A Band With Great Hope In The Industry, Our Trip To Tipp, and It’s The Bowie Set Time Of Year!

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Nice few vinyl record and CD releases and reissues out today in siopa Musiczone.ie.



Video for the last two weeks now up to view here… Quite a bit in it, some nice stuff!

Right so onto releases for the 5th of October… First up I suppose has to be the new record by TWENTY ONE PILOTS

Biggest Alternative band in the world / 6 million singles sold in the UK / 600k albums sold in UK / 12 million albums sold worldwide / 41 million singles sold worldwide.

This band are a bit of a great hope in the industry… In my opinion anyway..  They have connected with a young audience who idolize them… A young audience who buy up physical product, cds, lps, merch… This band have made a mark on the teenage generation and seem to have held their attention… Some feat that i’d say… Catchy tunes on the last album BLURRY FACE… This new record is available on CD, CASSETTE, LP and Indies Coloured DLP…. It’s out via Atlantic/Warner.

Warner also the classic TELEVISION Album “Marquee Moon” 2LP Deluxe Vinyl will be released on 5th October on blue vinyl with the original album plus an additional LP of bonus tracks that featured on the 2003 remastered CD.
Warner also have a newish album by ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN… Well it’s reworkings of some of their songs and man hadn’t they some great songs… It’s called “The Stars, The Moons and The Ocean” on CD, LP, and indies only coloured double LP also as well as a new album by BEHEMOTH… The last album done really well “The Satanist”, and again this one is available on a rake of formats.

Warner also have a KATIE MELUA GREATEST HITS, a new album by DOYLE BRAMHALL, a LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM solo compilation, and the GOO GOO DOLLS “Dizzy Up The Girl” LP reissue.
Myself and Bob went on the trip to Tipp for FEILE CLASSICAL last weekend and we had a right good time… There really was a smashing atmosphere in Semple stadium the whole weekend… We were working at it… Taking pre-orders for the Live CD/DVD or CD that is going to be released in November of the show… The days were long but enjoyable… One would hold fort while the other caught a gig, so over the two nights we both saw everyone… Trade was good enough without being fantastic but the show was cracking… I saw the Franks for maybe the 30th time… As cracking as always… Great tunes… Could/should have really exciting news about THE FRANKS and Musiczone.ie corporation in the near future..

HOTHOUSE FLOWERS were very musical but maybe not as stomping as some of the others… FOUR OF US were good… Great to catch AN EMOTIONAL FISH as Ii never saw them back in the day whereas had seen everyone else… They reformed for FEILE I believe and Jerry gave it socks to be fair… I saw them the first night, Bob the second night… My night during “Celebrate” Jerry left the stage mid song (stage was on the field about 40 yards from the covered stand where the punters were) and continued through the field up into the crowd in the stand… To the very top of the stand where each and everyone of us sang “celebrate, this party’s over, i’m going home” for a few minutes…. A few attempted to invade the pitch on the Friday… All female from what I could see! But the security seemed to have their numbers… Sound security to be fair up there… So the pitch stayed univaded on Friday…

Bob saw AN EMOTIONAL FISH the Saturday night… On 3rd on the bill…. This time when Jerry tried to enter the stand, security kind of stopped him so he was running around the field belting out CELEBRATE when some few escaped onto the field creating gaps in the security cord… It was on… Pitch invasion full style (i’m sure the organisers had it in their plans… The pitch invasion.. But the 40 somethings were rebelling… Punk rockers!…) I was back up for SOMETHING HAPPENS after the invasion and the atmosphere was unbelievably good… I’m sure the gig will live long in the memory of the bands/artists as it arguably could have been as good as any gig they done…

Bob then saw THE HOTHOUSE FLOWERS and I was up for THE STUNNING about half 10, not half 2…  And shit it was only brilliant… 5 tunes… “What Goes Up Must Come Down”, “Heads Gonna Roll”, with its brilliant brass/trumpets/strings throughout… Really really good… “Half Past 2”, “Romeos On Fire”, and of course “Brewing Up A Storm”… Nearly took the roofs of all the houses in Thurles… It was class… Maybe a bit of a perfect storm of a night … But this 40 something Rebel was in his element! Highly recommended!!

UNIVERSAL for the 5th of October have a Deluxe version of JOHN LENNON’s “Imagine” album… The super deluxe box containing 4CDs and Two Bluray has 140 tracks….  Deluxe 2CD and Deluxe 2LP also.

Uni also have new albums by NAS and KT TUNSTALL and a new album by LADY GAGA… It’s the soundtrack to the film “A Star Is Born” which the lady is in and as far as I know they are all new tunes by GAGA on the album.

Universal also have a rare BOB SEGER & THE LAST HEARD release from 66/67 called “ Heavy Music – Complete” as well as a brand new HILARY HAHN album and some nice LP reissues by BLOC PARTY “Silent Alarm”, DJ SHADOW “Private Press”, TRICKY – “Maxinquaye”, BUSH “16 Stone” , JOHNNY HATES JAZZ “Turn Back The Clock”, and lastly a nice one also JOHN WILLIAMS – “A Life In Music” all on the auld gorgeous vinyl record.

SONY have a new album by HUGH CORNWELL called “Master”.
OK so time to get the auld hat out again… A big hat this time….. A truly special hat.. A hat that arguably no other man could fill… Yes it’s time for the new BOWIE box “Loving The Alien”… Info here if you haven’t already seen it… Out on the 12th of October but for the purposes of hats and caps a special mention today…

LP Box Set:

88 Page hardback book / Let’s Dance (remastered) (1LP) / Serious Moonlight (Live ’83) (previously unreleased) (2LP)* / Tonight (remastered) (1LP) / Never Let Me Down (remastered) (1LP) / Never Let Me Down (2018) (previously unreleased) (2LP – side 4 is etched)* / Glass Spider (Live Montreal ’87) (previously unreleased on vinyl) (3LP)* Dance (2LP)* / Re:Call 4 (non-album singles, edits, single versions, b-sides and soundtrack music) (remastered) (3LP)*

* Exclusive to ‘Loving The Alien (1983-1988) LP box’

CD Box Set

CD Box Set: 128 Page hardback book / Let’s Dance (remastered) (1CD) / Serious Moonlight (Live ’83) (previously unreleased) (2CD) / Tonight (remastered) (1CD) / Never Let Me Down (remastered) (1CD) / Never Let Me Down 2018 (previously unreleased) (1CD)* / Glass Spider (Live Montreal ’87) (2CD) / Dance (1CD)* Re:Call 4 (non-album singles, edits, single versions, b-sides and soundtrack music) (remastered) (2CD)*

* Exclusive to ‘Loving The Alien (1983-1988)’

As with other years we have secured a really good price we feel… So its a same as the other two sets… 225EUR best price pre-order job… 225…. And we have lovely merch… Looks great… So guaranteed at least one item from T-Shirt, Tote Bag or Slipmat… Email tee size with your order if interested… No guarantee but should be grand for tees… Heres some images of the merch to help ease that hand towards that pocket and gently and slowly towards the hat … Installments kool and the gang also with us as usual… We can put it in the book and you can make smaller regular contributions towards the hat.

PIAS for the 5th of October have the new PHOSPHORESCENT Record out on Dead Oceans called “C’est La Vie”… First record in 5 years… Indies only coloured vinyl on this one… If this indie rock/pop band are new to you and you like the auld indie rock/pop stuff then I believe you wont go far wrong with them…. Worth checking out..

PIAS via Domino also have the new CAT POWER record called “Wanderer” again on Indies Only Vinyl as well as Standard LP and CD… Clear vinyl this time.

The Orchard have the new album by the excellent singer/songwriter folkster Mr. JOHN SMITH for the 5th of October.

It is called “Hummingbird” and JOHN is playing two gigs in Coughlans on Weds the 10th and Thurs the 11th of Oct which should be lovely nights… We are also delighted to announce John is going to do a little instore for us on Thursday the 11th of October at 5PM!…We would be really delighted if some of ye folks were able to make it in for it.

Here’s one of the newest tunes…

PROPER have new albums by JAKOB BRO and YOU ME AT 6.

MUSIC ON VINYL have the reissue of the  album by ALICE COOPER “From the Inside” 1.5k are numbered and coloured..
Sin é for this week folks…. Bit went on I suppose.

Go raibh maith agat do chluas a thabhairt

A Busy Time with Feile Classical, Kodaline new and blue, and a Mr. Petty Set

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well…

Lily O Brien is four years old today…Hozier’s debut record is four years old yesterday, Cormac O Briens 21st was four years ago yesterday also…was a busy time…time..a funny thing.

Lily has the ear…Zach to a degree but Lily has the ear…i kind of knew it when she was maybe 2 and a half when i brought her to Marlene Enrights instore for the launch of her choice nominated debut album “placemats and second cuts “ .. Zach was at a birthday party and lily never really flinched from my side for the 30 minutes or so of the lovely gig…here again if you missed it…fair feat for a fledgling…if she didnt dig it though the whole house would have known so major kudos to Marlene!

Now she has Mamma mia soundtracks and george ezra on the go in the car…four today, not too bad a start musically Lily girl… jees ABBA were the real deal weren’t they…what hooks…Zach likes a bit of Bowie ( which will please some of ye) starman and ch ch ch ch ch changes been two of his favs….Bonnies a bit small yet but bops around in her carseat to almost everything.

In the shop today the 21st of sept are vinyl record and cd releases by ( excuse above i never set out with any plan really hence you get what you get)  VILLAGERS, SLASH, SUEDE, PRINCE, CHRISTINE & THE QUEENS, JOE BONAMASSA, BILLY GIBBONS, THERAPY & a NOEL GALLAGHER 12” as well as reissues by THE RAMONES, MC5 boxset, LENNY KRAVITZ, ELBOW …first timer on LP for the best of and the TRUE ROMANCE soundtrack.

Nice few bits and pieces.

Releases for the 28th of Sept ( we will start at home again this week and boy do i love starting at home, where the heart is ) include via Sony the third album by our very own KODALINE on CD and LP and very very l*****d blue coloured lp…well i think its blue anyway, tis some colour other than black anyway…only 250 in the country. Yes that was a full stop…and aside from that we have a simple but nice competition…preorder the new Kodaline album CD or LP before next Fridays release day and be in with a chance to win a signed copy of the record on vinyl…signed copy of the new album…fairly nice…so pop us a mail if you are interested….onliners also, as always, welcome welcome…cead mile failte.

The record by KODALINE has a very good title “ the politics of living” which i would imagine in their world is so apt…all our worlds now…but theirs, frightening rubbish goes on id say.

Sony also for the 28th of Sept have a reissue of DAVID GROHLS “ play” .


Warner for the 28th of sept have a new CYPRESS HILL album on the BMG RIGHTS label called “ elephants on acid”  as well as new albums by CHER “ dancing queen “ an ABBA covers album which could do fairly well id say, JANELLE MONAEs release on LP of “ dirty computer” , CARDI Bs lp release of her album, new SEASICK STEVE album on CD.

Warner also for the 28th have a new ARETHA FRANKLIN compilation album on 2cd and 2lp “ the atlantic singles collection” , a PHIL COLLINS four cd set, best ofs on vinyl by URIAH HEAP and NAZARETH and BARENAKED LADIES reissue of “STUNT” on 2LP.

Last few bits from Warner are the new TOM PETTY CD box “ an american treasure” on 2 cd or 4 cd….the lp set is a black friday really l*****d release so will have my cap out for that one also to forewarn ye guys…plenty cap outings to be had in the coming weeks folks…we will try not to be shy about it.

Lastly Warner have a JOE STRUMMER boxset  on 3lp & 12” or 2cd…its a compilation outside of THE CLASH stuff …box actually includes lp, deluxe cd, 7” and bonus cassette.


PIAS have a deluxe reissue of “ COME ON PILGRIM “ ON 3LP or 3CD…gold vinyl edition which has come on pilgrim, surfer rosa and live from the fallout shelter” as well a new MUDHONEY album and a remix album by ALT J on infectious…a reworking of the relaxer album by hip hop artists.

Pias also some STEREOLAB LP reissues , THELONIOUS MONK “ monk” LP and CD reissue, BITCHIN BAJAS 7 cd set and HOLGER CZUKY lp and cd reissues.

UNI have a brand new album by NILE RODGERS & CHIC called its about time…25 years so fair enough title really i suppose..9 tracks or deluxe 10 track…lp in november with the CHIC logo embossed on it.

