonna) Burn Your Playhouse” from their 1989 Glastonbury performance acts as a fitting finale to this coloured vinyl set.€58.00April 23rd
The ReplacementsUnsuitable for Airplay: The Lost KFAI ConcertGatefold prints 4/1 / Insert / 2 x 140g black2LP black vinyl breakout of 1981 live show (disc 4). One of the earliest soundboarding recordings of the band and features the original lineup. 27 song lineup. This is the final remnants of the band being a punky bar band. Features a slew of covers & highlights from early repetoire from Sorry Ma 40th box set featuring original lineup.€42.00April 23rd
The StreetsORIGINAL PIRATE MATERIAL BOXSETBOX (3 LP)Original Pirate Material Limited Edition Boxset all on burnt orange vinyl: Component 1: Original Pirate Material double LP – Printed on a burnt orange vinyl Component 2: Locked On Exclusive Vinyl: – Exclusive SCRT Art Work Print – Locked On Slipmat€63.00April 23rd
Thomas DolbyHyperactive12″ single blue vinylReissued for the first time since 1996 and on transparent blue vinyl exclusively for Record Store Day, ‘Hyperactive’ was the first single taken from Thomas Dolby’s second album ‘The Flat Earth’. Originally released in 1984, it was conceived as a potential song for Michael Jackson but was eventually recorded and released by Dolby himself. ‘Hyperactive’ is Thomas Dolby’s highest charting UK single, achieving a position of Number 17. This reissue of a 1984 12” features an extended version of the track, plus remastered 7” version and remastered original b-side ‘White City’.€28.00April 23rd
Tyler BatesWatchmen OST3LP Set yellow & blue / etchedA limited first-time Watchmen 3-LP, Record Store Day exclusive release, that combines Music From The Motion Picture and the Original Motion Picture Score. Music From the Motion Picture is pressed on “Smiley Face” yellow vinyl and features tracks from My Chemical Romance, Leonard Cohen, Nat King Cole and Jimi Hendrix and a custom etching. The Original Score is by Tyler Bates and is pressed on “Dr. Manhattan” blue vinyl. Limited to 1K copies for UK€65.00April 23rd
WallowsSingles Collection 2017 – 2020LP Blue Vinyl 140gCompilation of singles released by the band between 2017 – 2020, some on vinyl for first time. Pressed on blue 140g vinyl for RSD 2022 . NO SALES NOTES€37.00April 23rd
Willie NelsonLive at the Texas Opryhouse, 19742-LPWillie Nelson – Live at the Texas Opry House, was recorded over the course of two nights in 1974, just a few months after Phases and Stages was released. The album was scrapped in the early 1970s and was only released in 2006 on the The Complete Atlantic Sessions captures a rising star whose fame and fortune lurked just around the corner. Pressed on double vinyl. Will include a reproduction of the original poster.€45.00April 23rd
A Place To Bury StrangersKeep Slipping Away 20221LP clear vinyl140g Clear Vinyl in Standard Sleeve of A Place To Bury Strangers’ 2009 single ‘Keep Slipping Away’, including brand new ‘Keep Slipping Away 2022’ and previously unreleased ‘My Heart Was Empty’. Taken from their sophomore studio album ‘Exploding Head’, released in 2009, the limited edition RSD2022 release also features 4 remixes, including South Central, Cereal Spiller, Maps & Richard Fearless€36.00June 18th
DioDouble Dose Of Donington – ’83 & ’871LP Picture DiscNewly created DIO art picture disc celebrating the two legendary appearances at the Donington Festival! Side A features “Stand Up And Shout” from DIO’s 1983 appearnce while touring behind debut album Holy Diver. Side B is the classic “Rock And Roll Children” from DIO’s triumphant return to Donington as one of the Festival Headliners on 1987’s Dream Evil tour. A DOUBLE DOSE OF DONINGTON and prime era DIO!€22.00June 18th
Emerson, Lake & PalmerTrilogyLP Picture DiscLimited edition LP picture disc in die-cut sleeve of ELP’s third studio album, released in 1972 and celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022. The album originally reached No.2 on the UK Albums Chart and No. 5 on the US Billboard 200. Contains ‘From the Beginning’, the band’s highest charting US single and ‘Hoedown’ which became a live favourite€37.00June 18th
Fatboy SlimPraise You / Right Here Right Now Remixes1LP colourNever featured on vinyl together before, the two biggest selling remixes to date€28.00June 18th
Fun Boy ThreeThe Best ofLP (Green Vinyl)“Fun Boy Three was formed by Terry Hall, Lynval Golding and Nevile Staples after leaving The Specials in the Summer of 1981. Taking on a more pop sensibility, the band went on to have 8 hit singles between 1981 and 1983. Tracks including: ‘It Ain’t What You do (It’s the Way That You Do It)’, ‘Our Lips Are Sealed’, a cover of the old Gershwin classic ‘Summertime’ and ‘The Lunatics (Has Taken Over The Asylum)’, which was recently re-recorded by The Specials on their 2019 album Encore. This RSD exclusive is a newly remastered version of their 1984 Best of release made available on green vinyl. This release is to coincide with the release of a 4CD/1DVD box set of the band’s complete output. Track List 1. It Ain’t What You Do (It’s the way that you do it) [Single Version] 2. Summertime 3. The Lunatics (Have Taken Over The Asylum) 4. The More I See (The Less I Believe) 5. The Telephone Always Rings [Single Version] 6. Our Lips Are Sealed [Single Version] 7. The Tunnel of Love 8. We’re Having All The Fun 9. The Farmyard Connection 10. The Press Of Life (Take The Weight Off The Body)” This release is to coincide with the release of a 4CD/1DVD box set of the band’s output.€32.00June 18th
Go WestBangs & Crashes2LP (Clear Vinyl)RSD Exclusive. The follow up to their hugely successful UK 2x Platinum selling debut album ‘Go West’ came this collection of 12″ Remixes, B-sides and live tracks taken from UK single releases. This release was largely aimed the International audience who didn’t get to hear all the tracks. This subsequently went on to be a UK Gold selling album and has become a firm fan favourite. This is to coincide with the recently released deluxe edition box set of their debut album.€37.00June 18th
Keith RichardsTalk Is Cheap/Live At The Palladium – Double CassetteDouble CassetteLimited-edition double cassette combining KEITH RICHARDS classic 1988 debut solo album, TALK IS CHEAP (transparent-red cassette), with LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD PALLADIUM (on gold cassette), which was recorded during the Talk Is Cheap tour on December 15, 1988.€23.00June 18th