ROD STEWART has a new album with Universal with 10 original songs and 3 covers,,lp again nov, KID CUDI & KANYE “kids see ghosts” out on CD…LP in nov also, BILLY IDOL “ vital idol” revitalized.

STATUS QUO have expanded and deluxe editions of  four albums of theirs…LONGBRANCH & PENNYWHISTLE gets a reissue ( will pass loads of ye that one id say…eagles fans should maybe get it…the rest of ye throw yer hat at it id say…i need my hats so ill be keeping mine)

UNIVERSAL also have the next U2 lp reissue…this time its best of 90s GETTING THE REISSUE REMASTERED TREATMENT…VERY HIGH FOR THE QUALITY ON ALL the others so would expect the same here, FRATELLIS reissue on LP costello music, FALL OUT BOY  have a complete studio albums 11 lp set, CINDERELLA have a 5 cd set and some JOHN & BEVERLEY MARTIN LP reissues including stormbringer and road to ruin.

Lastly Universal have a new JOHN SCOFIELD  album and a new MARCUS MILLER album on LP only i think for now called “ laid back” and a new SOFT CELL 7” called northern lights.

Myself and the bob man are off to FEILE CLASSICAL tomorrow and back up SATURDAY again,  the Shane man is holding fort music zone for the two days…car full of caps we have…we are in an airstreamer on site inside semple stadium taking preorders on behalf of Warner and FEILE CLASSICAL for the live CD or live CD/DVD of the weekend’s events…12/14 tracks on cd and same on dvd i believe with a 30 minute documentary on the whole FEILE experience…looking forward to it….Irish bands i grew up on and have seen all in the past so looking forward to it all really…hope it goes smooth is the only thing…power, wifi, credit card machine…pop ups are notorious but trying to have a plan b for everything so twil work out ….price is alright 16 bucks on the cd/dvd version…we are attempting to bring the mountain to Mohammed…i hope it works out well for all involved..come find us for a natter if your up there…here the links if interested.


PROPER for the 28th of sept have a NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS 12” EP…satin finish sleeve..4 track ep…live from Copenhagen called “ distant sky” …four cracking tracks…a few quid expensive imo though.

Proper also have a new TONY JOE WHITE album called BAD MOUTHIN…more of a blues album than a swamp rock album.

EDDI READER has a brand new album on reveal records and a TOOTS LP reissue of ska father.

ROM have a new GRAHAM PARKER and MOUNT KIMBIE remix album.


THE ORCHARD have a new JOY FORMIDABLE album and a HOUSE OF LOVE 30th anniversary reissue.


MOV have FATS DOMINO and KOOL & THE GANG numbered and coloured collections..


Dont forget the excellent BURMA are with us on the sat the 6th of OCT.


Sin e for this weeks folks

Villagers Return With An Indies Deluxe Vinyl, Weller Sounding As Great As Ever, and Another Cracking In-Store Lined Up!

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Hope all is well..

Releases in the siopa today include the new PAUL WELLER album… Vocally he sounds great to be fair, and the songs sound and seem good… Will play it a few times again in the morning but on first few listens, liking it… Wellers last album was high up there on a lots of lads albums of the year in 2017…..  As it was released just last May… Productive boy for an auld boy with a fair bit of quality at the end of the day..

Also out today and a really different but very interesting listen is the new LOW album…. Quite a departure but really interesting atmospheric stuff going on… Definitely going to be playing more of this one also at the end of the day..

New albums also out by JUNGLE, RICHARD THOMPSON (not in just yet, early next week now..), ORBITAL (same as Mr. Thompson..), MARC RIBOT, CARRIE UNDERWOOD, DIANA KRALL/TONY BENNETT and WILLIE NELSON. Reissues in the shop today include albums by TOM WAITS, DENNIS BROWN, THE HOUSEMARTINS and SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES.
Couple of brand new EPs also from SLEAFORD MODS and APHEX TWIN.

Video up here for you all!

So nice couple of bits today the 14th of Sept and next week the 21st is probably one of the better release days of the year to be fair..

We will start at home and deservedly so… Domino have the new VILLAGERS album ‘The Art Of Pretending To Swim’, out next Friday the 21st, really disappointed that there seems to be no Cork gig on the upcoming album tour… Bobby saw him at that festival in Waterford there in the summer and he was the highlight for the Bob man and I don’t think to be fair he would have been hugely on Bobby’s radar before that… But he can produce it live as well as in the studio.

Always restless and inventive while remaining true to the power and glory of songwriting and melody, Conor O’Brien has made another great leap forward with Villagers’ fourth studio album, ‘The Art Of Pretending To Swim’, released by Domino.  The album was written, produced, mixed and primarily performed by Conor O’Brien in his Dublin studio.
CD in wallet with 12-page booklet. Heavyweight vinyl LP with 4-page booklet and digital download card.  Available to independent retailers on black heavyweight vinyl LP with bonus red vinyl 10” featuring the tracks ‘Ada (Extended)’ and ‘This Is The Art Of Pretending To Swim’, 4-page booklet and digital download card.

Delighted to take names for any formats folks… At the end of the day.

JOHANN JOHANNSSON OST to “Mandy” on CD, LP and Indies only LP also next week through PIAS.

PIAS also have a cassette release of last years CIGARETTES AFTER SEX debut album which has been my album of choice over the last week or two as well as the debut album by Galway / Cork band DOTT which was very kindly bought for me, Bobby and Shane by a friend of the shop who doubles as a  music philanthropist… Top stuff everywhere.

Universal for the 21st of Sept have the difficult, not so difficult me thinks, second album by CHRISTINE & THE QUEENS on Because records called “CHRIS”  available on 2CD English album, 2LP/CD French album, 2LP/CD English album, or a fairly l*****d boxset… Yes indeedddyy… L*****d to 10k worldwide… 3k to the UK and 300 here in Ireland… It’s a  l*****d & numbered english and french editions 4LPs/2CDs & 2 posters and exclusive alternate cover… Best price on pre-orders on the set… Did i say its l*****d… Is 43 euro… Ah for f***s sake Roy, I mean Ray, will ya cope on.
That boy has probably got more column inches in the last 25 years that anyone else… Loads of it garbage…. I’m an inbetweener where he is concerned…. But the column inches drive me a bit daft.. So time to let that ship sail for me anyway for once and for all.

Uni also have a new album soundtrack by MAX RICHTER “White Boy Rick” on CD only for now as well as new albums by BILLY F GIBBONS “BIg Bad Blues” on CD and indies only blue vinyl, french rapper MHD has a new one and there are some DVD releases on Eaglerock from the BEE GEES “One Night Only”, JEFF BECK live, GEORGE THOROGOOD live, and the classic RORY GALLAGHER documentary “Ghost Blues” gets a DVD reissue… All of these DVDs 8 quid.

Uni also have LYNYRD SKYNYRD “Live in Atlantic City” on 2CD/BLURAY or 2LP or DVD, a 4 CD set of CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT including the first albums and a load of extras as well as some LP reissues from LENNY KRAVITZ “Are You Going My Way” and “Mama Said”, and the MUPPETS “Christmas Carol” gets a vinyl release for the very first time.

WARNER for the 21st sept have a rack of good stuff also…

PRINCE “Piano & A Microphone” gets its release on CD and LP or as a CD/LP set… The first release from the Prince vaults.

SLASH has a new album called “Living The Dream” on l*****d  indies only red vinyl on Roadrunner… Myles Kennedy in tow as well i’d imagine… CD and Standard LP available also.
Warner also has the new album by SUEDE “The Blue Hour” on Rhino… Loads of formats CD, 2LP, BOXSET and indies only blue vinyl as well.
Warner also has a new album THERAPY called “Cleave” on CD or LP on Marshall records. There is a reissue of THE RAMONES “Road To Ruin” on CD, LP, and Boxset as well as a new NOEL GALLAGHER 12” “If Love Is The Law” on indies only purple vinyl.

Getting there with Warner now lads… I prefer rambling rammases rather than horsing the new stuff at ye like… Bills to pay though so Warner also have a brand new JOE BONAMASSA album “Redemption” on CD, Deluxe CD, Standard black LP and yellow indies only vinyl on Provogue. MC5 “Total Assault” all three albums on different coloured vinyl as well through Warner.
Lastly from Warner for the 21st is a GEORGE JONES 50th Anniversary Tribute Concert.

Feast or Famine and it’s a famine with Sony on the 21st … Naught really to talk about here folks.


THE ORCHARD have a new HUDSON TAYLOR mini album on CD & LP , four new tracks from the studio and four live tracks from the Olympia, debut album by BLACK HONEY and new album by TOM BAXTER.
Orchard have the next batch of FELT reissues, albums 6 to 10 as well as the repress of debut album by UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA.

PROPER have a new MACY GRAY album.

MUSIC ON VINYL have the soundtrack to “The Man With the Iron Fists” hopefully on individually numbered silver vinyl of 750 units.

On the local front we’re delighted to welcome back THE BURMA into the shop on Saturday October 6th at 1PM to launch they’re cracking new single ‘Quicksand’.. Always a pleasure having the lads in with us.. Mark it in the calendars, if ye can make it we’d be delighted…

Sin e for this week so folks if ye’r still awake
Go raibh maith agat do chluas a thabhairt,

Music Zone

Wellllllerrrr Welllllerrrrr, A Hozier EP Pre-Order, and Poor Auld’ Bono Vox

Good evening folks,

Hope all is well..

Releases on the shop floor for this fine September evening include (the september cobwebs have blown away, temporarily anyway).. The latest LED ZEPPELIN box set releases “The Song Remains The Same”, The latest BOWIE picture disc, new LENNY KRAVITZ, new CLUTCH, new SPIRITUALIZED, new PAUL MCCARTNEY, new PAUL SIMON.. Liking this so far… Bill Frisell amongst other great musicians on it, new ST PAUL AND THE BROKEN BONES… And reissues by DEEP PURPLE, KORN, NAS, and SECRET GARDEN.

Video up in the normal spot.. Give us a subscribe on YouTube if you haven’t already!

We are about to enter into Q4 which back in the day was a beast in the industry… I remember my first christmas in GD on Panna  it was a long thin shop as some of ye will remember (stocking mainly CDs, Cassettes and Video Tape.. Circa 93/94) and no kidding the queue was the length of the shop for most of the day… A baptism of fire… Had Christmases similar to that in Music Zone back in 04 / 05 times… Different beast and model now… Steady stream is good now Christmas week but the releases are still top-loaded to Q4 and look thats a good thing… September seems to have quite a few bits and pieces which should tip away for us… Also good.

Right so the 14th of SEPT has the new PAUL WELLER album “True Meanings” on CD, DELUXE CD, and 2LP. Sounding good.

CD – Housed in a ‘soft-pack’ gatefold card wallet with 12-page booklet

Deluxe CD – Limited, deluxe edition CD in a casebound book package, including a 28-page booklet of photos and lyrics

Vinyl LP – Double heavyweight black vinyl LP, housed in a gatefold ‘tip-on’ sleeve, with 8-page booklet fixed inside the sleeve, plus a download card. The tip-on sleeve is limited to initial orders only

The LP above is fairly tight but we can do 30EUR best price job on pre-orders.. If interested lets us know please, we would obviously be delighted.
Ripleys or not but we do try and secure the best prices possible and pass them over to ye folks. The modfathers 14th solo album now… Fairly stripped back affair I believe but received lots of good reviews.

Warner also has some BLIND GUARDIAN reissues, remixed and remastered on CD and LP as well as a King Jammy presents DENNIS BROWN on CD or LP plus 7” on VP records, and there is a reissue of BATMAN FOREVER OST on 2LP.

Warner also have a new DAVID GUETTA album on 2CD or 2LP and it’s the 50th Anniversary of “Waiting For The Sun” by THE (mighty) DOORS… 180g LP + 2CD and a nice Hardcover Book… CD1 is the album and CD2 is 14 unreleased tracks… Lastly Warner have a new album by Marc Ribot.

Finally, WARNER have a reissue of TOM WAIT’s “Heartattack and Vine” from around 80/81 i’d say on Std LP or strictly l*****d to only 900 copies indies only coloured LP.

PIAS for the 14th of Sept have the new album by LOW called “Double Negative” CD, LP and indies only crystal clear LP, as well as the new Jungle album “Forever” on indies only yellow vinyl…

PIAS also have new EPs by APHEX TWIN  and SLEAFORD MODS.
Sony for the 14th of Sept have the new TRAVIS SCOTT album “Astroworld” , a JEAN MICHEL JARRE Boxset and vinyl set of “Planet Jarre”, a new WILLIE NELSON album called “My Way” and E.L.O and JOHNNY CASH CD sets.