MadnessBaggy Trousers12″ EP blackBaggy Trousers’ is one of the only Madness singles that was never released on 12” back in the day. This EP sees its first 12” outing on 180g vinyl with five additional tracks, exclusively for Record Store Day 2022. Complete with etched messaging from the band. The sleeve features the iconic Humphrey Ocean illustration that graced the cover of the original 7” single in 1980.€30.00June 18th
SlashLive ! 4 (feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators) (Live at Studios 60)2LPA decade and four albums into their career, the new SMKC album 4 marks the first new music from the group in four years. A vibrant rock album fueled by memorable guitar hooks and compelling melodies, big choruses, and even bigger riffs; 4 builds on the legacy of Slash Feat. Miles Kennedy & The Conspirators’ prior work. On February 11, 2022, in celebration of the album release day, SLASH and the band performed the new album in its entirety “Live at Studios 60”. The SMKC “Live at Studios 60” concert event was streamed live on YouTube and Facebook and amassed over 300,000 views in the first four days, with fans in the comments section begging for a recording of the concert to be released.€42.00June 18th
Super Furry AnimalsRings Around The World, B-Sides1LP yellow vinyl1 x 140g colour vinyl LP. Single ‘B-Sides’ from the 3CD version of the recently remastered / re-issued classic hit album, Super Furries’ most successful, celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2021€37.00June 18th
SupergrassMoving12″ single 140g blue vinylTwo unforgettable versions of ‘Moving’ from the 1999 ‘Supergrass’ (X-Ray) album. Released for the first time on 140g 12” blue coloured vinyl. Including rarities such as the ‘East Is East’ film soundtrack mix of ‘Moving’ and an Absolute Radio live version recorded in 2020. The cover has been masterfully reworked from the original 1999 single artwork. Also included in the release are B-sides, ‘Believer’, ‘Faraway (Acoustic)’, ‘Lucky (No Fear)’ & ‘You Too Can Play It Right’. Lovingly put together with the help of the band€28.00June 18th
Suzi QuatroSuzi Quatro [Deluxe Edition]2LP (Pink vinyl)Suzi Quatro is a legend of the 1970’s rock world and is still going strong today. To celebrate this female icon Chrysalis Records release an RSD exclusive expanded version of her debut album ‘Suzi Quatro’ which now includes a bonus disc featuring singles and b-sides from the period of this album, including ‘Can The Can’ and ‘Daytona Demon’. This release is to coincide with the release of the 1970’s album collection ‘The Rock Box 1973-1979’ a 7CD/1DVD box set celebrating her early years. This RSD version is pressed on double Bubblegum Pink vinyl. Side 1 – 48 Crash / Glycerine Queen / Shine My Machine / Official Suburbian Superman / I Wanna Be Your Man / Primitive Love Side 2 – All Shook Up / Sticks And Stones / Skin Tight Skin / Get Back Mamma / Rockin’ Moonbeam / Shakin’ All Over Side 3 (Bonus Disc) – Rolling Stone [Single] / Brain Confusion (For All The Lonely People) [B-Side] / Can The Can [Single] / Ain’t Ya Something Honey [B-Side] Side 4 (Bonus Disc) – Little Bitch Blue [B-Side] / Daytona Demon [Single] / Roman Fingers [B-Side]€38.00June 18th
The FarmGroovy Train12″ single transparent orange vinylOriginally released in 1990, ‘Groovy Train’ was the second single by The Farm. It was the first single to be released from their debut album ‘Spartacus’, which celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2021 and was produced by Madness frontman Suggs and Terry Farley. With its distinctive guitar intro ‘Groovy Train’ was the band’s second biggest single, charting at Number 6 on the UK Singles Chart. The single is being reissued for the first time on transparent orange vinyl, exclusively for Record Store Day, and includes three remixes by Terry Farley and Mark Saunders.€28.00June 18th
The KinksWaterloo Sunset12″ yellow vinylOn the 55th anniversary of the infamous single ‘Waterloo Sunset’, The Kinks are releasing the ‘Waterloo Sunset’ EP featuring 6 of the bands biggest cult tracks including the unforgettable summer anthem ‘Waterloo Sunset’. Also included are the fan favourites, ‘Act Nice And Gentle’, ‘Mr. Pleasant’, ‘Holiday In Waikiki’, ‘Little Miss Queen Of Darkness’ & ‘This Is Where I Belong’. Released for the first time on 140g 12” yellow coloured vinyl. This release has been skillfully remastered by Tony Cousins at Metropolis and the artwork from the original 1967 French EP has been masterfully retouched for this Record Store Day 2022 release€28.00June 18th
The UndertonesThe Love Parade12″ single light green vinylCult classic single from The Undertones ‘Love Parade’ released for the first time on 140g 12” light green colour vinyl for Record Store Day 2022. Featuring the B side ‘Like That’ from the original 1982 7” release, along with rare and unheard ‘Love Parade’ (EMI Manchester Square Demo) and ‘Soul Seven’ (Derry Demo) never before released on vinyl. Artwork carefully retouched for this 40th anniversary release. Remastered at by Barry Grint at Alchemy Mastering at AIR studios€28.00June 18th
Various ArtistsLove Is All I Bring2LP Orange VinylThis RSD exclusive is a reissue of the well-received 2019 album – Love is all I Bring, presented on orange colour vinyl. Love Is All I Bring showcases the very talented female performers of Trojan Records, who in the world of reggae can often to be overlooked. Featuring vocals from the likes of Millie Small, Althea & Donna, Marcia Griffith, Phyllis Dillion, and Susan Cadogan plus productions by Sonia Pottinger this all female collection also includes personal album notes from musician Rhoda Dakar which not only covers the performers on the album but also touches upon the women on the Windrush generation who made so many sacrifices to build and create new opportunities for their families. Split across 2 LP’s with hits on one and rarities on the other, this collection comprises some of the greatest reggae tracks, whilst highlighting the importance and talent of Jamaican female artists€38.00June 18th
Virgin PrunesPagan Lovesong (40th Anniversary Edition)1LP clear vinyl + artcard with handwritten lyricsFirst physical release by Mute/BMG & Virgin Prunes, celebrating 40th Anniversary of Pagan Lovesong. Limited edition 140g clear vinyl featuring brand new artwork, art directed by Gavin Friday, featuring handwritten lyrics on 12″ x 12″ Art Card and bronze pantone on outer sleeve. Digitally remastered versions of Pagan Lovesong, Pagan Lovesong (Vibeakimbo) and Dave-Id Is Dead.
Out of print since original release in 1982.
€28.00June 18th