REPUBLIC OF MUSIC have a new DAVID KITT single on 12”

Universal for the 14th of Sept has a new album by GHETTS, PALE WAVES and CARRIE UNDERWOOD as well as new albums by TONY BENNETT & DIANA KRALL as well as ANN WILSON with a covers album .

Universal also have JONI MITCHELL “Both Sides Now – Live at the Isle of Wight 1970” on a couple of formats and a BANANARAMA “Live at the London Event Centre” in Hammersmith Apollo.

Universal have some nice vinyl reissues for the 14th of Sept including the next batch of SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES records, “The Scream”, “A Kiss In The Dreamhouse” and “Superstition”.. BEAUTIFUL SOUTH “Miaw” and THE HOUSEMARTINS (not the pine martens) “The People Who Grinned Themselves to Death” get the vinyl reissue treatment, and lastly the ELBOW “Best Of” gets a triple LP release.

Oh dear readers and part time crystal ball fog evaporators.. I require ye’r skills.
That boy HOZIER released a few tunes tonight 7.30 Irish time (Thursday one finger tapping.. moving slowly towards two finger tapping… Well one and a half) and there will be a physical Vinyl EP release of said 4 brand new songs in November… The trick is… ‘Tis a one order only job…. So A : If interested let us know and we will put yer name on one and B : It gives the corporation an idea of demand… So your response is a superpower or your lack of response is a superpower… Use your powers wisely, a mans career hangs in the balance.

PROPER for the 14th of Sept have the new ORBITAL  “Monsters Exisst” on CD, DELUXE CD, and 2LP as well as the new RICHARD THOMPSON album “13 Rivers” recorded 100% Analogue…. All new songs by Richard Thompson on CD or 2LP.
THE ORCHARD have new albums by HAWKWIND and GRAVEDIGGER for the 14th of sept.

Oh man, today was one of those days… Long…  And small things not exactly going to plan… Couldn’t find a record from an overnight online order… Robbed?? Glitch on site??… Will sort…. And spent another hour trying to find a separate one which I did manage to locate…. Sorted…. Pulls two hours from your day just searching… Couldn’t find a CD in the drawer for someone… Embarrassing and ultimately unprofessional…… Will sort… Second one this week….. It’s now 23.47… Alarm went off and goes off again at 7.15.

And what happened to poor auld Bonovox?? Some rumours say he was with Noely G in the South of France for a week before the Berlin gig.. Some other rumours tell that Noely G says he’s the wildest rockstar of them all.. Just saying is all, they’re the rumours..

MacPhisto called him a ‘wimp’ in Cologne.. On a serious note though.. Would you not have thought that the 3 other members of the band would have played a couple of songs for the crowd.. Surely they would have found someone to sing.. The Edge?? The Crowd?? I’m sure they all know the words.. Even half an hour.. And then give them the return gig when Bono’s Vox is back to normal.. Just saying is all..

Sin e for this week,
Go raibh maith agat do chluas a thabhairt,
Music Zone

Zepp, Bowie and Pink Floyd Releases, Return of the Mac, and Earth’s Second Most Customer Centric Company

Hi Everyone,

Hope the form is well… Winter’s here…. It came up in conservation with Mr. River during the week… My love for September that is…  So as we did then we will kinda borrow a line or two from Mr. Waits..

“September will tie me
To an old dead tree
Get word to April
To rescue me”

Oh kids back… Rushing and racing in the morning… Grumpy kids.. Rushing and racing… Homework.. Ahh yuck yuck yuck… Lunches, homework, traffic yuck yuck yuck.

Anyways… Releases in MZ Towers and Record Emporium Extraordinaire today include DEPECHE MODE first Two 12” singles boxes… A BROKEN FRAME and SPEAK AND SPELL… Make an orderly queue Modies… We also have new records from IDLES,
ANNA CALVIMOGWAI, IRON & WINE, BIG RED MACHINE, a new STAR WARS vinyl, and we have reissues by SUFJAN STEVENS (I have been getting a few mmmms on my recommendation of CARRIE AND LOWELL… Give it 10 full listens, if you still think its ok, maybe a trip to the GP is called for… No no no of course only kidding, it obviously will not be everyone’s cup of tea.. Hence the nature of music… But it connected with me, I think its a beauty… Not a weak song in the 11 for me…. I don’t even have it to sell at the moment on LP so that’s some salesmanship, marketing and upselling rolled into one… Write a book on that retail gurus… Upsell me liathroidi… That’s what that Tayto Park crowd were at… There in now squeeze it out of em every which way we can… Tis everywhere… Probably the world’s biggest online retailer (aside from us) are claiming on their homepage that they are ‘Earth’s Most Customer Centric  Company… They have no phone number or email on the same homepage, or anywhere for that matter.. Give me a break, I think I have to lie down).

Sorry.. Other reissues by MORRISSEY, GRAHAM NASH (both new compilations), the final batch of PET SHOP BOYS reissues, THE BAND ‘Music From Big Pink’ SUPER DELUXE BOX or 2LP, NICK MASON, and OBITUARY

Video up here for this week again

Releases for the 7th of Sept include LED ZEPPELIN’S “Song Remains The Same” on four formats. 2CD, 4LP, Bluray Audio, and Super Douper Deluxy Boxset thingy… 225 Best Price and we will give you free stuff as well with it if interested let us know… Out via Swansong / Atlantic / Warner.

Also via Warner for next week is a BOWIE 7” picture disc of “Zeroes / Beat Of Your Drum”, CARDI B gets a CD physical release of her album (moved to 28/9 now I think) one of the debut or even albums of the year they are saying.. Warner also have a new LENNY KRAVITZ album across 6 formats, and for the very first time on Vinyl… Drum roll.. Ok it’s a compilation but still a class compilation… Its PINK FLOYD‘S “Foot In The Door” Best Of comp on 2LP Gatefold… Remastered also to pique more interest maybe baby.

I see I mentioned Bowie above… The boy behind “Blackstar”, DONNY MCCLASIN is playing the  Everyman for the Jazz Festival this year…. Only playing above so no death threats please… Play with fire Raymond thu.

UNIVERSAL for the 7th of Sept have a new record by SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY called “Egypt Station” on CD and Limited Deluxe LP next week and a little later in October but a lot cheaper is the Std LP version.

Egypt Station’s 14 songs combine to convey a unique travelogue vibe. Between the opening and closing instrumentals “Station I” and “Station II,” each song finds Paul capturing a place or moment before transporting the listener seamlessly to the next destination. Stops along the way include an acoustic meditation on present day contentedness (“Happy With You”), a timeless anthem that would fit on virtually any album of any McCartney era (“People Want Peace”), and an epic multi-movement closer clocking in at seven minutes with a song suite structure harkening back to the days of Paul’s previous combos (“Despite Repeated Warnings”). The result is a kaleidoscopic journey through myriad musical locales and eras, yet firmly rooted in the here and now–with Paul’s singular unmistakable melodic and lyrical sensibility serving as a guide. Released 7th September on a CD and a Deluxe 2LP set (2 x heavyweight black vinyl, triple fold sleeve, printed inner bags) and then a Standard 2LP released on the 5th October.

Uni for next week also have YES “Live at the Apollo” on Eaglerock, a debut album from MNEK, first timer on Vinyl for SECRET GARDEN’S “Songs From the Secret Garden” and lastly a good few DEEP PURPLE l*****d LP reissues on guess what…  Orange vinyl… Sorry typo… Purple vinyl.

Proper for the 7th have a new PAUL CARRACK album called “These Days” on CD and LP.

Sony for the 7th of sept have a kinda newish PAUL SIMON album… Some would say not new at all Raymond boy… “In The Blue Light” it’s called and it is reworkings of 10 songs previously recorded and 4 other songs that were completely overlooked in the past.
Sony also have a new album by ST PAUL AND THE BROKEN BONES on CD and LP as well as LP reissues of “Battle Of LA”, “Evil Empire”, “Live” and “Renegades” by RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and an LP repress of “Sweet Oblivion” by SCREAMING TREES.

When there’s a nice few releases I have no real time for waffle… Good for everyone!

REPUBLIC OF MUSIC have new CLUTCH album for the 7th of Sept also…. “Book of Bad Decisions” its called on CD, CD & BOOK, 2LP, indies only Coke Coloured 2LP or 2 LP picture disc.

ROM also have a new CHILLY GONZALES album called “Solo Piano 3” on CD, l*****d CD and LP

PIAS for the 7th of Sept have a new SPIRITUALIZED album “And Nothing Hurt” on CD, Deluxe LP Boxset, and indies only coloured vinyl.

MOV for the 7th of Sept have a reissue of THE CULT’s “ Born Into This”.. 2k only numbered and on Pink vinyl…. The Music On Vinyl stuff is sweet to be fair. They (MOV) also have DREAM THEATER “When Dream and Day Unite” 3 and half K numbered copies on red vinyl this time.

The ORCHARD for the 7th of Sept have ALTERBRIDGE’s ‘Live At The Royal Albert Hall” with Orchestra on 2CD, 2CD/Blu/DVD or 3LP as well as a repress of SUICIDAL TENDENCIES “Still Cyco Punk After All These Years” .

On the kind of local scene we got some copies of the new BITCH FALCON EP on vinyl.. On our radar a while but first time we got anything into the shop… Fine listen… You should check them out… 15 squid is the record if it appeals to you.

Sin é for this week folks,
Go raibh maith agat do chluas a thabhairt…

Japan Abbey Road Half Speed Masters, Near Volcanic Eruptions In Cavan, and a Led Zeppelin ‘The Song Remains The Same’ Pre-Order Offer!

Hi Everyone,

Guess who’s back…. Back again… Full of the joys of late summer after the break… Ye know I love ye… xx… But ye know the sceal also… Rough week the first week back… Started back Monday and a dose of three 15 hour days to get myself back in the game… Poor baba hah.

Right so releases in the greatest record shop in the world part 77 for today include new records from INTERPOL (more stock on the way) ALICE IN CHAINS, WHITE DENIM, STONE FOUNDATION, JAIN, JUSTICE, MARK LANEGAN & DUKE GARWOOD and OLAFUR ARNALDS, as well as reissues by BOB MARLEY, ALABAMA 3, CELINE DION, ED SHEERAN and some nice MICHAEL JACKSON Picture Discs.

Also the JAPAN DLP Abbey Road Half Speed Masters of “Tin Drum” and “Gentlemen Take Polaroids” landed in this week…. Also at 45RPM for the best sound quality… Mentioned them back along in the newsletter… Here now Sylvain fans… They say he is kind of allergic to the Japan stuff…? Am I correct in saying that? But he must have given the nod to get these pressed up i presume..?
Another one for the forum… It has to happen.

Video up for this week here, give it a view!

Great week away from it all we had in the hills and lakes of Cavan… When you take the foot off the pedal you kind of realise how hard the foot can be on the pedal normally… No complaints… But when you switch off the lights of work for 9 or 10 days it is lovely… The kids are still busy of course but in a great way… I want that, I want this, I don’t want that, I don’t want this, I want to wee, I don’t want to wee, I won’t brush my teeth, I will brush my teeth, where’s that, where’s this, where’s what, who, where, whenever, whatever… But brilliant, go back in the morning I would… Had a few visitors to our rented cabin on the lake… The boy from barrack street would not be used to country visitors…. Pine Martens the locals called them… Very very big rats the baracka boy would call them… Brave shites too, turn and face yeah, not great with little people around the gaff but no drama in the end…. While i’m at it the only other kind of negative was Tayto Park… Two older kids loved it, lots of queueing all that jazz, thats grand like, expensive it is and loads of angles to get money from you… Changes this year like entering and leaving via a shop (small tired kids, ye know the drill)… Noticeably change in staff behaviour I found this year… Nearly across the board (all kids, 17 to 21s) just a yukey attitude… I’d be a whoarrrr for customer service and its lacking more and more out there I think in general… Nice to be nice and it don’t cost a shilling blah blah blah… We (as in all the customers in Tayto Park) seemed like we were the enemy to the staff… I have quite a few staff tales but my favourite was one from late in the day… Myself and Bonnie the baby were circling a ride in the bugey that the rest of my gang were queuing up for… On three occasions as I was circling I heard one of the staff who was “helping” people leave the ride, say to customers who thanked him as they departed  “best of luck now with the traffic getting out”.. He just about managed i’d say to keep “ye fuckers” from his sentence… And this was not isolated, a bad bang all day long more or less expect for 2 maybe 3 exceptions… I wouldn’t rise for a volcanic eruption on me hols… Chilled chilled chilled… But on another day.