Cargo RSD 2022 List with Prices

ArtistTitleFormatNo. Of Pieceseuro retail price
50 Foot WaveBath WhiteLP130 euro
50 Foot WavePower + LightLP130 euro
Bardo PondBufo AlvariusLP237 euro
Bell Biv DevoePoisonLP140 euro
Biff Bang Pow!Songs For The Sad Eyed GirlLP130 euro
Bleeding Hearts, TheRiches to RagsLP130 euro
Andy Crofts & Le SuperHomardForevermore7″ Single112 euro
Ceyleib People, TheTanyetLP140 euro
ColdharbourstoresColdharbourstores REMIXEDLP125 euro
Dead Famous PeopleLost Person’s AreaLP125 euro
Sandy DennyThe Early Home RecordingsLP237 euro
Terry Edwards And The ScapegoatsMy Wife Doesn’t Understand MeLP237 euro
Giant Giant Sand (Giant Sand)Tucson (Deluxe edition)LP340 euro
Groundhogs, TheHogwashLP240 euro
Bobby Hamilton Quintet UnlimitedDream QueenLP140 euro
HefnerMaida ValeLP127 euro
Lida HusikFly StereophonicLP130 euro
David J with Tim NewmanAnalogue Excavations & Dream Interpretations Volume 1LP130 euro
David J with Tim NewmanAnalogue Excavations & Dream Interpretations Volume 2LP130 euro
Jasmine Minks, TheThe Jasmine MinksLP130 euro
Durand Jones & The IndicationsPower to The People7″ Single112 euro
Delvon Lamarr Organ TrioLive In Loveland!LP233 euro
Mary Lou LordShe’d Be A DiamondLP237 euro
Trevor LucasOverlanderLP130 euro
Maria McKeePeddlin’ DreamsLP130 euro
Moons, TheStand With Me7″ Single112 euro
The NightingalesHystericsLP237 euro
Pearls Before SwineThe Exaltation of Tom RappLP130 euro
Reigning SoundMemphis In JuneLP130 euro
Carina RoundCarina Round – The Disconnection (Deluxe)LP237 euro
Satan’s PilgrimsLive At Jackpot RecordsLP140 euro
SuperchunkIncidental Music 1991 – 1995LP240 euro
Teenage WaitressYou Ain’t Got It Bad7″ Single112 euro
Various ArtistsBreakin’: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackLP140 euro
Viktor VaughnVaudeville VillainLP250 euro
WipersOver The Edge (Anniversary Edition)LP250 euro
WireNot About To DieLP128 euro
Wye OakIf ChildrenLP130 euro
Roy AyersVirgo VibesLP248 euro
The CourettesNon ti lascerò7″ Single118 euro
CzarfaceCzarmageddonLP145 euro
Howard WalesRendezvous With The SunLP140 euro
The PharaohsIn The BasementLP140 euro
Pucho and His Latin Soul BrothersSuper FreakLP140 euro
ProdigyReturn Of The MacLP140 euro
Various ArtistsSoho Scene ’58 (Jazz Goes Mod)LP127 euro
Various ArtistsWest Coast Soul ’66LP127 euro
Various ArtistsChicago Soul ’66LP127 euro
Various ArtistsMemphis Soul ‘68LP127 euro

Shellshock RSD 2022 List with Prices

ArtistTitleFormateuro retail price
Morricone, EnnioTrio InfernaleLP50 euro
Wildheart, GingerPotatoes & YouCD18 euro
Jo Dog and Paul Black’s Sonic BoomEveryone Rains On My ParadeLP34 euro
Jo Dog and Paul Black’s Sonic BoomEveryone Rains On My Parade [Red vinyl]LP34 euro
KraanPsychedelic ManLP40 euro
Luciano Luciani Y Sus MulatosMulata Vamos A La SalsaLP30 euro
Davy, Kevin & The Inn House CrewGolden Brown (22 Medley)7″15 euro
Meier, Dieter/The Young GodsSchüüfele / Did You Miss Me (Dub Spencer & Trance Hill Remixes)7″20 euro
Cotton, JosephZoom Zoom Shaka TackaLP30 euro
Inn House Crew, TheLuanda7″15 euro
Winston Reedy, Joseph Cotton, Vin Gordon , AnselBoom Shacka Lacka7″15 euro
VariousYou Flexi Thing 97″10 euro