Anyway enough about Pine Martens and young immature adults whom I can only imagine are not been treated great from the chain of command… On to the tunes Raymondo…

Aug 31st… Eight months of the year gone.. And a few nice ones via PIAS…
IDLES new album is out “Joy As An Act of Resistance” on CD, Deluxe CD, Indies only LP and Std LP.
Singer Joe Talbot summarizes: “This album is an attempt to be vulnerable to our audience and to encourage vulnerability; a brave naked smile in this shitty new world. We have stripped back the songs and lyrics to our bare flesh to allow each other to breathe, to celebrate our differences, and act as an ode to communities and the individuals that forge them. Because without our community, we’d be nothing”… Sentimental I am after the break also but Joe the last sentence sums it up for us also my man.

SUFJAN STEVENS has grown to be one of my most favourite artists to be perfectly honest… The last album is a masterpiece in my opinion (we are all entitled to them like) and Asthmatic Kitty are releasing “The Avalanche” on vinyl for the very first time… Originally out on CD in 2006… It gets a l*****d  DLP Red and Clear coloured vinyl release… Sweet as a nut.

PIAS again for the 31st of August have the BIG RED MACHINE album… Collaboration between Aaron Dessner and Justin Vernon… Each of the 10 songs on the album include a large number of collaborators via the PEOPLE platform like Phoebe Bridgers, Lisa Hannigan, Richard Reed Parry and more.

PEOPLE is a steadily growing group of international artists who have come together to create and share our work freely, with each other and everyone. It was born out of a wish to establish an independent and nurturing space in which to make work (generally around music) that is collaborative, spontaneous and expressive in nature and where all unnecessary distractions or obstacles that get in the way are removed. PEOPLE is for the benefit and development of the artists involved and just as importantly, for those who would like to access and enjoy the output. It is as much about the process of making work and showing all that openly as it is about the final outcome.  Available on CD, Cassette and LP via Jagjaguwar.

Not done with Pias at all yet, still a few more really nice ones… The new and third ANNA CALVI album on Domino called ‘Hunter’…CD, LP and indies only red coloured LP.. One to watch if not already on your radar, as well a new IRON & WINE 6 track mini album on indies only orange vinyl and then lastly from PIAS is a new MOGWAI album , a soundtrack to KIN again on CD, LP and indies only LP.

Sony for next week the 31st of Aug have the first two DEPECHE MODE 12” Single Box sets… The 12” singles from “A BROKEN FRAME” in a box, with limited T-Shirts… A few left… And the same with “SPEAK AND SPELL” again a few T-Shirts left…

Speak & Spell | The 12″ Singles

3 x 12” on 180g vinyl, plus 7” red flexi disc, poster and download card
Dreaming of Me (Single Version)
Ice Machine (Single Version)
New Life (Remix)

Shout! (Rio Mix)
Just Can’t Get Enough (Schizo Mix)
Any Second Now (Altered)
Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead / King Of The Flies (by Fad Gadget)
Just Can’t Get Enough (Original Poster)

A Broken Frame | The 12″ Singles
3 x 12” on 180g vinyl, poster and download card
See You (Extended Version)
Now This Is Fun (Extended Version)
The Meaning of Love (Fairly Odd Mix)
Oberkorn (It’s a Small Town) (Development Mix)
Leave In Silence (Longer)
Further Excerpts From: My Secret Garden / Leave In Silence (Quieter)
See You (Original Poster)

Sony also have a new album by NOTHING BUT THIEVES “Broken Machine” on mint green vinyl as well as PAUL SIMON LP reissues of “ One Trick Pony” and “Rhythm of the Saints” .

Warner for the 31st of August have the LP release of the “This Is Morrissey” compilation, a GRAHAM NASH compilation on DLP, NICK MASON’s three solo albums in either a CD Box or an LP Box and the last of the PET SHOP BOYS Extended  and Expanded editions. ‘Behavior’, ‘Bilingual’ and ‘Very’

Just a quick cap in hand one for ye… Yachts to be cleaned and all that… The next in the LED ZEPPELIN Super Deluxe Boxes is out on the 7th of Sept via WARNER / ATLANTIC / SWANSONG…. This time it’s “The Song Remains The Same”… So available as a super Deluxe Box, 4LP Set, 2CD set or 1 Bluray audio… Four formats…. Best price pre-order job (cap in hand) on the super deluxe of 225 Euro and we will have some merch…. L******d tees, bags and posters of Zepp… Last ones merch was excellent… Throw us a mail if interested please.

Universal for the 31st of August have the MAN FROM MO WAX Vinyl and CD release as well as a 50th ANNIVERSARY of THE BAND’s debut album “Music from the Big Pink”.

UMC will release Music from Big Pink in newly remixed and expanded 50th Anniversary Edition packages, including a Super Deluxe CD/Blu-ray/2LP/7-inch vinyl box set with a hardbound book; 1CD and 180-gram 2LP black vinyl (includes download voucher). All the Anniversary Edition configurations feature a new stereo mix for the album, produced by Bob Clearmountain from the original four-track analog masters, achieving a striking clarity and incorporating some previously unreleased chatter from the studio sessions.

Uni also have new albums from TROYE SIVAN, SOPHIE MUTTER, IAN GILLAN and MADELEINE PEYROUX  as well as a 5 cd GRANT GREEN set and a new Northern Soul Comp on LP.

THE ORCHARD for the 31st of August have the new PASSENGER Album on Standard and Deluxe cds and Standard and Deluxe LPS… Standard CD is 9.99 on pre orders if interested.

Sin é i think for this week… It’s quite likely I missed one or more things because release date Aug 31 would mainly have to have been ordered  the week I was on hols… The lads and I done our best to get everything above covered anyway for the 31st… Thanks to Bobby and Shane for minding the place for me while I was away and letting me not think about it at all… Twas great.. Sound lads… All very nearly back to normal now… Loads I had planned to talk about but sure time enough… Enough done for one Thursday plenty more in the winter ahead!

Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabairt.


A Week of Colours, Return of the Boss-Man, and a Legendary 40th Anniversary!

Hello everybody!
How’re things? Hope all is well!

Last week of myself on the newsletter this week for a while. Shop is still standing, bossman will be happy!

A few nice bits with us this week for release. We have new albums by THE BEACH BOYS, SLAVES (sounding good!!), DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE, ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, LIL YACHTY, a new DISNEY Vinyl Compilation, and there are reissues by JASON ISBELL, SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES, TINDERSTICKS, ELVIS, JULEE CRUISE, TED HEATH, MARTIN SCORSESE / KEB MO, ZERO 7, MISFITS and SKUNK ANANSIE. We also are delighted to have the beautiful ‘The Easter Vigil’ by JOE CHESTER now in on vinyl as well. A great listen. Joe performed in the shop for us when the album was first released in early 2017. This is the first time on vinyl for the album, and limited to 100 numbered copies. Joe is also a member of one of the shop’s favourite Irish acts, HEDGE SCHOOLS.

Video up again here this week, give it a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe!

Right so, we’ll crack onto releases for next week, August 24th. We’ll start off with Pias who have the brand new INTERPOL album ‘Marauder’ on CD and high-street only cream vinyl or standard black vinyl. The album is released through Matador Records, and is the band’s sixth!

MARK LANEGAN and DUKE GARWOOD ‘With Animals’ is out also next week through PIAS / Heavenly Records. Very prolific, Mr. Lanegan. Garwood was involved with Lanegan’s most recent studio LP ‘Gargoyle’ and was a touring member of his live band for the tour, and the pair have worked in tangent together since around 2013. Should be an interesting listen!
THE LEMON TWIGS’ second album ‘If You Give Enough’ is out through 4AD next week, and comes with an exclusive, high-street only bonus 7’’. Pias also have the new NEIL AND LIAM FINN album ‘Father And Son’, and finally a new BLOOD ORANGE album.

Onto Universal for next week! Kicking us off with a bang is the new live JUSTICE album ‘Woman Worldwide’, released as a 2CD, or a 3LP/2CD package. BOB MARLEY’s legendary ‘Kaya’ celebrates its 40th Anniversary and is getting released as a 2CD or 2LP, featuring a brand new exciting mix of the album.

Also out next week through Uni is the innovative new OLAFUR ARNALDS album ‘re:member’. Here’s a little piece on the work below :

BAFTA winning Icelandic composer,Ólafur Arnalds’ highly anticipated new record ‘re:member’ features Ólafur’s ground-breaking new software, Stratus, which transforms the humble piano into a unique new instrument. The Stratus Pianos are two self-playing, semi-generative player pianos which are triggered by a central piano played by Ólafur, and are the centrepiece of his new works. The custom-built software is born out of two years of work by the composer and audio developer, Halldór Eldjárn. On the album Ólafur uses these methods reinvigorate the compositional experience, feeding back into the creative process in a completely new way. As Ólafur plays a note on the piano, two different notes are generated by Stratus, creating unexpected harmonies and surprising melodic sequences. Speaking of the album, Ólafur says, “This is my breaking out-of-a-shell album. It’s me taking the raw influences that I have from all these different musical genres and not filtering them. It explores the creative process and how one can manipulate that to get out of the circle of expectations and habit.”

Universal also have the brand new self titled album from Irish-English songwriting legend GILBERT O’ SULLIVAN, his 19th studio album! This will be on CD and on vinyl.

And finally from Universal are two reissues on vinyl, the GREASE Original Motion Soundtrack gets a vinyl repress, as well as ALABAMA 3’s 2008 greatest hits compilation ‘Hits and Exit Wounds’ on limited white vinyl.

Sony for the 24th have the 2nd album by French musician and songwriter JAIN, entitled ‘Souldier’. They also have a reissue of CELINE DION’s ‘Let’s Talk About Love’, and 6 x LP Picture Disc reissues of MICHAEL JACKSON’s catalogue. In the saucy side i’m afraid though. Nearly 40 bucks for the first 3 solo records.

Warner have a few nice bits for next week. There is a new ALICE IN CHAINS record ‘Rainier Fog’ out on CD and high-street only coloured Vinyl. First time the band have recorded an album in Seattle in over 20 years, and recorded in the same studio as they’re self-titled 1995 record.

The first two ED SHEERAN albums ‘+’ and ‘x’ are reissued on limited coloured vinyl through Warner next week, and there is a 5CD BAD MANNERS album collection due out, featuring the bands work from 1980-1985. And finally from Warner is a new 4CD ‘Just Acoustic’ compilation album.

Lots of high-street coloured-y bits next week. Yippeeee!

Republic Of Music for next week have the new WHITE DENIM album ‘Performance’ out on CD, standard vinyl, or limited, high-street only clear vinyl. Excited for this one, a great band, good bit of hype for this release! Also out through ROM is STONE FOUNDATION’s new album ‘Everybody, Anyone’ on CD, CD/DVD, Standard 2LP or deluxe 2LP Indies Only White Vinyl. Again, very much enjoyed their last outing, so this should be a good’n!

The Orchard for the 24th have the new TUNNG album ‘Songs You Make at Night’, and a reissue of Moonspell’s debut album ‘Wolfheart’ on vinyl.

Proper have the new album from THE KOOKS

MOV for next week have limited coloured vinyl reissues of 36 CRAZYFISTS ‘A Snow Capped Romance’, which is a first timer on vinyl, pressed on red vinyl and only 750 printed, and of COUNTING CROWS’ cover album ‘Underwater Sunshine’ on limited yellow vinyl, with only 1000 of this one printed.

That’s it for this week everyone,
Raymundo will be back on duty next week with the newsletter
Hope ye didn’t miss him too much!

Sin é for this week folks.. (Please don’t sue me for copyright Ray)
Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt

Music Zone Towers


Summertime and Kodaline have the album delayed, Editors not The Editors and Out the Gap!

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well..

Bobby and Shane stepped into the breach last week at the 11th hour…sound lads…one of my little ones was sick…ended up in hospital for a few days…all mending thankfully…little bump on the road we travel folks…ye all know the drill…no big drama in the end, in the end….THANKFULLY.

We all travel the bumpy road folks…keep going, keep going.

On the business side, it’s always going to be bumpy, the game we are in….we are up against “free”…”free” is no good for no one, but that’s another sceal for  another day..ye guys keep us open…please please be aware we are very mindful of that.