SRD RSD 2022 List with Prices

SRD – Record Store Day Selection – 23rd April 2022
ArtistTitleretail price euro
The JackaTear Gas30 euro
The GrouchShow You The World30 euro
Jonny TrunkA-Z Of British Record Shop Bags35 euro
Karen DaltonShuckin’ Sugar45 euro
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFOAbsolutely Freak Out! (Zap Your Mind) (21st Anniversary edition)45 euro
HeartbreakersThe L.A.M.F. Demo Sessions26 euro
Mal-OneIt’s All Punk Dub20 euro
AshbyLooks Like You’ve Already Won34 euro
Home Boy And The C.O.L.Home Boy And The C.O.L.45 euro
Calvin KeysFull Court Press45 euro
Art Blakey And The Jazz MessengersIn My Prime50 euro
Fuzzy HaskinsRadio Active45 euro
Ennio MorriconeUna Pistola Per Ringo/Il Ritorno di Ringo50 euro
John WilliamsLost In Space – Title Themes From The Hit TV Series45 euro
Various ArtistsHillbillies In Hell 13 : Country Music’s Tormented Testament (1952-1974)43 euro
Various ArtistsIt’s A Rough Old Road To Travel – The Existential Psychodrama In Country Music : Volume II (1964-1974)43 euro
Sandro BrugnoliniL’Uomo Dagli Occhiali a Specchio50 euro
The DisciplesImperial Dub Vol. 132 euro
The DisciplesImperial Dub Vol. 232 euro
Alpha & OmegaTree Of Life Vol. 132 euro
Alpha & OmegaTree Of Life Vol. 232 euro

Proper RSD 2022 List with Prices

ArtistTitleFMTretail price
ECHO & THE BUNNYMENB-SIDES & LIVE (2001-2005)LP2€ 42.00

The Orchard RSD 2022 (Drop 1) List with Prices

Artist(s)TitleFormatretail price
AdeIt’s Just WindLP€33.00
Billy BraggLife’s A Riot With Spy vs SpyLP€36.00
Bobbi HumphreyBaby Don’t You Know12″€24.00
Dave DaviesKinkedLP€37.00
Dillinger Escape PlanDissociationLP€40.00
Frankie and the Witch FingersFrankie and the Witch FingersLP€32.00
Future Sound of London, TheRitualsLP€39.00
Jefferson AirplaneJefferson Airplane Live at The Monterey International Pop FestivalLP€35.00
John MurryThe Graceless Age2LP€37.00
Joss StoneLP1LP€35.00
Laura NyroTrees Of The Ages: Laura Nyro Live In Japan2LP€40.00
Linda HooverI Mean To ShineLP€30.00
Lou Reed and Kris KristoffersonThe Bottom Line Archive Series: In Their Own Words: With Vin Scelsa (3LP)3LP€40.00
Muffs, TheNew Improved Kim Shattuck DemosLP€25.00
Night BeatsValentine SessionsLP€36.00
Noel Gallagher’s High Flying BirdsMagic Secrets 20227″€16.00
Pretty RecklessGoing To HellLP€40.00
Prodigy, TheThe Day Is My Enemy Remix AlbumLP€37.00
Rationals, TheThe RationalsLP€30.00
Robert Lester FolsomMusic and DreamsLP€34.00
Ron SexsmithLong Player Late BloomerLP€37.00
Ryan Hamilton1221LP€25.00
Suzanne VegaClose UpLP€37.00
SweetPlatinum Rare VOL 22LP€50.00
Various ArtistsThe Wanderer – a tribute to Jackie Leven2LP€40.00
Various ArtistsEarthbeat2LP€50.00
Warrior SoulOdds & EndsLP€30.00
Weyes BloodThe InnocentsLP€35.00
Weyes BloodA Certain Kind b/w Everybody’s Talkin’7″€18.00

Sony RSD 2022 List with Prices

ArtistTitleFormatFormat details/ Reason behind releaseretail price euro
Alice In ChainsWe Die Young12″ Maxi Vinyl SingleOriginally released in 1990 as a promotional only vinyl, Alice In Chains’ first studio EPWe Die Youngwill see a limited edition release on Record Store Day.With remastered audio by Bob Ludwig, the three track EP includes 2 tracks which later ended up on the band’s debut albumFaceliftalong with the track “Killing Yourself,” exclusive to this EP.€ 24.00
Beth OrtonCentral Reservationx2 Pillar Box Red Colour LP VinylCentral Reservation makes a welcome return to vinyl having not been available outside the US since its release in 1999.
The album which saw Beth win a BRIT Award and a Mercury Prize nomination is presented as a limited edition pillar box red colour.
€ 42.00
Beth OrtonTrailer Parkx2 American Diner Blue Colour LP VinylTrailer Park makes a welcome return to vinyl and has been pressed across 2LPs for the first time to ensure a superior audio quality. The track Whenever has been re-instated having been left off the original 1LP release. This BRIT Award and Mercury Prize nominated album is presented as a limited edition vinyl in a blue colour you might find on a formica table top in a diner out in the wilds between San Fran and LA.€ 42.00
Cypress HillThe 420 Remixes10″ VinylCypress Hill’s debut album has always been an instant classic. For the 30thAnniversary in 2021, two brand new remixes were released digitally of your favorite tracks and now they are ready to take the turntables. The 420 Remixespressed on Black 10” Vinyl.€ 24.00
Deacon BlueRaintown (35th anniversary)LP VinylNew 25th anniversary edition of Deacon Blue’s classic debut, featuring an additional insert with new liner notes by front man Ricky Ross and foil embellished sleeve. Each copy is individually numbered. £1 from every sale will be donated to War Child.€ 39.00
FutureDS2x2 Teal Colour LP VinylDS2, Future’s Third studio album is now on teal colored vinyl! Listen to the classic album full of thumping trap beats with this RSD special.€ 42.00
Joan Jett & The BlackheartsAcousticsLP VinylAcousticsis the first-ever acoustic vinyl release from Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. This 8 songcollection includes 5 newly recorded acoustic tracks from upcoming double-LP ‘Changeup’ plus 3 previously unreleased acoustics exclusive to this Record Store Day piece only, including hits “I Hate Myself For Loving You” and “Bad Reputation (Live In Los Angeles)”.€ 32.00
Lou ReedI’m So Free: 1971 RCA DemosLP VinylOn October 27th, 1971, Lou Reed walked into the first recording session of his solo career.I’m So Free: The 1971 RCA Demosis a collection of those rare recordings.This is Reed as few have ever heard him: the songwriter at work, pure and alone, before the noise, swagger and legend. Released on vinyl for the first time, the 13 tracks on this LP are an unprecedented addition to Reed’s rock & roll life on record. His next four decades –more than 30 studio and concert albums of lyric challenge, incendiary guitar and iron-willed vision until his death in October, 2013 –start here.he final iteration of these demos can be found across Reed’s discography including S/T, Transformer, Berlin, and Sally Can’t Dance.€ 32.00
Mariah Carey#1’sx2 Black LP Vinyl#1’sis a collection of Mariah Carey’s first 13 chart topping singles. Originally released in 1998, this greatest hitsalbum includes the classics “Always Be My Baby,” “Fantasy” and “One Sweet Day,” along with 4 bonus tracks included on the original vinyl pressing.€ 38.00
Patti SmithCurated by Record Store Dayx2 Black LP VinylNew 2-LP compilation of classic Patti Smith tracks from 1974 –1996, curated by Record Store Day. Includes “Gloria,” “Because The Night,” “Dancing Barefoot” and “People Have The Power.”€ 38.00
Primal ScreamShine Like Stars (Weatherall mix)12″ Maxi Vinyl SinglePreviously released as part of the Screamadelica 30th Anniversary 12” Singles Box, this recently discovered remix (and accompanying instrumental) of ‘Shine Like Stars’ by the album’s late and beloved producer Andrew Weatherall is now exclusively released for Record Store Day 2022.€ 24.00
SantanaSplendiferous Santanax2 Black LP Vinyl‘Splendiferous Santana” is a new2-LP compilation, personally curated by Carlos Santana,showcasing highlights drawn from Santana’s musical output spanning 2003-2019. It focuses on the too-often-underappreciated, yet creatively fertile period following Santana’s 1998 induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the massive success of 1999’s‘Supernatural’. In the wake of ’Supernatural’, Santanareleased a series of remarkable recordings, among them 2003’s‘Shaman’, 2005’s‘All That I Am‘and 2014’s ‘Corazón’, that stand with the best that Carlos, or his band, have ever made. Many of these songs and performances were overlooked at the time of theirreleaseand are being presented anew on‘SplendiferousSantana’as essential musical elements in the Santana canon.€ 38.00
The Jimi Hendix ExperienceAngel / Message To Love7″ White VinylRecorded at Hendrix’s newly created recording facility, Electric Lady Studios in 1970, “Angel (Take 7),” makes up Side A of this exclusive 7″ single white vinyl release. The track was recently released for the first time as part of theElectric Lady Studios: A Jimi Hendrix Visionalbum. Side B includes previously unreleased “Message to Love” was recorded in 1970 at New York Pop Festival at Downing Stadium on New York’s Randall’s Island. Both tracks are among the last recorded, just before the legendary musician’s untimely death.€ 24.00
Miles DavisLive In Montreal, July 7, 1983x2 Black LP VinylThis double LP release includes one of Miles Davis’ final great bands including John Scofield on guitar, Bill“The Other Bill Evans” Evans on saxophones, flute and electric piano, Darryl Jones on bass, Al Foster on drums and percussionist Mino Cinelu. Miles was back in amazing form (“incandescent and iridescent as ever” as Greg Tate noted), when he mounted the stage at the Theatre St-Denis during theFestival International De Jazz De Montrealin July 1983 and this release is the first time this revelatory performance will be released. It has been lovingly mixed and mastered and will be included on CD and digitally in the next edition of the Miles Davis Bootleg series that focuses on the 1981-1985 period, coming later in the year, but the Record Store Day release would be it’s exclusive release on vinyl.What It Isincludes tracks from that year’s releaseStar People, the Marcus Miller tune “Hopscotch” and the song “Jean-Pierre” that appeared on 1982’sWe Want Miles. The recordings of “What It Is” and “That’s What Happened” were so well thought of by Miles that he utilized them for his 1984 releaseDecoy, but in heavily edited form and this release would include the first release of them in complete form. Packaged in beautiful gatefold packaging, the album features liner notes penned by the incomparable music journalist Greg Tate and represent some of his final writing.€ 38.00
Pearl JamLive On Two Legsx2 translucent Colour LP VinylOriginally released in 1998, ‘Live OnTwo Legs’ documents the band’s US Summer tour that year in support of the ‘Yield’ album. 16 tracks, 2-LP gatefold packaging.€ 42.00
PrinceThe Gold Experience Deluxex2 translucent Gold coloured LP VinylThe Gold Experiencewas the first full-length Prince album to be credited to his unpronounceable symbol, (SYMBOL ICON), and was released at the most public, heated stage of his battle with the major label industrial complex. With the word “SLAVE” written on one cheek, Prince shined on the opulent ballads “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” and “Gold” and the defiant single “Eye Hate U,” and the album earned widespread critical acclaim. The Record Store Day re-release ofThe Gold Experienceis an homage to the rare US-only promo version of the album that was released in 1995. The two-LP set is pressed onto translucent gold vinyl with a bonus suite of “Eye Hate U” remixes on Side D.€ 42.00

New Band Of Horses, Some Cracking Irish Releases, RSD First Look And Out Galavanting After Today’s Ad

Hi Everyone

Hope all is well….i’m as excited as a little baby puppy…i am…A LAZARUS SOUL are playing Coughlans Live tonight with support from ARRIVALISTS  and i am as excited as a little puppy…this is the one, ohh this is the one…pure magic are the only words for it…what should be a great night of class music….when all the gigs were been canceled march/april/may 2020 and the shite was hitting the fan i think i had about 7 tickets bought for various gigs, but this was the one i was most looking forward to and most disappointed when it was canceled …here we are now though!! Pure magic…..great band  by the way in case they are new to you

Here is “ funeral sessions” from A LAZARUS SOUL

Right enough about me…here are the releases in the siopa for this Friday the 18th of Feb…



Khruangbin & Leon BridgesWHITE LIES , SPIRITUALIZED


And now we have the releases for the 25th of feb…the new JOHNNY MARR album, SOFT CELL TANKARD boxset, AVRIL LAVIGNE  and a new RICHARD CLAYDERMAN comp.