Our good and sound neighbours Welch Sports closed their doors for what was i believe the very last time…that  saddens me to be very honest…an independently owned sports shop, i don’t know, trading 30 years..? Gone……again i don’t know,… the rigours of modern business…rent, online comp…loads of factors id imagine…pity like.

Independent shops, retailers…will they be around in 20/30 years??…one for the forum….yes lads our corporation is going to invest in the forum i think…birth, life and no death of the album going to be one of the first topics…i hope ye will involve yerselfs a little bit.

The two aforementioned sound lads are going to be holding the fort from next Thursday the 9th….me myself and i is off with the clan for 10 days to the hills and lakes of the county Kkkaaavvnnnn…no phone or internet access…ah sucks…please feel free to bombard the trenches in my absence.

The Bob man will be on newsletter and videooo duty for two weeks so im sure they will be of exceptionally high standard…ill input it for him here…ah ray ya bollox.

Right so…enough ramas for one day Raymond…on to the tunage…newbies in the global corporation today include LYKKE LI and JAMES as well as reissues by GENESIS, ELO, LAMBCHOP and ELTON JOHN.

I suppose i couldn’t  leave it pass and break the habit of a newsletter lifetime and subconsciously probably the reason for the ramas…Summertime and the releases are iffy.

So moving swiftly on to releases for the 10th of August …the new Kodaline album was supposed to hit the shelves then but its now pushed back till late sept i think…would of should of been a good one for the siopa….so look we nearly had it in lads….and there was a limited to 250 blue vinyl supposed to happen…presume it will be still blue on the 28th of sept.

A bit bluey myself after the Cork match as well…no complaints for sure after 90 mins but when you are 6 points up with8 normal time left…you would hope you would get over the line…i could write a book on that match but look not to be…hurling…is the game really isn’t it to be fair…nearly all others pale into insignificance.

Sony have an ELVIS release for the anniversary…the gospel recordings…called “ where no stands alone on” and also the reissues of the five TEENAGE FANCLUB albums including bandwagonesque and grand prix.

Pias for the 10th of August ( the second eldests birthday btw…happy birthday Zach!) have reissues of the first three Editors albums…point of note here…Editors…not THE EDITORS..just noting it is all…so the back room, an end has to start and in this light and in this evening are reissued on LP.

PIAS also have THE FALL 458489 A Sides LP on coloured white vinyl…MARK E was involved in over 100 releases tween studio , live and comps and had over 60 band members and that’s just tipping the iceberg id say…another forum one id say…mark e smith stories…

PROPER for the 10th of AUG have new albums by ETHAN JOHNS and KATATONIA and a reissue by SUN RA.

Warner for the 10th of Aug have GILLIAN WELCHS “ SOUL JOURNEY” on ACONY Records…first timer on vinyl for this beaut….great words here from the girl herself…dowchta Gillian girl.

We have been working and waiting 20 years to bring you our music on phonograph record. It took a while, because we wanted to do it the right way, the absolute best way humanly possible, and I believe that’s what we’ve done. No sonic stone was left unturned, no nuance let fall by the wayside. There is honestly nothing else I can imagine hoping to hear out of the original tapes. It is all there in the groove. As people whose lives were changed by the sound of music coming off turntables, we humbly invite you to include us in your record collection.” – Gillian Welch

  • Released for the first time on vinyl, 2003’s Soul Journey features two of Gillian’s top tracks “Look At Miss Ohio” and “Wayside/Back In Time”.  
  • Soul Journey is the second title from Gillian Welch’s back catalog to be released on vinyl.
  • The Harrow & The Harvest was the first in July 2017.   
  • Mastered direct from the original tapes through custom Ortofon amplifiers to the artists’ own personal Neumann VMS-80 cutting system.   
  • Plated and pressed at Quality Record Pressings on 150 Gram audiophile quality vinyl.   
  • Packaged in an “Old Style Tip-On” gatefold jacket with lyrics (for the first time) and with a printed sleeve
  • Previous vinyl releases from Acony Records have received top notch accolades from trusted audiophiles at Analog Planet and The New Yorker.


WARNER also have the reissue of TOM WAITS “ BLUE VALENTINE” a fine record as ye know….remastered and on indies only blue vinyl for a few k.

Warner also have new albums by MAGPIE SALUTE, JASON MRAZ and THE CORAL.

UNIVERSAL have a new album by MILES KANE “ COUP DE GRACE” on cd, lp and indies only LP…pink indies only as well as new albums by NICKI MINAJ, IL DIVO, GORGON CITY and JAKE SHEARS – frontman of scissor sisters.

MUSIC ON VINYL have releases by ELVIS – FROM ELVIS PRESLEY BOULEVARD MEMPHIS TENNESSEE…2000 OF THEM ONLY, individually numbered copies on transparent blue vinyl as well as MISFITS – FAMOUS MONSTERS… 2 AND A HALF K numbered and on green and yellow vinyl as well as KEB MO – MARTIN SCORSESE PRESENTS THE BLUES.


IF i dont see ye in the next four or five days …i will ramas again this night 3 weeks.

Over to the lads.

Sound folks

Go raibh maith agat do chluas a thabhairt




U2 Releases Are In, L*****d Swirl Lambchop Reissue, and Corporate Training

Hi everyone,
Hope all is well..

Bob here on the newsletter this week! So will be short and sweet!

New releases in the siopa today include the next batch of the U2 reissues.. The masterpiece ‘Achtung Baby’, the brilliant ‘Zooropa’, and the golden ‘Best of 1980-1990’..
Also out is new releases from BOZ SCAGGS, a live MARILLION LP, UNDERWORLD / IGGY POP, TARJA, and DAUGHTRY.. We also have reissues from THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS, MIGOS, A CERTAIN RATIO, and THE SMALL FACES..

On the local scene, we have a nice Double A-Side 7’’ vinyl from Irish metal groups Soothsayer and Partholón, featuring the band’s most recent single each.

Right so, onto releases for next Friday August 3rd.. We’ll start with Universal, who have the vinyl pressing of the new Mamma Mia soundtrack, ‘Here We Go Again’, on double black vinyl gatefold.. They also have two ELTON JOHN reissues, ‘Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy’, and ‘Madman Across The Water’ on standard vinyl, as well as a whole bunch of GENESIS reissues..

On the CD front from Uni is the new NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL IBIZA, and a new compilation FAIRPORT CONVENTION CD covering Bob Dylan tracks…

Sony for August 3rd have the vinyl pressing of the new LYKKE LI record, ‘So Sad So Sexy’, which came out on CD a few weeks back.. They also have a reissue of the live JEFF BUCKLEY album ‘Mystery White Boy’ on vinyl, and E.L.O’s 1983 record ‘Secret Messages’..

Nice E.L.O singles box due shortly down the line in September as well.. More on that in a few weeks though..  Few nice boxsets down the line actually.. Bowie, Tom Petty, ELO, The Band… The main man has me trained well in the corporate selling malarkey

PIAS for August 3rd have a new IVOR RAYMOND compilation LP, ‘Paradise : The Sound of Ivor Raymond’, celebrating Ivor’s work as an arranger, songwriter, singer and producer.. Features tracks from Bill Fury, Bowie, Ian Dury, Dusty Springfield and more..

Onto Warner for August 3rd, we will have the limited, indies only magenta coloured, gatefold vinyl of JAMES’ new album ‘Living In Extraordinary Times’. Also will be available as a deluxe hardback CD. Also from Warner is a limited 7’’ release from THE DOORS for ‘Hello, I Love You’.

Republic of Music for August 3rd have the new DEAF HAVANA album, and a limited 2LP reissue of LAMBCHOP’S ‘What Another Man Spills’, reissued on milky white / yellow swirl vinyl to celebrate the albums 20th Anniversary

The Orchard have a couple of PRIMORDIAL vinyl reissues for next week..

Sin é for this week,
A bit shorter from myself this week! Yipppeee ye say!
Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt

U2’s ‘Achtung Baby’, ‘Zooropa’ and ‘Best Of 1980-1990′ Pre-Order Offer, The Death Of The Album (Surely Not?), Jack O’ Rourke Is Back!

Hi EveryAone,

Hope all is well…

Releases in the shop for today include NOW 100, the new KANYE album on CD, the LP format has gone back to August 10th, again sorry for the late notice… We only heard on Weds.. New POWERWOLF, new TY SEGALL & WHITE FENCE, SWANS gone back to August 3rd folks, new (debut) by ANNE MARIE on white vinyl, P.I.L boxsets and reissues on vinyl by TONE LOC, FRANK ZAPPA, AMORPHIS, DEATH, and NOW 1.

The TROJAN box set that we are doing the special on for the 100 yo yos has been moved back to the 10th of August also… Again sorry to report that if you were mad looking forward to it.

So a lot of stuff pushed back which is a becoming more normal than rare now i’m afraid.

Ok so, the biggest releases on the 27th of JULY are probably without doubt the next batch of reissues of the U2 catalogue… Which are, it can only be described as a (and I use this word lightly and every sparingly…. I might use it 20 or 25 times if I was pushed to it) masterpiece, ACHTUNG BABY, the really really good ZOOROPA (IMO) and the Gold Best Of 1980-1990.. Ye know the one…. These are all remastered and pressed on 180 gram double vinyl to get greater sound quality… All 3 have download codes.
We are doing a pre order best price on them… Respond here if in store pick up or links to them here for our online friends…. 30 yoyos each for ACHTUNG and ZOOROPA and 34 for The Best Of… These match sterling on some of the biggest global sites so I think (even though a fiver too dear for my liking) that these are savage competitive from our corporation … musiczone.ie !!… But 30 is better than 37/38s I guess from the record company..

These albums had a huge influence on me at the time (the two studio ones).. I done my leaving in June 91, not long turned 17 and I got a job in Mc E. Ds in July and worked there for a few years part time before I joined Golden Discs… It was mainly weekend work I done and at night… “Close” the shift was known as and it could be a nightmare depending on what manager was on… Whatever you say about Mac E D’s, man the place was cleaned… Toothbrush stuff, i’m not messing… Toothbrushes were used…the “chipper” was closed about 1 o’ clock back then, and then again manager dependant we could play CDs over the system in the store… Achtung was played to death, as was Zooropa when it came out also… One of the most memorable things about the work was the albums we played… The White Album, Suede, Primal Scream etc etc… Happy days..

Ye’r man is reminiscing about working in McDonalds now… Christ the heat has got to him i’d say… No no no theres a point to my ramblings folks… There’s a lot of talk again of “the death of the album”.. Self serving I know but surely not??

Remember college boy a few months who told me categorically it was dying… With O’ Leary in the grave… He probably read that Kanye West said it… Surely not??

We are noticing more and more EPs and mini albums coming out though…

Articles are saying the death of the album is here… They say you cannot penetrate the consciousness of a large group of people anymore with “an album”.

They are saying that we have turned into a world of grazers, and the artists job is to be always, as in 24/7, 365 days a year at the smorgasbord… No big meals anymore please to your disinterested audience… Small tasty, frequent, tantalising bites with syrup and loads of sugar… You might make stars that way, i’m not so sure you’ll make legendary musicians…. And certainly not great albums.
Ok for me you need songs to sing on stage… Tasty tip-bits or albums… Albums should win for me. Some of my favourite songs are album tracks, not singles
You want to be marked against the best if your’re worth your salt at all…

We maybe all have the potential to hit a screamer into the top corner from 25 yards once in a blue moon but can we “Modric” a game for 90 minutes week in week out… That’s the real sign of a player… So you want to put out as good an album as you can… Money and everything else aside… Most human beings want to do as well as they can at their chosen or gifted profession…  We are the best… All the greats said it.. We are the best.

A good friend of mine, and an excellently careful cyclist by the way, sent me an article from the examiner during the week about the birth 70 years ago and the conceivably death of the album…..

The writer made valid points (in the album will be around for a long time yet camp) saying albums are an expression of artistic progress and creative growth… I’ve been on a Beatles buzz again of late (regular thing) and man, the creative growth from “Please please Me” to “Abbey Road” and “Let It Be” is obviously incredible… Or as the other college boys camp might say from “She Loves You” to “Come Together”… He can’t remember any of the other songs… Wait he will just google it…
Isn’t the brilliant album a perfect storm in lots of ways… It saddens me to think the industry thinks it’s better to move away from it (not today or tomorrow, no matter what) and I believe not for a very long time… Besides who’d put the coppers in the greasy till if the albums gone??