The main point of attack of this weeks ad is friday March 4th …ah Terry harsh kid…Terry is a pushing on geezer from the east end of London town who one day 5 or 6  years ago said to me…” you know it was in your ad” and i was looking at him as if he had 3 heads and was from London town…he repeated it a bit more floury in a thick London accent “ it was in your fuckin AD” …Ad…is he talking about my weekly masterpiece…fucking Ad he is calling it…i never thought of it like that and off course he was right, would;nt tell him that though….should;nt have said he was pushing on either i suppose! Rumour has it he pushed Adam Ant off the stage they shared when playing a gig together back in the day in London town…be careful out there Bob! …anyway the 4th of March…sorry first….RSD will jump upon us very soon and i know theres a few leaks and slippages out there already…we will as ever, like every other year, send out the full lists when we are allowed to and we shall ask for wishlists as usual and will keep the lines of communication as open as we can…so more on that over the weeks…critical point …a wishlisted record is not a guarantee..anyway more on that over the weeks but back to the AD.

 We were caught a bit by surprise with the RSD 2022 List of Releases. It’s just been announced, here is a link to the list: RSD 2022 Releases

We will have more in-depth info next week with prices but will start the wishlist in the shop now so the book is open now for any requests!

Right so, the 4th of March, Warner have the brand new BAND OF HORSES album on BMG entitled “ things are great” …6th album now from Ben Bridwell’s alt country rockers from Seattle…there has been a lineup change and Ben says he is back with renewed vigor…this is available on CD, std lp and indie shop only coloured vinyl…i like their sound…here is “ in need of repair” from the new record

BMG also have JOHN MCLAUGHLIN “ the montreux years” on CD and LP, PINK FLOYD MUSIC LTD reissue debut “ piper at the gates of dawn” on mono, yep remastered from the original mono tapes…remaster was 2017 and a very limited release in 2018 so released again now.

Rhino have a reissue of RANDY NEWMANs 4th album “ good old boys” as a 2lp, there is a new MARIANNE FAITHFULL album “ vagabond ways” on cd and lp, mainly covers i think, produced by Daniel Lanois…. brand new SABATON album also out on the 4th March via nuclear blast “ the war to end all wars “ …well hopefully not!…cd, deluxe cd and lp on this one.

Last one from Warner for the 4th of March is the second album from MIKE CAMPBELL AND THE DIRTY KNOBS “ external combustion” on BMG…Mike was TOM PETTYs sidekick in the heartbreakers for years and this is now his second album since his life changed forever in 2017…CD only for now on this one, lp later in the year…here is “ wicked man” from the new album…good ole fashioned rock n roll

UNIVERSAL for the 4th March have the debut album by KAWALA on EMI records called “ better with you” …here is im good like this from the album

Bluenotes Tone Poet series returns with 2 more titles on the 4th March …with SONNY REDs “ out of the blue” and GRANT GREENs “ the latin bit” getting the high quality represses out of Record Technology Incorporated ( RTI)

Because music has a reissue of the CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS debut album “ Chaleur Humaine” on vinyl.

Lovely, interesting Irish release ( half cork like) out on the 4th of march via Dimple discs is the debut album by Jackknife Lee and Cathal Couglan TELEFIS … the record is called A HAON… it  is an exploration of Irish nostalgia and modern global hierarchies,

strange characters and caricatures springing from Coughlan’s fertile imagination,

while Jacknife Lee creates irresistible electro-funk backdrops full of melodic,

squelchy synths and thunderous basslines.

Here is one of  the tracks from it “ mister imperator”

The Orchard for the 4th of March  sees the release of STEREOPHONICS brand new album ‘Oochya!’, their 12th studio album featuring the new single ‘Hanging On Your Hinges’. 

The veteran Welsh rock band were formed 30 years ago, in 1992, and 2022 also marks 25 years since the release of their debut album. 

We also have Canadian folk band The Weather Station – ‘How Is It That I Should Look At The Stars‘, self-described as “a quiet, strange album of ballads” – please note stock limited so cuts may have to be made….at the moment we are allocated for 10 copies of the indies vinyl version but with the orchard trust me that can change….just warning ye…last years album was really good…here is “ endless time” from the new one

We hope to get a few copies of THE CORAL self titled lp reissue via ROM on white vinyl …it is expensive at 44 euro…due around the 4th march also.

Proper have a nice few for the 4th of March…Highlights  include the brand new studio album from Dolly Parton…available on cd and lp,  the debut release from the brilliant CMAT….here is “ lonely” from the debut album

CMAT is the stage name of Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson, from Dublin Ireland, one to watch out for me thinks…she says  “I realised the thing I was best at in music was toplining – coming up with melodies, lyrics, hooks, arrangements, structure; the skeletal form of everything is what I know I can do.”

Well thats some start! Available on cd, std lp, indies lp and cassette i think also.

 Proper also have a  beautifully repackaged reissue from Mulligan Records of the landmark Andy Irvine/Paul Brady album on indies coloured lp and cd….beautiful album.

Going to hand ye over to Shane now who will run through a few interesting but further down the line releases with ye..