Man, I went down a road I hadn’t planned there… Time for bed i’d say.

But before… UNI have 7 MOODY BLUES LP reissues, MIGOS “Culture” gets a 3LP release… Can’t dodge it Raymond boy… UNDERWORLD and IGGY POP have a four track EP (extended play folks in case we need to get used to it)

Teatime Dub Encounters is the result of a few clandestine hotel room recording sessions, that began a few weeks after Underworld and Iggy Pop had each released their last albums (Barbara, Barbara we face a shining future and Post Pop Depression respectively) on the same day (March 18th2016). It is neither historical or a tribute to past work. It is the work of artists in motion, engaged in a process that both bring to all of their work – one that uses spontaneity as a spur for creativity.  Formats – Mintpack CD & standard sleeve black vinyl with printed inner.

My heart sank a little then when i saw the price for said EPs…  Not far off LP prices…. Ah man, what road are we going down?

UNI for the 27th of July also have MARILLION “Live at the Royal Albert Hall” on 2CD or 2DVD or Bluray or 4LP, as well as a live album from TARJA and BOZ SCAGGS “Out of the Blues”.. New album of covers I think

Warner for the 27th of July have the pretty heralded debut by CATHERINE MCGRATH called “Talk Of This Town”, as well as a reissue (again… and i’ve used that gag before about this record) of THE SMALL FACES “Odgens…”

PIAS for the 27th have some more A CERTAIN RATIO LP releases of “Chase the Station”, + “Mind Made Up… First timers on LP and on coloured vinyl also, as well as a new DEAF WISH album called “Lithium Zion”, also indies only.

SONY for the 27th of July have the new DAUGHTRY album and some PSYCHEDELIC FURS LP reissues.

ROM have a new album by THE SPITFIRES for the 27th .

THE ORCHARD have a new album by ISRAEL NASH, as well as 3 FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH LP reissues.

PROPER for the 27th of July have the COWBOY JUNKIES LP release of the new album… Actually lande today so come in and buy it if you want it!

On the local scene…  Bit quiet lately… JACK O ROURKE is releasing his new single ‘Myth’ next Friday the 27th.. It’s sounding great and getting us excited for his new music.. The track will be his first release since ‘On The Downlow’ off his debut ‘Dreamcatcher’. Jack will be doing a launch gig for the single and for new material in Coughlan’s on Sunday July 29th. Tickets can be got here

We hope to have Jack in soon for an in-store with us, so keep eyes here for that!

Sin é for this week folks
Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt


The Summer That Keeps Giving, Now Now Now, and 2 Great Gigs For Cork!

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well out there..

The summer keeps giving and giving doesnt it in fairness.. The poor record shop owners and the poor farmers though… Spare a thought lads as ye justify and ye dignify yer spotify, over yer barbequed “horse meat”  burgers… Spare a thought for the farmers and the record shop owners.
Moz… You can use a bit of that kid if you want.. (Sing it in yer heads Moz style)

All tongues removed from cheeks at the end of the day… June was the second best month of the year so far after the headiness of April… So look rock on Rocco.

Was at RUFUS WAINWRIGHT there on Monday night gone in da’operaa house… Jays he was impressive, savage pianist and a hell of a singer, a hell of a live singer… Wow like…and I liked him, he was engaging and the 95 or so minutes slipped by nicely… Very enjoyable I must say… Songs I knew by him, songs I didn’t know, new songs and a couple of Cohen covers… Slipping from piano to guitar seamlessly all evening… For a solo gig it was up there  I thought… Very good.

Right so, time to start selling stuff to ye… The fleet isn’t solar powered you know like… In the shop today are new albums by THE JAYHAWKS, DRAKE, DEAFHEAVEN, RICK ASTLEY, ALFRED HITCHCOCK as well as reissues by JASON ISBELL, THE LIBERTINES, THE NATIONAL, THE ROLLING STONES, ERIC B & RAKIM, CSN, TOM WAITS, GORILLAZ.

The Gorillaz “Demon Days”, STONES Newest one from the “From the Vault” series, WAITS “Foreign Affair”, and the JASON ISBELL should go well… I have a feeling the Isbell LP is pushed back or delayed though.

Video up here for those who like to see the stuff we flog!

Right so releases for the 20th… I suppose I have to start with NOW 100… I suppose we all probably bought a Now in our lifetime, so it is a bit of a symbolic one… NOW started in late 1983 and was pressed on vinyl until Now 35 IN 1996… Our humble corporation sold it’s first Now in 2001, and that was NOW 48… So we have seen 51 or so Now’s come and go… Easter, Summer, Christmas each year for 17 years… It was a total no brainer until quite recently… Buy 100, sell 100 and probably easily 30 or 40 more… No brainer, no bother… NOW 99 was the weakest performing Now of the 51 previous… I think some fella at some point said the times they are a changin…. I do feel a strange affinity with it though….. It’s a chart compilation Raymond, get a grip boy… I did use the word strange to be fair at the end of the day.

DRAKE’s new album is moved forward to the 13th so I never mentioned last week… Fifth studio album called “Scorpion”.

NOW 1, speaking of Nows, gets a CD and LP reprint… Uni also have the new KANYE WEST album on CD and LP… Nice to see this released as I don’t think the last album ever had a physical birth… Not exactly good for my business when something doesn’t get a physical birth.

Theres is a limited edition P.I.L. Boxset coming out… 6LP or 5CD/DVD.

To coincide with the release of a career-spanning documentary film about Public Image Ltd titled The Public Image Is Rotten, we’re pleased to announce a career boxset coming in the form of 5CD/2DVD and 6LP. This box set ‘The Public Image Is Rotten (Songs From The Heart)’ will feature the PiL Singles Collection, B-sides, Rarities and Radio Sessions, 12” Mixes, Unreleased Mixes and Tracks + a Live concert from New York Ritz in July 1989. The DVD will include PiL promo videos + some live footage from the BBC’s Top Of The Pops and Old Grey Whistle Test. Just in case that wasn’t enough, we’ve also included two live concerts, the first Tallinn Rock Summer Festival in Estonia 1988 and the 2013’s Enmore Theatre in Australia.

LASTLY UNI have some nice reissues on vinyl including TONE LOC, FRANK ZAPPA and SAM COOKE.

One more week to pre-order the new TROJAN “50th Anniversary” box set out on the 27th folks.. Lovely set.. 4LP, 6CD, 2 x 7”, albums, covers book, patch and slip mat.. Best price of 100EUR on this one.. Will have a bag of goodies to go with any pre-order

Warner for the 20th have some LP reissues by ALICE COOPER, AMORPHIS, DEATH, JOHN FOGERTY and EPICA… They also have the vinyl version of the new debut by ANNE MARIE, who supported ED SHEERAN down Da Pairc and who bucked the trend a good bit this year by selling quite a lot of CD copies.

Pias for the 20th of July have the reissue of SWANS “Soundtracks for the Blind” the last album before the Sabbatical… Mid 90s i’d say it was out… available as a 3CD or 4LP job.. First timer on vinyl for this… TY SEGALL and WHITE FENCE have a new album called “Joy” as well as a new album by PRAM and some really nice JOANNA NEWSOM cassette reissues..

I was down at KRAFTWERK last night… Well two nights ago as ye read this.. I tiredly one finger tap this every thursday night… It started slowly I thought, but was excellent from about the half an hour mark on… 2 hours i’d say… Great show, the 3-D thing worked really well…n Now weather they were watching the match or peppa pig up on stage, I can’t say… But I really enjoyed it… No sound issue for me… Half full maybe a bit more… In comparison to Alanis…which was jammed….

As regards the match… Ta siad ag dul abhaile… I be honest, I thought they would get over the Croatians but not to be after a dream start… By all accounts the better team won. I have mentioned Croatia once or twice on these pages but I think France have probably grown to be the best team in the tournament…  But you never know… It’s a cup final.

Sony for the 20th have THE INTERNET album.

Proper for the 20th have a nice indie vinyl compilation called Anthems…

The Orchard for the 20th of July have the new POWERWOLF album.

ROM for the 20th have a 3LP GOLDIE compilation.

Sin é for this week folks from a tired Mz HQ..

Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt


The Real Beast of Box Sets is Here, Fancy Yachts and L*****d Socks…sorry T-Shirts


Hi everyone,

Hope the form is good…

A good load of  ye asking how long the auld 2 for 30 vinyl sale is going on for….the rest of the summer would be the plan folks…i hope to get more titles into it again in july…spruce it up a bit is the hope.

Right so, releases in MusicZone.ie audio emporium  for this week include new albums by GORILLAZ, FLORENCE ( the yellow indies only lp got cut by about 20% of my order but still have a nice few…im on this uk record shop owners facebook group thingy…so i check in there fairly regularly and we seem to do OK with stuff ( as in our allocations of the l*****d stuff are not to bad) it seems that the florence indie version was a problem for a fair few shopkeepers over yonder) BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE  ( cute name ) and RAY DAVIES.

A blast of reissues also out today including the debut by GUNS N ROSES, called “ appetite for destruction” i think, BRUCE DICKINSON, BOWIE, BOWIE again, MADONNA, GOVT MULE, CLAPTON and BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD.

I know i have reached on these pages before but this one takes the biscuit i think to be fair…but there is a new yacht after coming on the market in monte carlo ( i don’t think ye would  to have heard about it ) and it’s a beauty so with that in mind here are the details on the GUNS N ROSES appetite LP box set..

Shane i need your help here.

  • Embossed Faux Leather and Wood Cabinet
  • Handmade 3D Cross
  • Super deluxe edition: 96 page handbound book with unreleased photos from Axl Rose’s personal archive
  • 4 CD’s in total with 73 total tracks featuring 49 unreleased tracks
  • 1 blu ray audio disc with new 5.1 surround sound mixes
  • Seven 12″ 180 Gram LPS
  • Original Album expanded into two LPs
  • First ever album remaster from analogue tapes
  • Limited Edition foil slipcase
  • 4th side hologroove hologram
  • 1 LP B-Sides  N’ EPs and Live Like a Suicide EP
  • 3LP Sound City Session and 25 unreleased songs from the 1986 session
  • 2 unreleased tracks from Mike Clink Sessions
  • 7 7″ singles on yellow vinyl
  • 12 New illustration lithos visualizing each song from Appetite for Destruction
  • Turntable Mat
  • 6 Replica Gig Flyers
  • Welcome to the Jungle Video Invite Flyer
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • 6 Iron-On Stitched Logo Patches
  • 5 Metal Guitar Picks
  • 3 Replica Ticket Stubs
  • 5 metal Band Skull Lapel Pins
  • 2-Inch Collectable Coin
  • 5 buttons
  • 7″ adapter
  • 5 Metal Band Skull Rings
  • USB Stick
  • 5 Never-Before Seen Band Member Photo Lithos
  • 6 Temporary Band Member Tattoos
  • Robert Williams Painting Litho
  • Two Wall Posters
  • Custom bandana With Silver Metallica Ink
  • Replica 85’/86′ Concert Banner Featuring Numbered Certificate of Authenticity

So the rrp on it is 1000 euro ( id buy two cars for that boy) but taking my tongue out of my cheek for a moment…just in case there’s a buyer out there…would sell for 920 with payment plan if anyone is interested…i did say i was taking the biscuit or taking something anyway…sin sin.


Right so onto releases for the 6th of July, Warner have a nice few bits…new Moz single out on 7” “ all the young people must fall in love”…if Moz was a politician his approval rating would be on the floor  and rightly so to be fair…cheap Moz cd also out.. “ this is moz” its called.

Warner also have reissues by AHA “ HUNTING HIGH AND LOW” and MADONNA “ like a virgin” on virgin white vinyl ( don’t shoot the messenger like..i just regurgitate the sales notes sometimes, good or bad) and THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN 21 singles on double vinyl…first timer on vinyl for that one.

Last few bits from Warner are a repress of A PERFECT CIRCLE album “ eat the elephant” on indies only red and blue vinyl, a new album from black metallers IMMORTAL called “ northern chaos gods” and their is a TROJAN release of SKA & REGGAE classics on 2LP.

The world cup…interesting…whos gonna lift it…Germany goneski, Portugal one good finish from being goneski….Brazil improving, belgium may not be a bad shout,i always got a good bang from Martinez.. england, argentina, france…i dont think so… Croatia tasty looking for me also…mean and teek at the back…quality and quality eile in centre mid…one half decent striker up top …outside shot for me…some shower will drag them to pens and put them out in the next round though probably… A bit like what we done to Georgie Hagi and Romania …Raymond thats sacrilege my dear boy…the holy grail of Irish soccer and you desecrate it…in the year of the pope and all…anyone buying or selling tickets…ar nathair ata ar..