Cheers Ray! Hey everyone, hope ye’re good and the week is going smoothly enough. Nothing massive this week compared to last but some interesting ones coming up nonetheless that we thought were worth a mention.

First up is a reissue of the excellent debut record by Goldfrapp, ‘Felt Mountain’. It’s going to be available on limited gold vinyl which is nice. That will be out on March 25th through Warner. Here’s one of the singles from it, ‘Utopia’

 Second up is a very limited ‘fastest finger first’ 12″ EP release from up and coming London band FOLLY GROUP, they’ve a post-punky sound, the singer of IDLES is a fan and has been giving them rave reviews. Lots of interesting stuff coming out of London. You picked a good spot Bob! Here’s a track from the new EP

Thirdly is the brand new album by CYPRESS HILL called ‘Back in Black’ (sounds familiar!) which will also be out on March 25th. Their last one ‘Elephants on Acid’ was quality, so looking forward to it.

Also, just a quick note, there are a few other interesting ones coming. A first timer on vinyl live album by QUEENSRYCHE, an interesting hidden gem 70s compilation from David Hepworth and a HALL AND OATES reissue of ‘Marigold Sky’

Anyway those are the main ones that are coming down the line, but not too far away either.

Back to you Ray! Enjoy the gig tonight!

Thanks Shane!

Right INTEGRAL for the 4th march have the reissue of BRONSKI BEATs debut, a brand new Porches album, a lovely couple of reissues from SOUL JAZZ records “ studio one dub” and The Winstons ‘Color Him Father’ .

Lastly for this weeks ad so is Integral for the 11th March, there is a brand new album by ALEX CAMERON “ oxy music” on Secretly Canadian , a fine FRANZ FERDINAND best of compilation on Domino on loads of different formats, there is a brand new album also from JENNY HVAL and last but not least is another Irish release ( really nice sprinkling of Irish releases across this week’s newsletter…great to see) this one is a brand new EP from Dublin band SPRINTS …ep is called “ a modern job” …here is a cracking tune from it “ how does the story go”

…its out via nice swan records…i be honest the 3 tunes i have heard from this band are cracking…really cracking.

Sin e for this week really

Im off out galavanting

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Shane and Young Adam

Johnny Marr Is Back, New Chilis Album With J.F., Beth Hart Does Zeppelin And CD Love

Hi folks

Hope all is well.

Few nice little interesting bits landed into the shop in the last week which I may not have mentioned before now. We are delighted to get some copies of the new ARRIVALISTS album on CD …beautifully packaged CD to be fair, full of beautiful songs…” last of the written words “ it is called.

We have got copies of JOHN BLEK’S “ on ether and air” on cassette!!

And local metal band SOOTHSAYER have a brand new cd out “ echoes of the earth”…the new BIG THIEF album is sounding only lush to me also.

Right firstly we have releases in the siopa for this Friday the 11th Feb …the new ALT J record “ the dream “ , SLASH album featuring MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS 
 AMORPHIS “ halo” ,BRUNO MARSSEPULTURA,  John Prine tribute album, new EMPATH STOCKTON’S WING,  FRANK TURNER,  KANYE WEST and EDDIE VEDDER‘s new solo album 



Khruangbin & Leon BridgesWHITE LIES , SPIRITUALIZED

.i think i may have forgot to plug the Cargo releases for the 18th last week with all my excitement in giving out about spotify…i won’t go there again for fear of more abuse..( im serious !) so Cargo for the 18th Feb have the new album by ANDY BELL “ flicker” as CD or limited clear vinyl, there is a ROLLING STONES “live in london and detroit 1969” tv and radio broadcasts on Rhythm and blues records and there are 2 JOHN FRUSCIANTE LP reissues of “ the empyrean “ and “ curtains” …Shane will have more on Frusciante later…oh yes indeedy…KANYE’s – my dark twisted lp is finally going to be back in stock thursday if anyone interested.

Right so , moving onto the releases for the 25th of Feb…Warner have the new JOHNNY MARR album on BMG/ADA called “ fever dreams pts 1 to 4” …it comprises a few eps released last year…i really like Johnny’s three solo albums to be honest, all good …this one is available as CD, std black vinyl as well as a limited turquoise vinyl…we were allocated 16 copies of this version so fine for now but wont last long either…here is “ lightning people” from the new record

Warner also for the 25th Feb have a brand new SOFT CELL album on BMG also…” happiness not included” …good title…MARC ALMOND and DAVE BALL return with their 5th studio album and first album in 20 years! This one is available on CD and indies only yellow vinyl version…here is “ heart like chernobyl” from the new album.

Warner also has a TANKARD boxset, brand new AVRIL LAVIGNE on CD and a new RICHARD CLAYDERMAN comp.

UNIVERSAL for the 25th of Feb have a brand new album from TEARS FOR FEARS on Concord…” tipping point” is the title and it is available on a few formats, CD, deluxe CD, std vinyl and a limited indies only green vinyl…fine band in their day and this is their first studio album in nearly 20 years also…here is the title track for the album

Tears For Fears – The Tipping Point (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Another interesting release from Concord on the 25th of Feb is the new ROBERT GLASPER album “ black radio 3” …CD and LP available on this one from the four time grammy winner..a mish mash of hip hop, R&B and Jazz …quality stuff…here is black superhero from the new album

Robert Glasper – Black Superhero (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Brand new Rock album from SCORPIONS on Spinefarm records also out via Uni.

“ rock believer” is the title and is available as a CD, 2CD deluxe, LP and limited 2LP gatefold ..the deluxe versions have the full 16 tracks…just 11 tracks on the one disc versions.

Impulse reissue two Jazz classics with self titled releases of DUKE & COLTRANE and also COLTRANE & JOHNNY HARTMANN.

UMC have a reissue of YUSEF/CAT STEVENS “ teaser & the firecat” and there is a CURTIS STIGERS release on cd and lp..compilation type of thing.