Universal for the 6th of July have the repress of RORY GALLAGHER‘S “ wheels within wheels” imo a cracking folk blues acoustic album as well as reissues on LP by BEASTIE BOYS “ solid gold hits” and FRANK ZAPPA “ burnt weeny sandwich”.

UNI for the 6th of July have the new and second album by YEARS AND YEARS “ palo santo” on CD, DELUXE CD and LP and the vinyl release of the recent new SHAWN MENDES album.

Lastly from Universal is THE BEATLES “ yellow submarine” l*****d 7” picture disc.

SONY for the 6th have the ROGER WATERS repress on l*****d coloured vinyl of newest album “ is this the life we really wanted”  as well as some LP reissues by EURYTHMICS.

On the Sony theme…there are a few DEPECHE MODE boxes..the cap is out again says ye and ye’d be right…not an ounce of shame in it either it seems Raymond boy…anyway there are a few Depeche Mode boxsets been released at the end of August and we are doing a thing with them..

Here’s the sceal with them first..

We are very pleased to be able to share a confirmed timeline for the release of the first two Depeche Mode 12” single collections – Speak & Spell & A Broken Frame. These numbered limited edition vinyl boxes collect the reproductions of the original 12″ singles from each album, faithfully reproduced from original artwork and remastered from the original audio tapes at Abbey Road in London.

The stock for these titles is strictly limited, you will not be able to get more stock than the your original order (listed below). Please note, these boxes do not contain the album. It is just the singles.


Ok here are the preorder links from our website…https://musiczone.ie/product/depeche-mode-a-broken-frame-the-12-singles-vinyl-record-box-set/


And the sweetner..here it comes…there are tee shirts available with pre orders but only up to 10 tees for each set….heres a pic of the tees…

.a different tee available for each different set ( a speak and spell tee and a broken frame tee)…20 tees in total 10 of each….but 5 names in book for each set already so five of each left…christ i made that confusing id say…if interested let us know sure…


PIAS for the 6th of July have the 77/78 debut album…well its really a side project of THE BEES …i like it , its called “Jellies”.

PIAS also have a live album by ERASURE on 2 cd or 3 lp.


Sin e really for this week..


A cracking festival organised in Coughlans for late Sept the Coughlan’s Live Music Festival-CLMF…so the likes of LISA HANNIGAN, MICK FLANNERY, THE LOST BROTHERS, MARC O REILLY, THE SHAKER HYMN, LUKA BLOOM, O EMPEROR, I DRAW SLOW, ORCHID COLLECTIVE to name but some…a cracking festival it looks like..

Sin e for sure this time

Videos and the bob man back next friday!

Thanks for listening




Kamasi on the Horizon, BUELLER, BUELLER, BUELLER and God Only Knows!


Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well….footie season is upon us…a great shame we ain’t involved…i have fallen out of love with “ the beautiful game” to a degree to be honest…there was a time when i loved it…but the world cup does entice and excite me somewhat …my first one was 82 and the match that set soccer off for me was Brazil v Italy..i watched it a friends house, i was 8 and it was class…brilliant Brazil with Zico, Eder, Socrates and Falco but Paolo Rossi nipped in for a hat trick that day and stole the show and Italian hearts…enthralling for an 8 year old…didnt our boy Tardelli score a good goal in the final that year and ran off with the greatest world cup face of all time….its a music blog raymond…geerrra a grip.

Ok sorry… out today is the beast, it is a beast of a thing actually( it weighs in at 8.9 kg)…its a beauty too, a beauty, costs nearly as much as my last car though ( in trouble with that at the moment but sin sceal eile, amusing nearly as the last Fiesstiiieee that went to the great gig in the sky but a bit painful to share just for now)….its THE ROLLING STONES box set…even the outer box is class to be fair…stones branding on the outer box….never saw it before…the boxset is inside a box which is stones branded which is then inside another box…pandoras and all that..?

Also out from Universal is the DEF LEPPARD greatest hits and a new WILKO JOHNSON album ( looks well for a dead man , fair play to him) as well as 5SOS new LP.

Warner have the new JOHNNY MARR ( indies only purple) and THE SISTERS OF MERCY reissues as well as FULL METAL JACKET OST, TOM WAITS reissues, ANTHRAX, SEPULTURA and new album from BUDDY GUY…meant to be very good.

Also out today is the release of local lad TALOS debut album “ wild alee”…he released it independently there about a year ago and we got some LP in from him…he got signed to BMG in the states only recently ( around RSD)  so the record company are putting the record out again this time on CD also with some bonus tracks…CDs landed today and the LP is in with us Monday or Tuesday…cracking listen in my opinion…epic new classical type stuff…quality in my opinion…we have tried to get him in a few times for a little instore but hasn’t happened as yet…will keep trying though!!

Thank you actually to those of ye who came for the excellent HEDGE SCHOOLS instore last week….more quality …video to follow soon

Right so moving on to releases for next friday the 22nd of June we have the new KAMASI WASHINGTON album via Young Turks/Pias, available as a 4LP set…on the pricey side i suppose really at 55 euro as the 2cd is 15 euro…could be an interesting one to be fair..Pias also have the David Sylvian & Holger Czukay rerelease of Plight & Premonition Flux & Mutability this time on the one double CD or DLP.

Pias also have the Jonny Greenwood – coloured vinyl release of You Were Never Really Here (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

INVADA records also have Alex Somers & Sigur Rós  Black Mirror: Hang The DJ (Music From The Netflix Original Series) CD released next friday, LP on the 13th of July and lastly from Pias for the 22nd of June is the 20th anniversary reissue of GARBAGES version 2.0 on CD, 2CD, indies only orange 2lp and a deluxe limited box also.


WARNER for the 22nd of June have the new album by PANIC AT THE DISCO …in fairness to this gang ( dont know much about them ) but they are one of the few bands who have young fans that seem to really attach and buy their records and merch etc…self serving i know but it’s refreshing to see it….a guy rang me during the week doing some project or thesis on the music industry and he asked me about the future off the industry…clueless to a large degree i told him…more and more niche maybe what i do??…a movement back to it in time…???? Doomsday ???

Coined Brian Wilson i did…god only..

He had the answer though….no more albums in the future…bands/artists would just release songs…thats it a song, 3 months later a song..3 months later a new song…..who knows he could be right….what ye guys think??

On this one way rambling street that im on,  where i do all the talking and ye guys are like the quiet psycho therapist in the corner nodding or taking notes…what are yer thoughts on a shop forum, a music forum…would ye be interested? Would ye get invovled??

This is something i have tried and kind of failed at on a few occasions… believe it or not it requires a nice bit of investment in the website to get it up and running and keep it free from spam and shite…mines allowed and i will allow yer spam as well.

Nods my way in regards involvement or interest would help my decision a bit…nods if interested would be great.

Warner also have reissues by CHRIS REA, LOST BOYS OST, MARILLON, KING CRIMSON and THE POGUES best of gets a LP release also.


CARGO for the 22nd of June have the SPACEMEN 3 LP reissue “ for all the f**ked up children”.


The Orchard for JUNE 22 have a new record by THE ORB called “ no sounds are out of bounds” via Cooking Vinyl..THE ORBs 15th studio album, THE ORCHARD also have the new album by MARDUK called “ viktoria” on CD , DELUXE CD and LP….think this one maybe moved to the 29th of June now.


UNIVERSAL for the 22nd of June have the third instalment in the nine inch nails EP trilogy ( maybe strengthening our friends case about the death of the album) available on CD AND LP, there is a new album from SWING OUT SISTER and a PANTERA live at DYNAMO OPEN AIR 1998 CD as well as ELTON JOHNs revamp and restoration albums get  vinyl releases.


PROPER for the 22nd of June have a PAUL RODGERS “free spirit” live cd/dvd or 3lp release as well as INDIGO GIRLS live 2cd or 3lp release or lastly a couple of KIRSTY MACOLL LP reissues including “ kite” on clear vinyl or “ electric landlady” on pink vinyl…oh sorry they have a nice and interesting looking alternative 80s 2lp also..


We are getting the titles up on the website for the vinyl sale…its 2 for 30 instore but online i had to do 16.50 each ( shipping had to factored in as in free shipping on three records and all that…still descent i think onliners…?

Here’s the link to what we have up:



Don’t forget to remind yer better halves ( not hard ) where we are, for father’s day or any of that malarkey

Shane and myself are holding the fort as the Bob man is on his well earned holidays from me…Bobs like a Dad to me…when im at home with the nightwalkers i hear the word Dad about 150 times a day…when in work… Bob…Bob…Bob…Bob…Bob…Bob is all he hears i say…Shane has it now, he’s probably counting the days to when Bobby’s back……anyway


Sin e for this week i think

Thanks for listening


Shane, Shane… where’s the..




Oh by the way…i think i may have found my new favourite artist ….NATALIE PRASS.

A Massive 2 For €30 Vinyl Sale, A Magic Night in Kilmainhim, and A Magnificent (Birds) In-Store Tomorrow!! 

Hi Everyone,
Hope all is well… Summer’s here… Slip slipping away the blian is again.

Releases in the shop today include the delayed DAMIEN RICE album “O”.. Cracker as are all three of his albums in my opinion… Also out are new albums by THE BEACH BOYS with the R.P.O on CD, the “BESIDE BOWIE” OST, the CLAPTON OST and DVD to “LIFE IN 12 BARS” (the controversial documentary on Clapton’s life) as well as BLACK SABBATH 70’s Singles Box, Best Ofs by PHIL COLLINS, ROD STEWART and reissues by TOM WAITS, VIOLENT FEMMES, PAUL SIMON and PENNYWISE … Not forgetting LILY ALLEN’s new album also.

Video up over on our website now

Right so on to releases for the 15th of June and I suppose I have to start with the beast of a boxset that is THE ROLLING STONES ‘71 – ‘16… Some quality records in there redone to the very highest standards… There is one last framed print left if anyone fancies not feeding themselves for a few weeks… Will you go and f’ off ray… Last attempted hawking by me (on the Stones box anyway!)

Universal also have a new WILKO JOHNSON album called “Blow Your Mind” on CD and LP, THE CURE “Mixed Up” and “Torn Down” are now moved to June 22.. Half speed press on the DLP and a 3CD version also with loads of extras and remixes.

UNIVERSAL also have  a 7LP KILLERS boxset as well as a fairly fairly limited RYAN ADAMS 7” on pink vinyl and the long out of print LOCK STOCK LP Soundtrack and lastly from Universal is DEF LEPPARD’S “Vault”, or greatest hits, as an LP reissue.

WARNER for the 15th of June have the new JOHNNY MARR album, his third one… The other two were quite good I thought, and he seems to be the berries… I have his book upstairs but its in a queueing system (like a bank… I think they are going to open for their customers one hour a week from next year..) I saw a thing on twitter where Mr Marr is doing a record signing in Manchester on the day of release the 15th in Piccadilly or Vinyl Exchange or one of their shops anyway, can’t remember now… But he is a doing a signing… He will be available to chat and sign from 12 to 6 on the day…I just thought class… No racing in behind a table malarky… I’d say chilling, chatting, cup a tea making … Come in and shoot the breeze type… I thought twas classy anyway.. No airs or graces i’d say… Cool customer he seems.. Tunes good also… Available as CD, STD BLACK LP or INDIES ONLY PURPLE LP.

Warner also has some nice reissues by SISTERS OF MERCY… “First and Last”, “Floodland”, “Vision Thing” and also a nice greatest hits type thing on LP, as well as some nice TOM WAITS LP reissues… BAWLERS, BRAWLERS and BASTARDS… On CD and Black LP… (Were coloured and limited for RSD… Cheaper now by about 7 quid or so, might not sit well in some throats)… I don’t know these albums to be honest but lads have thumped them big time to me over last while so i must investigate.

Lastly from Warner is a new album by MIKE SHIONDA (LINKIN PARK) and reissues on LP of “Arise” By SEPULTURA, as well as the OST to FULL METAL JACKET.

Sony for the15th have a new CHRISTINA AGUILERA CD as well as a new BUDDY GUY album called “The Blues Is Alive and Well” available on LP and CD.

Pias for the 15th of JUNE have a debut I think (could be second album also but I think only EPs up to now) by ROLLING BLACKOUTS COASTAL FEVER.. Indies only vinyl on this one… A few of our regular folk who have good taste I feel really rate this band and album so maybe this is one to watch or check out…

PIAS also have a new album by JOHN PARISH and a new EP by PROTOMARTYR (another band well liked in the shop)… Last years album made our Top 10 of the Year.

ROM for the 15th of June have a solo album from STUART A STAPLES from TINDERSTICKS.

PROPER have a live FAIRPORT CONVENTION album called “What We Did On Saturday” including all members down through the years.


I was one of the lucky ones at the NICK CAVE gig in Kilmainham the other night… One of the 25000 id say? Ballpark..?T
T’was a beautiful special night in so many ways…T’was magic.
He was on fire as were the Bad Seeds… Savage musicians… T’was a really smashing gig… “Jesus Alone” opened it followed soon after by “Do You Love Me”, “From Here To Eternity”, “Loverman” and “Red Right Hand”.. Twas flying… My favourite segment was probably “Into My Arms”, “Girl In Amber”, “Distant Sky” and “Jubilee Street”… “Into My Arms” unquestionably a brilliant song, I love “Girl In Amber”, and “Distant Sky” is my own favourite song on SKELETON TREE… It was just getting dark at this point and the stage became dark expect for the visual on the screen of the Swedish soprano who duets with the great man.. Cave disappeared into the background whilst her haunting vocal was belted out via a video link… The band played brilliantly and quietly in the background whilst Cave reappeared to deliver the lines “They told us our gods would outlive us, they told us our dreams would outlive us, but they lied”.. I swear every tissue in my body trembled and tingled with emotion… There was a raw emotion in the song, dark, haunting and you can’t help but think of his boy and his loss… You just know Cave is thinking about him as he delivers those lines… You can hear the anguish and emotion in his voice… It was unforgettable for me… He moved on then to an absolutely cracking version of “Jubilee Street”… I was breathless nearly…. The weeping song was soon to follow and then he brought about 70 people (fans) up on stage for a great rendition of “Stagger Lee”… He was manhandled and manhandling for a while and then he told them to sit down and like well trained puppies they did just that… Well the great man had spoken… I nearly sat down where I was standing… He finished with “Push the Sky Away”… Dropped the microphone and walked off stage… Like keizer soze he was gone… Five seconds later a black sedan sped from the side off the stage down a dirt road as the Seeds played the last few bars of the song… T’was over… T’was magic.

Right so we had a cracking in-store on Saturday for ye… Mr. Pat Barrett was with us to perform some tracks from the new HEDGE SCHOOLS Record… Ah ‘tis only beautiful is “Magnificent Birds”…

Luke’s Art Exhibition is on!

Cork author Kevin Doyle is coming to The Carrigaline Bookshop this Saturday 9th June from 1 – 2PM to sign copies of his crime thriller To Keep A Bird Singing. Cork locations, punk music, a socialist whodunnit…….. Check for fluff on your needle.
Again i’m sure we can organise a signed copy of the book for ya if you can’t get down to Carrigaline that day because you were at the best in store ever in MUSICZONE HQ .

We have also now up on our Youtube the cracking Stephanie Rainey full performance from RSD in April. Stephanie just supported Kodaline in the Marquee yesterday evening! Re watch her live acoustic gig from in-store here and give it a thumbs up for us!

Lastly but not leastly we have just started a massive 2 For €30 Vinyl LP PROMOTION… Over 200 titles… Some really strong ones… Well worth a look … Will have on website next week I hope so you can have an online browse…. May be slightly different online…  No discounts or stamps i’m afraid though folks… ‘Tis kind of tight for us… Good promo lads I think to be fair

Look sin é for this week,
Thanks for listening

A Sabbath Singles Boxset, A Marketing Pillar, And Cork’s Own ‘Right Here Right Now’ Festival This Weekend! 

Hi Everyone,
Hope ye’r all well..

What we have in the shop for today and the long weekend are new albums by NATALIE PRASS, GHOST, LUMP (LAURA MARLING), ROGER DALTRY, GODSMACK, DEF LEPPARD (VINYL BOXSET, JUST 300 LEFT AFTER INITAL SHIP OUT.. ALSO ON CD BOXSET), NEKO CASE and probably the two biggest of the of the week BEN HOWARD and FATHER JOHN MISTY... I am liking the Father John album to be honest. Always clever with the pen… Maybe tis me but not too many that clever with the pen these days or maybe that’s a grump age thing…

Loads of ‘Best Of’ reissues out today in the MZ Towers.. Best of Vinyl reissues by MADONNA, THE FACES, THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G, THE FLAMING LIPS, ENYA and BREAD as well as reissues by THE NEIGHBOURHOOD, JAY Z, EMMYLOU HARRIS, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, and a ZZ TOP LP BOXSET, and finally a Remix Album of PAUL SIMON’S GRACELAND.

Video up on our site again! Be sure to subscribe

Ok so, moving swiftly on to releases for Friday the 8th of June via Universal we have the MICK RONSON STORY O.S.T ‘Beside Bowie’ on CD, Limited 2LP, DVD and Blu Ray.. Could well be an interesting watch… Anyone see it??
Universal also have a lovely 17 track BEACH BOYS Compilation with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.. CD only for now, 2LP out Aug 17.. Speaking of good watches the ERIC CLAPTON ‘Live in 12 Bars’ documentary is scribed as being excellent. It’s out next week on DVD and Blu Ray, as well as an accompanying 32 track CD, and then later on 20th July as a Limited 4LP Set.. Must have a watch..
Universal also have a live STEPS CD/DVD as well as a load of live DVDs for 8EUR each… Eagle Rock from the likes AEROSMITH, GARY MOORE, ZZ TOP, BLACKMORE’S RAINBOW and THE WHO…
Lastly from Universal is a limited MILES DAVIS ‘Ascenseur Pour L’échafaud’ 3X10” LP collectors edition + a 2CD and a LP reissue of the Best Of LP of ‘Decade in the Sun’ by the STEREOPHONICS..

Sony for the 8th of June have the LP release of the CAMILA CABELLO album as well reissues on LP of SIMON + GARFUNKEL’S ‘The Graduate’ as well as reissues of PAUL SIMON’S ‘Songbook’ and ‘Heart and Bones’..

Warner for the 8th of June have a BLACK SABBATH “70’s Singles” Boxset.. 10 x 7” Singles from the good people of BMG…

“Despite a run of legendary hit singles in the 1970s, Black Sabbath and the seven-inch single format didn’t always sit well together. After the release of their debut single ‘Evil Woman’ in 1970, followed by their ultimate explosive chart success with ‘Paranoid’, the band were not comfortable with the confines of the mainstream pop format and the audience it brought them, leading to their now legendary self-imposed ban on releasing singles in the early 70s.
‘Supersonic Years – The Seventies Singles Box Set’, released June 8th, documents the band’s run of hit singles as never before and features an array of unique content.

  • This limited-edition box set includes five rare single edits: Iron Man / Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Am I Going Insane (Radio) / Hard Road / Symptom Of The Universe. 
  • 10 unique colour picture sleeves from around the world, either ultra-rare or exclusive to this box set (see list below).
  • Remastered by renowned engineer Andy Pearce.
  • New liner notes booklet detailing the rarities contained within the box set, along with the story behind the birth and evolution of the most culturally important genre of all time. 
  • The exclusive ‘Henry Devil’ spider-dinc seven-inch adapter that can also be used as a keyring.


  1. Evil Woman, Don’t Play Your Games With Me (2012 – Remaster) / Wicked World (2012 – Remaster)
  2. Paranoid (2012 – Remaster) / The Wizard (2012 – Remaster)
  3. Iron Man (Single Edit) (2017 – Remaster) / Electric Funeral (2012 – Remaster)
  4. Tomorrow’s Dream (2012 – Remaster) / Laguna Sunrise (2012 – Remaster)
  5. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Edited Version) (2018 – Remaster) / Changes (2012 – Remaster)
  6. Am I Going Insane? (Radio) (Single Edit) (2018 – Remaster) / Hole In The Sky (2012 – Remaster)
  7. Gypsy (2012 – Remaster) / She’s Gone (2012 – Remaster)
  8. It’s Alright (2012 – Remaster) / Rock ‘N’ Roll Doctor (2012 – Remaster)
  9. Never Say Die (2012 – Remaster) / She’s Gone (2012 – Remaster)
  10. Hard Road (Single Edit) (2012 – Remaster) / Symptom Of The Universe (German Single Edit) (2012 – Remaster)

Single Picture Covers
Disc 1: Front – Holland/Back – Germany
Disc 2: Front – Italy/Back – Sweden
Disc 3: Front – Vertigo/Back – Warners
Disc 4: Front – France/Back – Germany
Disc 5: Front – Japan/Back – Holland
Disc 6: Front & Back – Japan
Disc 7: Front & Back – Yugoslavia
Disc 8: Front – Holland/Back – Japan
Disc 9: Front – Holland/Back – Germany
Disc 10: Front – Germany/Back – Japan

Good people indeed, BMG and Warner.. Bringing myself and the Bob Man (who declined the offer due to being an international man of mystery… We have a few of those who frequent the shop.. International men of mystery that is..) up to the big fire to see masters Smith + Cave… Nice one BMG and Warner who facilitated the whole thing… If there was one gig going to prise me away from the small fire this summer it was the PATTI SMITH / NICE CAVE show in Kilmainham.. Delighted with it!..

Speaking of gigs in the small fire, this weekend we have Cork’s very own RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW FESTIVAL in CORK OPERA HOUSE, which is a festival of Cork / In Cork / For Cork so if you like me are around the small fire this bank holiday weekend then you might consider THE FRANKS / MARLENE ENRIGHT and YE VAGABONDS on Saturday night with the Cork Opera House’s own brilliant Orchestra.. Few tickets left I think.. Or JOHN BLEK, WALLIS BIRD, IARLA O LIONARD + STEVE COONEY, THE SERVICE, ANNA MITCHELL and JACK O’ ROURKE on the Sunday Night… We will be (as in the MZ T’s) frequenting the Opera House over said Bank Holiday Weekend.. Hope to see a few of ye there..

THE ORCHARD for the 8th of June have new albums by JORJA SMITH…
Woh Woh Woh.. Never finished Warner… Got totally sidetracked by telling everyone how great they are, and never finished the releases..
Warner also, as well as the SABBATH set, have a new album by LILY ALLEN, and Vinyl Best Ofs by A-HA, PHIL COLLINS, and ROD STEWART, as well as some classic reissues by TOM WAITs with ‘Small Change’, VIOLENT FEMMES debut LP, and PENNYWISE’s Debut Self-Titled LP on indies only Blue Vinyl..

So THE ORCHARD have new albums by JORJA SMITH and TREMONTI, as well as THE SELECTOR ‘Live at Roundhouse’ and THE BEAT ‘Live at Roundhouse’ both as 2LP/DVD sets. The Orchard also have a DEVIN TOWNSEND vinyl boxset called ‘ERA’.. 2K only.. Not Price.. Quantity!!
Lastly from THE ORCHARD is MEGADETH’s reissue of ‘Killing is my Business and Business is Good’ on CD or LP..

PIAS for the 9th of June have new albums by GRUFF RHYS and HUMANS, as well as THE DROWNING CRAZE Singles 81/82…

Ok so few bits going on in the shop over the next week or two.. This Saturday, tomorrow, we have THE ELATION coming into us to launch their debut EP ‘Clickbait’.. Great title.. Great pop tunes to be honest.. Good lads.. So come in and support if you are around and the following weekend we have an exhibition on the stage by local artist Luke Hickey, entitled ‘Dark Pop’.. Get’s Unvieled Friday the 8th at 6PM..

Lastly and not lastly we have PAT BARRETT from HEDGE SCHOOLS in with us for an in-store on Sat 9th of June at 1PM.. We have the 3 S’s earlier of sell, sell, sell… The great mantra that it is.. Is we are going to invoke a new marketing strategy for four S’s for in-stores starting with the ELATION and HEDGE SCHOOLS.. Shall I present the four S’s?.. Sing, Sign, Sell and Smile.. Hopefully anyway!..

The next of our videos is now up on our YouTube to be watched.. We had the mighty THE BURMA in-store with us for our U2 Launch Party night late last year, and they played a cracking set for us, even including a great U2 Cover of ‘Electrical Storm’.. Check out the set here, and give it a thumbs up and share for the lads if you like it! We sure do

Sin é for this week so..
Thanks for listening