Sony for the 25th of Feb has a debut album by Londoner BAKAR on black butter records…its available on cd. Lp and an indies only white version also…could be hearing a lot more from him i think in years to come…here is the 1st time from the debut record

Bakar – 1st Time (Official Video) – YouTube

Lots of talk/articles online about “the cd revival”…it never needed to be revived from where we sit, granted we do more vinyl but we do sell nice levels on cd as well…generally on the new releases to be fair…back catalogue is slow to be fair ( our customers have the back catologue already!!) …in the uk in 2021 physical music was up 7.3% on 2020…the first growth in physical music in nearly 20 years…see the cd was in decline year after year…CD sales increased by nearly 2% last year for again the first time in 20 years…vinyl grew once more by over 20% in the uk to 135 million pounds…is there a stabilization of the physical formats? We hope so obviously!…streaming has the bulk of the revenue with 85% of the market and downloads fell again by 27% …back to the CD…if you are an up and coming band /artist ( in my opinion) you have to produce a cd..ideally vinyl also..tee shirts, mugs, lyric books, hats, sandals..anything else you can sell from your merch table after a small show…you will sell them…bands that don’t produce a CD are nuts in my opinion…why not ? cost of making them is low and they will sell…why not make them…it makes no sense …and we saw it in the last few years that some bands/artists were not releasing their albums on CD…mistake in my opinion, you should be….CD sales were probably helped along last year by the trouble with stocking vinyl and also  the price difference between the two formats…sometimes a CD is a third of the price of the lp…thats mad as well…look from where things were for the physical record shops 10/12 years ago…its great to see growth again…there was a cull of record shops back then when probably only 20% of shops survived…over 200 here in 2005 and down to 40 by 2013..UK similar…over 2000 down to less than 300 shops in 2012…last shop standing was really a thing…fingernails stuff i remember it well, running on fumes..not enjoyable…so look hopefully a period of stability ahead for us record shops with lots of cds and lps selling and a few cassettes throw in !!

Going to hand over to Shane now as he tells ye about some interesting further down the line releases …

Sound Ray, cheers!

Hey everyone! Hope ye’re all getting on ok! Definitely some interesting ones to mention this week. Biggies as well.
First up is the third album by Australian band Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. They’ve a really good summery indie sound. We all enjoyed their last two in the shop. Lots of good stuff coming from Australia in recent years. This one is called ‘Endless Rooms’ and it’s out on the 6th of May. We were only allocated a small amount of the indies yellow coloured vinyl… so as Bob and Ray say, ‘fastest fingers first’ for them here 
Best to order straight from the link there if interested as emails might be missed over night/until morning.

Second up is the brand new album by RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS called ‘Unlimited Love’. It’s going to be released on April 1st. First album back with legendary guitar player John Frusciante since ‘Stadium Arcadium’ I think in the 06/07 season. They released the first single from it a few days ago and John’s playing/sound is recognizable straight away…here tis
He’s a lucky boy to be alive, like a lot of musicians down the years.
Great to see him back. We will have the indies coloured version plus other formats!

Thirdly, and another biggie, LIAM GALLAGHER‘s new solo record is coming on May 27th. ‘C’mon You Know’ it’s called. Liam has been doing well in the last few years. 

and finally, two quick mentions. There’s a nice Hip-Hop compilation coming on March 18th, not too far away, with loads of big names included. It’s on limited coloured vinyl from Music on Vinyl.

And we will have vinyl copies of the debut album by Cork band ROWAN, they’ve a good sound, here’s ‘Everybody Talks’

Back to the gaffer!

Thanks Shane!

We have a few videos to share as well…Young Adam makes his debut!!

here’s last week’s:

and this weeks vid:

Right Integral for the 25th feb were to have the new SPIRITUALIZED album but its now moved to April…it turned into a dogs dinner for us as we thought we were allocated 4 copies of deluxe vers and 4 of jap vers …only to be told this week just 1 copy of each now…had to disappoint 6 people…not finding a record when someone buys it off the site and overselling are two parts of the job that bug the hell out of me…the missing record is one of those things, human error somewhere, it will happen, apologise and move on…its an error….but the overselling does my head in…give us a firm allocation, be it 1 but dont say 10 and then its 2…it leaves us exposed and you cant blame folk for being pissed off…anyway spiritualized was a dogs dinner as was slash cd boxset..sorry again to those affected.

PROPER for the 25th feb have a brand new BETH HART release on Provogue “ a tribute to Led Zeppelin” on cd, std 2lp and indies only orange 2lp…some undertaking!!

Here is “ good times, bad times” from the album…they make a fine fist of it in fairness

Beth Hart – Good Times Bad Times (A Tribute To Led Zeppelin) – YouTube

Proper also have a brand new TANGERINE DREAM album as well as the new HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT CD.

INTEGRAL for the 4th March have a reissue on London records of BRONSKI BEATS “ age of consent” , there is a brand new album from PORCHES on Domino called “ all day gentle hold!” and SOUL JAZZ records have a couple of nice releases…STUDIO ONE DUB gets reissued for the first time in 18 years ..available as an orange coloured CD and as a strictly one press only on 2lp orange vinyl with download code…lastly SOUL JAZZ reissue THE WINSTONS “ color him father” on LP and a one sided 12”…” amen brother” a track on the album is the most sampled drum break of all time..over 5000 samples…THE WINSTONS were made up from the backing bands of Otis Redding and Curtis Mayfield ( say no more nearly Raymond) and only released this one album before splitting up ( citing difficulties in america with touring due to their inter racial line up)….this lp has not been out for over 50 years and now soul jazz are putting it out…one press only again…here is “ amen brother” from THE WINSTONS

The Winstons – Amen Brother – YouTube

Sin e for this week really folks

Thanks for listening as always!

Ray, Shane and Young Adam.